1. The Dark Moon

Sterek? Um...Sort of. A very weird moment with some important part missing....

Mexico. Stiles and Lydia, the awesome duo search for Derek. Stiles wears red. Oh God!

Lydia: “We are here for Derek Hale.”
Stiles: “It’s 50.000 for Derek.” Oh, you really want him that much, huh?

Where did they get money like this? Chris Argent maybe?

The huntress: “I wonder why, when you and your friends have suffered so much loss, you would risk it again for someone like Derek Hale?”
Stiles: “Because we don’t like to lose.” Yeah, right!

Stiles: “Hey, come on, just give us Derek. You don’t want him anyway. But you do, huh? ;) Didn’t you notice what a downer he is. No sense of humor. Poor conversationalist. Just come on. Take the money.”

Isn’t that sweet how Stiles insults the absent Derek the same way Derek insulted the absent Stiles in 3b.

Flashback: At the animal clinic. Scott worries about Derek.

Scott: “He hasn’t gotten back to any of my texts.”
Stiles: “Derek ever return your texts?”
Scott: “Once. Definitely once.”

Oh Stiles, sweetie, how many texts did you send Derek, and never got an answer? Just asking. You sound kind of jealous here.

Lydia tries to see what happened to Derek.

Stiles: “Lydia? What? Is he dead?” Oh, how he worries.
Lydia: “No, but I’m not sure he is alive either.”

Stiles is the first who says they have to find Derek.

It turns out the Mexican hunter family doesn´t have Derek. Stiles considers that Derek could have left on his own. Well, wouldn´t be the first time, right?

Malia kisses Stiles to focus. No. Please no. I don't want to see this. Once again Stiles is not making the first move. Yeah. Still waiting for that. Malia´s eyes turn blue. Stiles looks concerned, almost shocked. Didn´t he know that Malia killed an innocent, or did he? I´m not sure.

Scott figures out that it was Kate who had taken Derek and says her name. Stiles is shocked. "That´s impossible. That can´t be what he said."

A glimpse of Derek. He is put behind a stone wall with a seal. Is he buried alive? Is he hibernating? Is he frozen? Oops! Han Solo reference.

The hunters let the friends go and also give them a guide to find Derek and Kate. Braeden. The mercenary.

In the Jeep. Kira and Malia ask about Kate.
Stiles: "We were at her funeral. So I like to know how she get out of a casket that was buried six feet underground." - "Kate was the one who set the fire that killed most of Derek´s family."

The Jeep breaks down.
Stiles: “Dude, someone needs to find Derek. We think of something, we always do. Just go.” Aw. His priority is always Derek. Aw.
Stiles, Lydia, Malia and Kira stay behind. Scott moves along with Braeden.

Stiles: “Hey! I will never abandon this Jeep, you understand me? Ever. Ever.” I know you always loved your car, but maybe now that Derek had fixed it you love it even a bit more, don´t you?

Malia runs into the dark. Stiles wants to follow her. Lydia orders him to focus on the Jeep. Haha! Lydia doesn’t care much for Malia. Well, Malia doesn’t care much for Lydia - or anyone.

Scott and Braeden find Derek. They drag him outside. Stiles and the others arrive in the Jeep. Stiles is the first getting out of the Jeep, running towards them - towards Derek. So eager, boy. He stops, stunned.

Malia: “Is that him? Is that Derek?”
Stiles: “Um… sort of.” Open-mouthed. Teary-eyed.

Oh my God! Derek is 16/17 again. The Derek who was in love with Paige. The Derek before the fire. Teenager Derek. Oh my God! What now? What will happen? What will Stiles and our friends do with young Derek?

The look on Stiles’s face. Priceless. What is he thinking? What will he say to a Derek who is the same age as he now? Does Derek even know who Stiles is? Does Derek even know anything? Does he remember?

So. Sterek. Sort of....only Tyler/the Derek we know and love is missing - and that is pretty sad.

Stiles worries as much about Derek as Derek worried about Stiles when he was possessed by the nogitsune. Aw.

Stiles wears red. Derek wears green. Malia wears purple.