17. A credible Threat

No Sterek. No Maleo. No credibility whatsoever! *snorts*

Stiles, Scott, Liam, Parrish and Chris hunt the beast. I still think that thing is adorable.

Next we were tortured with an utterly sappy love scene with Scott and Kira. Really? Now is the time? In the midst of disaster and death?

If only one TW character says, "People are going to die," once more, I'm gonna throw up. Stop rubbing it in, for heaven´s sake.

Stiles and the pack meet at the library. Lydia finds the half-naked and injured Parrish and helps him finding his purpose.

Stiles and Scott pull the coach out of rehab. Oh. There you are! Nice to learn that now. I guess the writers had the idea a day before they shot the episode.

Lacrosse. Everybody celebrates and cheers as if nothing gruesome has happened just recently. What is wrong with the people in this fucking town? A lot of kids got literally ripped apart but they still keep playing Lacrosse. Really? WTF! Another thing that bothers me: What are the kids doing in a school bus in the middle of the night? Or is it wintertime and the sun goes down at 4 p.m.? Why are they going to school anyway? A beast is running free. Where are the parents of the killed kids? Where is the fucking police or the goddam army? Why they are all behaving like idiots? Sorry. Nothing in this plotline is credible. Every game would be canceled after the murder of a dozen of kids has happened. That´s impious.

Stiles keeps appearing and disappearing during the game. Well. The reason for Dylan´s little screentime is certainly his workload.

Stiles leaves the field to check out the shoes of a girl sitting next to Hayden on the bench. Funny. It´s the same brand Tyler H. wears often attending fan conventions. Converse All Star. During his actions Stiles hits his head. Seriously? How many more hits to his head can this boy take before he has a head trauma? Stiles cools his head.

The beast attacks. End of episode. *eyeroll*

In the beginning Stiles wears red and grey, later he changes into a green hoodie above a blue shirt, and at the end he wears his Lacrosse outfit with the number 24. At least his number is consistent.