22. De-Void

STEREK! One moment. 30 seconds. No lines. That´s it. Aren´t we grateful? *eyeroll*

Derek attacks Stiles/The nogitsune and fails perfectly. Stiles twists Derek´s arm, hits his head against a wooden table, and smashes him against the wall. Are we even surprised?

Is that some sort of payback for what Derek did to you in 1x9 and 3 x 1 + 2, Stiles? Mmh?

Derek even screams. Stiles sighs somehow remorseful for a second when Derek crashes to the ground.

Derek looks kind of panicked when Chris aims his gun at Stiles.

Stiles could have hurt Derek a lot more. This was like a slap on the fingers for a werewolf.

The Oni appear and Derek thwarts them to protect Stiles from harm. *AW*

Stiles cuts himself open and a lot of flies come out to infect everyone. Yuk!

Scott and Kira kiss. Isaac and Allison kiss. Derek and Stiles….no, sorry, not happening…Derek is home and plays with chess pieces to figure out why Stiles made him King.
Isn´t that cute? He is wounded and not healing but spends his time playing chess.

Peter: “Besides, chess is Stiles´s game. Not the game of a Japanese fox.”

So it was Stiles who made Derek King and not the nogitsune. *Aw*

Stiles and Melissa. Oh. What is the big dark secret? What? The woman was always too good to be true. But an affair is not enough to make a son hate his mother forever. So what is it?

Scott wants to call Derek for help because he considers to give Stiles the bite, but Lydia suggests they should call Peter. WHAT? WHY? WHAT?

Peter doesn´t want to give Stiles the bite but to get into his head with Lydia´s help.

Isaac wants to burn the twins. Derek wants to burn Chris Argent and Allison. A lot of open wounds which didn´t heal.

In Stiles´s head. Cool. Creepy. Lydia calls for “Jackson.” Of course.
Sadly there is no Derek which I find kind of unlikely after all Derek and Stiles have been through. Just saying.

Stiles and the nogitsune play a different game, not chess.

Scott howls for Stiles because he is part of his pack. Stiles breaks free. That breaks the spell for Derek, Isaac, and the twins and they fall to the ground, unconscious.

The nogitsune and Stiles split in two. The nogitsune kidnaps Lydia. Hey. What if Lydia is the Queen and has to be sacrificed to save the King? What then, huh?

So far Derek and Stiles touched in every episode of season 3 when they were together. That´s something.

Stiles and Derek both have an open wound.

Is Derek not healing because of emotional stress he has because of Stiles/the Nogitsune like Scott in 3x5?

At the beginning Derek wears the same white shirt as in 3/21. At home he wears a grey undershirt. In his confrontation with Chris Argent he wears a red long shirt, a color he never wore before as far as I remember.
Stiles wears the same clothing as in 3/21. In his head Stiles wears a red/blue/white plaid shirt.