2. Chaos Rising

Stiles and Scott go to the birthday party of Heather, a girl Stiles went to nursery school with. Heather kisses Stiles out of the blue. She is desperate to have sex with someone because she is already 17.

*eyeroll* Oh, really? So, Stiles is kind of the last resort. Yeah. Sorry, but Heather is the kind of girl I could never like with her silly attitude of having sex with someone just to get it over with and to become good at it like you perform a service. That´s not why and how you should have sex.

Of course, Stiles is a 16year old boy, and she is pretty, and so they start making out in the wine cellar. Stiles´s first kiss is pretty dull and unromantic. At least she is so clever to think about prevention and Stiles runs upstairs to look for condoms in the bathroom. He finds some XXL sized ones. HA-HA! The look on his face. In the meantime Heather gets attacked and kidnapped by whatever. Duh! No surprise! Underage boys and girls who want to have sex in the USA always die horribly in movies or TV series. I don´t hate Heather. I just don´t care for her.

Derek and Isaac need Peter´s help to bring back Isaac´s memories. Derek doesn´t know how to do it but Peter does.

Isaac: "You know, Scott don´t trust him, right? And personally I trust Scott."
Derek: "You trust me?"
Isaac: "Y-yeah." - "I still don´t like him."
Derek: "Nobody likes him." Duh!
Peter: "Boys. FYI."
Derek + Isaac: "Yes?"
Peter: "Coming back from the dead has left my abilies somehow impaired but my hearing still works, so I hope you comfortable saying whatever suits your feeling straight to my face."
Derek: "We don´t like you." - "Now shut up and help us."
Peter: "Fair enough."

HILARIOUS! Oh, and poor Derek. Isaac trusts rather Scott than him, the Alpha.

Peter pushes his claws into Isaac´s back of the neck and experiences flashes of the memories Isaac has of the time he had found Boyd and Erica. Deucalion promised them at the next full moon they both will be dead. Tomorrow night.

Scott asked Derek to meet him and Stiles, Allison and Lydia at the school. The girls show him the imprint of the girl who saved Isaac on their arms. Derek is not willing to believe in Allison´s and Lydia´s theory that the pattern means anything. He is pissed that Scott even considers that he believes anything the girls think. Okay, for understandable reasons.

Derek: "I don´t see anything."
Scott: "Look again."
Derek: "How´s a bruise gonna tell me where Boyd and Erica are?"
Scott: "It´s the same. On both sides. Exactly the same."
Derek: "It´s nothing."

Scott: "They´re trying to help."
Derek: "These two? This one who used me to resurrect my psychotic uncle. Thank you. And this one who shot about thirty arrows into me and my pack."
Stiles: "Okay. Alright. Come on. No one died, alright? There maybe a little maiming and a little mangling, but no death. That´s what I call an important distinction."
Allison: "My mother died."
Derek: "Your family´s little honor code killed your mother. Not me."
Allison: "The girl was looking for Scott. I´m here to help him not you."
Derek: "You wanna help? Find something real."

When Stiles interferes, holding a little speech, Derek only looks at him. No glare. No threat. No nothing. He calms down a little, just as if Stiles helps him to relax. Maybe that´s why he had held him back in "Tattoo/3x1". Not for Scott but to help himself to stay calm branding that tattoo into Scott.

Derek asks Scott to finally tell Allison what really happened the night her mother died.

Stiles: "Okay, what do a pack of alphas want with Erica and Boyd?"
Scott: "I´m not sure it´s them they want."
Stiles: "Okay, what, like Derek, with the recruiting?"

Stiles mentions Derek´s name and his eyes turn concerned and his voice goes up a notch. Oh, yeah. He thinks a lot about the Alpha male and his troubles.

In coach Finstock´s class Stiles digs into his pocket to look for a quarter. Instead he flings the XXL condom into the air. It lands on the ground and the coach picks it up.

Finstock: "Stilinski, I think you...uh...dropped this."
Stiles: "This..."
Finstock: "Anyway, congratulations."

The whole class giggles. Scott looks at him, baffled, and even Danny eyes him curiously. Duh! What about size doesn´t matter?

The sheriff appears in class and fetches Stiles away. Stiles´s friend Heather is still missing, and he was the last one to see her.

Scott: "You think they kidnapped Heather to turn her?"
Stiles: "Derek says it´s easier to turn teenagers."

Here we go again. Stiles is back to quote Derek, though he doesn´t suspect that Derek had taken Heather himself.

Scott: "We need Isaac to remember."
Stiles: "How? Peter and Derek couldn´t do it. You know any other werewolves with a better trick?"
Scott: "Maybe not a werewolf. Someone who knows a lot about them."

And again. Stiles has a lot of trust in the skills of the Hale family.

At Deaton´s clinic. Stiles slips a latex glove on. Deaton, Scott, Isaac and Derek look at him. "What?" Stiles says, oh so innocent. *snorts*
Derek looks at him and raises his eyebrows calculatingly, and at once Stiles complies and strips the glove off, pouting. LOL!
Really? What about the new silent understanding between Stiles and Derek? What is the status of their connection? As far as I know they didn´t see each other for months. So what is going on?

While Isaac is down, remembering, Stiles looks at Derek once, eyes full of concern.

Isaac remembers that he saw Erica´s body. Derek won´t believe that she is dead.

Derek: "She´s not dead!"
Stiles: "Derek, he said, there´s a dead body. It´s Erica. Doesn´t exactly leave us much room for interpretations."
Derek: "Then who was in the vault with Boyd?"
Stiles: "Someone else obviously."
Scott: "And maybe it was the girl on the motorcycle. The one who saved you."
Isaac: "No, she wasn´t like us. And whoever was in the vault with Boyd was."
Stiles: "What if that´s how Erica died, they pit them against each other during the full moon to see which one of them survives. It´s like werewolf thunderdome."
Derek: "Then we´ll get them out tonight."
Deaton: "Be smart about this, Derek. You can´t just go storming in."
Derek: "If Isaac got in then so can we."
Deaton: "But he didn´t get through a vault door, did he?"
Scott: "We need a plan."
Derek: "How do we come up with a plan to break into a bank vault in less than twenty-four hours?"
Stiles: "Ugh...I think someone already did. Beacon Hills First National closes his doors three months after vault robbery. Doesn´t say here how it was robbed but if I take on it doesn´t take long to find out."
Derek: "How long?"
Stiles: "It´s the internet, Derek?" Stiles snorts.
Derek raises his eyebrows.
Stiles: "´kay? Minutes."

Next we see Stiles in the morning, lying flat on his face on his paper-covered floor, snoring softly, while the printer is still printing out more results of his internet search. It´s ten hours later. LOL! Yeah! Minutes! Sure! He is pissed at himself, and Scott, who is still so optimistic. Then he luckily finds out that his dad was there back then, arresting the bank robbers.

Oh, look, who is talking straightforward to Derek considering Erica. Derek is in danger to lose his cool and Stiles calms him down in his own way. Derek has a problem and no proper solution. Stiles is eager to help him and comes up with a solution, showing off with his internet skills. He really likes to impress Derek, doesn´t he? Derek is not so sure about Stiles´s suggestion. Stiles challenges the big, bad wolf with a cheeky grin. He is so not scared of Derek, not even after what had happened in 3/1. Wow!

Scott: "Alright, so we´ll meet at Derek´s at five to go over the plan and then we don´t get started until dark."
Stiles: "Okay, what will we do until then?"
Scott: "What, right now? Get English."

At Derek´s loft. Derek and Stiles stand next to each other. Really? Why of all people those two? With blueprints Stiles explains how the robbers got into the bank. Scott is close-by. Peter sits in the back on the stairs. Stiles thinks they need some kind of drill to get through the wall. Derek interrupts him.

Derek: "Forget the drill."
Stiles: "Sorry?"
Derek: "If I go in first how much space do I have?"
Stiles: "What do think you´re gonna do, Derek? You´re gonna punch through the wall?"
Derek: "Yes, Stiles, I´m gonna punch through the wall."
Stiles: "Okay, big guy. Let´s see it. Let´s see that fist. Big ol´ fist. Make it. Come on. Get it out there. Don´t be scared. Big bad wolf. Yeah. Look at that. Okay, see this? This is maybe three inches of room to gather enough force to punch through solid-"
Derek punches against Stiles´s hand.
Stiles: "Ah. Ah. He can do it."
Derek: "I´ll get through the wall."
Stiles: "Ah."

Oh my God! The banter. The body language. Stiles, provocative. Derek, poker-faced. Big Guy. Big Bad Wolf. The touching. The fisting. The punch. The screams. Peter´s smirk. This is so perfect. I could watch this over and over again for eternity.

Isn´t Stiles the cheekiest guy? He just gets into Derek´s personal space and touches him without permission. He teases the Alpha in front of Scott and Peter. No wonder Derek hits him and cuts him down a size. This reminds of the day Stiles had Derek pimped out to Danny. The suggestive words Stiles said sound like ripped from a fanfiction fantasy dream coming true.

Derek doesn´t even hit Stiles that hard but Stiles´s hand crashes into the table by accident. That´s why Stiles yells so loud. Derek didn´t plan that. It´s a miracle anyway that Stiles is allowed to touch Derek like that.

Derek asks who is coming with him to free Boyd and Erica. Peter says no. He won´t take the risk. During that conversation Stiles comes back to the table, right next to Derek, standing as close as he has before. He makes an angry face at Derek but not more. Derek is fed up with Peter. Stiles looks at Peter, annoyed.

Stiles: "Can someone kill him again, please." He looks directly at Derek. Ha Ha! Derek says nothing in return. Peter looks hurt.

Derek: "What about you?"
Stiles: "Yeah, if you want me to come..."
Derek: "Not you!"
Stiles: "Scott."

So. Stiles would go with Derek to who knows where if he needs him to, without even thinking about the danger he puts himself in or the consequences that could follow. He is ready to go with the Alpha who just hit him right to hell. And not because he is afraid or because he has to, no, he wants to go with Derek. He is loyal. He is brave. He is the best ever.

Derek is angry and annoyed about Stiles suggestion, of course. He would never take a human to such a dangerous task, least of all Stiles. Not because he thinks Stiles is not good enough but he could die, right? Derek´s Not you is not meant to be an insult but Derek only says that because he worries for Stiles´s safety. Derek wouldn´t take Stiles along, rather he would go alone and die himself. Stiles needs to be protected. He is so the girl here. The hero protects his love interest from any harm. Yeah. That´s a fact. You stay home. I go out there fighting. Pretty macho, yes, but still kind of romantic. I don´t think Stiles got that, he looks hurt by Derek´s refusal to his offer. Scott agrees to go with Derek.

Stiles has to stay with Peter at the loft. He stares at the moon seen through the window.

Stiles: "I can´t take waiting around like this, you know, it´s nerve-wrecking. My nerves are wrecked, they´re severely wrecked. Wrecked!"
Peter: "I could beat you unconscious and wake you when it´s over."

LOL! Once again - Stiles is so the girl. Stiles continues babbling, Peter calls Stiles an idiot. Oh. Like uncle, like nephew. Stiles doesn´t stop talking, and then Peter figures out what the Alpha pack´s plan is. Peter urges Stiles to call Derek and Scott.

Derek and Scott discuss on the streets what they are risking without having all the information.

Derek: "I know what I´m risking. My life for theirs." Aw. Isn´t he just adorable?

As planned Derek punches through the wall. Inside the vault they find Boyd and the girl. Stiles calls Scott and explains that Boyd and the girl are much more powerful and savage now. Too late. Miss Morrell closes the mountain ash circle. Scott and Derek are trapped with Boyd and the girl who will try to kill them. Derek recognizes the girl. It´s his sister Cora who he thought had died with the rest of his family. Shocking!!! They start fighting.

Allison breaks the mountain ash circle to save Scott. Boyd and Cora escape and run into the night. Derek is furious with her because Boyd and Cora will kill anyone out there. Allison says it´s his fault because he had turned teenagers. Derek asks Scott once more to tell Allison the truth about her mother.

Hate? NOPE! Feelings? Yep! A lot of Stereky feelings.

Stiles wears a grey long shirt and red pants. With Derek he wears a red/blue plaid longshirt. He also wears red underpants. Red is really your color, huh? At Derek´s loft Stiles wears red pants, a light blue shirt and a grey plaid hoodie. First Derek wears a purple longshirt, having his banter with Stiles he wears a khaki shirt.