1. Creatures of the Night

No Sterek. Sure. Tyler H. will not appear for the whole season.

Yet. Our friends write their initials on a shelf in the school's library. Stiles is the first and he notices two letters. D. H. He looks and his eyes turn soft and somehow affectionate. And then he even licks his lips before he starts writing. It doesn't matter if Derek wrote these two particular letters or not. The reaction Stiles shows is the most important thing. He still thinks about Derek and misses him.

At that. Stiles didn't write his own initials where all of his friends wrote theirs. So? Where did he write them down? Close to Derek's? God, I need to know.

Lydia: "My friends are all going to die." Okay. Like we didn't hear that one before.

Scott to Liam: "It's not that we don't trust you."
Stiles: "Is that I don't trust you."

Malia's father lives! Hooray!

Stalia kiss. Eeeew! Please stop. Just stop.

Scott to Liam: "Derek told me that you're the strongest he'd ever seen at your age. That coming from him means a lot." Oh yeah. Indeed it does.

Stiles spills the beans to Liam about things Malia doesn't want him to tell. Yeah. Well. He never did that to Derek, did he?

Hurt and in need Jordan Parrish has visions about Lydia. Well. Derek had visions about Stiles being hurt and in need. Just saying.

Oh. The sheriff. Melissa. Something will happen between them.

Anxiety is a constant state for Stiles.

Stalia. Kiss. Again. Liam interrupts. YES! Thank you, boy. I owe you one.

The new guy. Theo. Stiles already dislikes him. *snorts*

Scott signs the shelf not only with SM but also AA. *AW* That was really touching and sweet of him.

Seriously? Why is Stiles so unhappy? Is life is actually good right now. Or does he miss Derek that much? Or does he finally suffer post traumatic stress from the nogitsune possession? Ha! Better late than never, right?

Stiles wears a red/blue/orange/white plaid long shirt. Mm?