19. Broken Glass


Brazil. A guy leaves a burning car and walks through an abandoned building. There he finds a pack of werewolves. All murdered.

The same guy goes after the killers. The guy is Derek! He shifts showing his blue eyes and his big teeth.
"Please don't kill me. Let me go," one man begs for his life.
Derek: "Say it!"
Man: "Wolfman."
Derek: "So you know what I can do."
The man tells Derek that someone is looking for him. He only wants Derek. The someone is Gerard. Man! I thought it is Stiles.

Derek finds a black car. He smiles. OMG! The angels in heaven are singing. He takes the car and drives away. Is it a Camaro? I'm not sure, but I guess it is.

Chris Argent: "I believe in Derek Hale." We, too. ;)

The description of Derek is angry, very angry. Cute! He's still the wolf we knew.

Even Interpol is looking for Derek now.

Derek walks by night through a village.
The song lyrics, "I am my own best friend - my worst enemy. And if we both caught fire, well, there wouldn't be much left to see," plays. OMG. That fits perfectly!
Chris follows him. Derek grabs him and smashes him into a wall.
Chris: "Derek."
Derek: "You could have called."
Chris: "You don't have a phone."
Derek: "I should probably get one."

As we know wall smashing is Derek's thing, but that moment has never the same vibe as with Stiles - not even close to the sexual tension Stiles and Derek got - young and old Derek.

Derek has no phone. Is that why Stiles couldn't reach him all this time?

Derek and Chris walk through a Do not Enter gate.
Chris: "There is another vault?"
Derek: "More than one hell, more than one vault."
Chris: "I get the need you keep your feet from the fire, but I also don't think you wanna see Beacon Hills burn to the ground."
Derek: "You're asking me to come back."
Chris: "How about admitting with great difficulty that we need you."
Derek: "That sounds more like an Argent."
Chris: "And protecting Beacon Hills sounds more like a Hale."
Derek: "If I go back it's not for Beacon Hills." Oh, really? Who is then for? We all know, you know. M.Stilinski. Boyfriend. - "And there is something I need gonna take care of first." He shows Chris a small bottle with a liquid.
Chris: "Where did you get that?"
Derek: Whoever murdered that pack in Brazil, they were looking for this." So, where are we now? "And I make sure they'll never find it."
Chris: "Get rid of it."
Derek: "You know, it's not just a poison."
Chris: "Maybe they want it because it's an antidote."
Derek: "Is that why Gerard wants it?"
Chris: "That sounds like you already know the answer."
Derek: "So, you want me to help me stop him? When you are the one who brought him back."
Chris: "Gerard knew more about the beast than any of us. So like it or not, he was the ally we needed at the time. But you are the one we need right now."

A bright light is turned on. Derek and Chris face the light. A couple of cars arrive. A couple of FBI Agents jump out and aim their weapons on them. Derek and Chris raise their hands. The next second one of the agents shoots the other agents in the back. Derek and Chris are hit, too. The shooter comes into the light. It's Kate. She steps on Derek's hand reaching for the bottle. "Hey, handsome. Miss me?" she says. Derek puts his head down in frustration.

Lydia tells Peter about the nightmare/vision she had. Everyone of the pack turned to stone. Peter, Ethan, Jackson, Malia, Derek and Scott. He he. No Stiles. Poor Stydia shippers.

Kate loads a shotgun. "You're just as popular as ever, aren't you? Must be those blue eyes." She hits Derek. "Those perfect cheekbones." She hits him again.
"I thought it was my smile," he says. Oh, Derek, is sarcasm now your only defense?
Kate chuckles, and shows him the bottle "Where is the rest?"
"Why? It's not enough to save Gerard? You really think it makes a difference with him? You are what he hunts, Kate."
Kate points the gun at his head. "I know you can heal from one or two shots, but a direct hit to the head; I don't think so."
Chris gets up and shoots a few times at her. She is hit but flees. She screams in rage at her brother, and says she doesn't need the wolfsbane to earn the love of her father, but to get revenge against Scott by killing him.
Derek gets up. "Go back to Beacon Hills. Warn Scott," he says to Chris, and then he follows Kate.

Trivial events in Beacon Hills:
Ethan still suffers torture. Jackson has vanished. Scott and Malia sleep in the same bed, oh, and guess what? They are a couple. They fucked. The sheriff was disposed from the office. Lydia keeps dreaming terrible things. This time she wakes up and says: "Where is he? Where is he? Where is Jackson?" LOL! The Stydia shippers must have puked out of frustration. Peter and Lydia meet by accident and have a hilarious talk. Pity they weren't put more often together. They are so funny. Scott and Malia learn fighting blind from Deucalion. He teases them a lot, but finally they learn a little bit. Sadly then Deucalion is shot. Is he dead? I hope not.

Seriously! That was the worst pronunciation of KRISTALLNACHT ever.


I missed him terribly. The show would have been so much better with him in it. Damn! What a waste of opportunities.

First Derek wears a red shirt. Oooh. Then he wears a kaki shirt and a black hoodie.