4. Condition Terminal

Sterek. Not exactly. But a big fate mirror moment. Okay. *scratches head*

Stiles comes to the office. He sees Lydia laying on the ground. Lydia grimaces in pain. She is bleeding heavily. Stiles stares at Lydia, frozen. Stiles is about to move but Theo gets to Lydia first and takes care of her injury. Stiles keeps staring at Lydia, not moving. Scott calls out for him. Stiles turns his head around but doesn´t move from the spot. Scott calls again. Twice. Stiles turns back to Lydia. "It´s okay. She´s alright," Theo says. Lydia smiles at Stiles, pained. "Tracy, Stiles," she says. "Go find her. Help Tracy." Scott calls again. "Go," Lydia says. Finally he turns around and follows Scott. In the whole time Stiles doesn´t say one word or makes a sound. Once again, the boy who is famous for always having something witty to say turned into a mute. He. had. nothing. to. say. Not one fucking word.

Stiles doesn´t want to leave Lydia, not even for his brother Scott. Yeah, and particularly not for his girlfriend Malia. Stiles doesn´t appear to be worried about her at all. Lydia knows that he wouldn´t go so she tells Stiles to go.

The worst is that Theo notices Stiles's feelings for Lydia. That´s not good. That makes Stiles vulnerable. Yes, Derek was always cautious to show his feelings for Stiles. And he was right.

This is a mirror scene to the moment in 4x12.

Stiles jumps out of the van and wants to run to Derek, but Braeden gets there first. Derek groans in pain. He is bleeding heavily. Stiles keeps staring at Derek, frozen. "Im fine, I´m fine," Derek lies, convulsing with pain. "Just get to Scott. Just find him. I´ll be right behind you. Go." Stiles is still frozen to the point where he´s standing, staring at Derek. "Go!" Derek shouts. Stiles still stays behind, and continued staring at Derek. "Hey. Hey. Save him," Derek says, looking at Stiles. Only now Stiles turns around, slowly walking away. Derek groans in pain. "I" Stiles stops and turns back to look at Derek once more. He pauses, staring, looking devastated. Finally he turns around and follows the others. In the whole time Stiles didn´t say one word or make a sound. The boy who is famous for always having something witty to say turned into a mute here. He. had. nothing. to. say. Not one fucking thing.

Stiles didn´t want to leave Derek, even for his brother Scott. Derek knows that and tells him to go. If he hadn´t done that Stiles wouldn´t have left him. Derek didn´t want Stiles to watch him die.

So. What about that? What does that mean? That Stiles loves Lydia and Derek the most? That Stiles can´t watch any of his friends dying, and that could be maybe because of what had happened to his mother? Do they writers of TW wanna tell us something, or is this just another silly coincidence that will vanish into thin air without an explanation ever? Yeah. That´s what I fear the most.

Stiles is wounded from the tail of the kanima. He has a deep cut in his chest. I debate whether that means anything or not.

Deaton is like always the master in every situation.

Melissa says that Theo probably saved Lydia´s life with his first aid assistance. I think that pisses Stiles off even more. That he owes one to Theo. Stiles just doesn´t trust the guy.

"Physical pain is manageable. You see real pain is emotional pain. That is the kind of pain that last. And if you wanna cause Stilinski devastating, soul crushing, emotional pain you don´t go after him. You go after someone he loves," Theo tells bad boy Donovan. Theo, you´re an evil bastard and I don´t like you.

Left alone by Malia at the Library Stiles drives home in his Jeep. The car breaks down and Stiles tries to fix it. Donovan appears from behind, having a hand with teeth. He puts the hand on Stiles´s shoulder. Stiles screams.

Stiles wears his red sweater which has a hole in it due to the kanima attack. Attacked by Donovan he wears a grey plaid longshirt.