13. Codominance

Seriously. I don´t know why I keep watching this show. Okay. I know. Stiles!

Stiles fixes the Jeep - kind of - and he and Scott drive to the desert to find Kira.

Theo and his pack hunt the beast/monster. Sorry, but that thing is ridiculously funny. I'm not even scared one little bit, and usually I'm easily scared.

Scott and Stiles talk. Scott tells Stiles that Braeden is back in town. And now Stiles should ask: Where is Derek then? Yeah, well. He doesn´t, though he looks puzzled.

Mason and Corey kiss. Do I care? No. Not really. That kiss doesn´t make me feel anything because I'm not rooting for these characters. I barely know Mason and Corey is a Nobody on this show. Once again I have to ask: Where is Derek? Where is Isaac? Where is Danny? Where is Ethan? Why couldn´t Sterek become canon and share a kiss when some strangers kiss after only a couple of episodes? Disappointed!

Scott and Stiles talk about Donovan. That´s good. Sadly I feel nothing. Stiles puts a hand on Scott´s shoulder, but only briefly, he didn´t linger like he did with Derek.

Theo and Malia. She beats him up. He likes it way too much. Oh, wickedly hot. I like them. They have a lot of chemistry.
Malia: "I could kill you."
Theo: "Yeah, but you won´t. You like me too much."

Scott and Stiles save Kira and her mom from the skinwalkers. Scott and Kira kiss. "I love you, I love you so much," Kira says. Scott doesn´t say it back. *eyeroll*

The weirdest thing is that Stiles doesn´t ask about how Lydia is doing. Not even once.

Stiles wears a red shirt. Oh. Is that for comfort, little red?