7. Currents

The one moment. The alpha pack forced Derek to kill Boyd. Derek is in shock, kneeling on the ground. Jennifer and Isaac are just watching.

Stiles, Cora and Lydia arrive. They have no clue what had happened. Cora runs to Boyd, crying over his body. Lydia stays in the background.

Stiles runs straight to Derek and puts a comforting hand on his shoulder. Derek lets it happen. Stiles holds on.

This is a mirror image to the scene where Jennifer puts her hand on Derek's shoulder right before they started kissing. Jennifer used her left hand. Stiles uses his right hand to comfort Derek. Both on the side where Derek´s heart is.

Earlier in class, Stiles and Jennifer both wear red and black. She looks strangely at Stiles, like she doesn´t like him, even a little bit like she fears him.

Jennifer is the alpha pack´s hostage. What if Stiles would be the enemy´s hostage? What then? I really wonder.

Jennifer has to watch Stiles comforting Derek. Stiles hasn´t seen Derek for days, and they are not exactly friends. So what is happening here? What bond is there between Stiles and Derek no one knows about? What is their connection? What does Jennifer see or fear?

What does Stiles really feel for Derek? It´s not hate. That´s for sure.

Derek wears a purple longshirt. Stiles wears a red shirt and a blue hoodie. Comforting Derek he wears a red/blue plaid longshirt. Oh, look at that. Jennifer still wears red, too.