12. Damnatio Memoriae

Sterek. No. No. No. You won´t come back and I know now.

Stiles and his dad talk about Donavan. His dad believes that it was self-defense. He says Stiles has to forgive himself someday. Well. That sounds a lot like Derek and what he once did, doesn´t it?

Braeden. Why can´t that woman say one word about where Derek is or what happened to him? God dammit!

Lydia is still trapped in Eichen House, though her spirit walks free.

Scott is not healing. Stiles and he go after a monster running free. Theo gets in their way. Stiles is paralyzed and Scott fights two of Theo´s pack. Theo wants them to fight the new monster together. Scott asks Stiles to make the miracle happen and get their friends back into the pack. He says Stiles is a part of the pack. So. Scott and Stiles are friends again. Duh! That was easy, wasn´t it?

Stiles: "Hey, Theo."
Theo: "Stiles."

Gerard is back. Fuck! I hate the bastard.

Stiles: "I still hate that tattoo."
Scott: "I know."

In the beginning Stiles wears a plaid shirt with dark colors, in the end he wears a plaid shirt with white and grey colors above a bright green shirt.