10. Co-Captain

Stiles tries to find out more about the Hale fire and Derek´s past. Derek has to deal with his uncle Peter, Jackson, and Kate.

Stiles really cares for his Jeep. *sigh* What is it with men and their cars? I´ll never understand.

Sheriff: "You know, Derek Hale would be a whole hale of a lot – Hale of a lot?"
Stiles: "Hell of a lot?"
Sheriff: "Hell. Yes. He would be a hell of a lot easier to catch if we could get an actual picture of him."
Stiles: "How do you not have a picture of him?"
Sheriff: "It's the weirdest thing. It's like every time we tried to get a mug shot, it's like two– Laser beams were pointing at the camera."
Stiles: "Nice."

Stiles is making his father drinking more alcohol than the sheriff should, showing again he´s not as good as people might think. He does a lot for reaching his goal. Finally, after having all the information he could get, Stiles holds his father back from drinking more. About time, boy.

Stiles still thinks werewolves are fucking cool.

His dad gives Stiles a slap on the fingers. Stiles says "Ouch". So he is used to this kind of treatment as a weird ´I love you, kiddo. I only do this to make you better´ sign.

Scott sends Stiles to save his mother from Peter. So Peter and Stiles met again. Peter is amused and impressed by the clever move. Stiles is visibly scared of Peter but stands his ground anyway.

In the beginning with Peter threatening Scott, Derek still wears the dark-grey shirt he has borrowed from Stiles. Stiles had changed into a grey/black/red checkered shirt which he wears over a black shirt with a colorful imprint. Meeting Jackson Derek wears a different shirt, too. So what did he do with the borrowed shirt from Stiles?