4. The Benefactor

Sterek. *pouts*

The sheriff and Parrish are at the crime scene looking at Sean´s body.
The sheriff: "I´ve got an expert of my own coming in to take a look."
Parrish: "You have an expert on Teenage cannibals?"
The sheriff: "Five minutes, Parrish."

drum roll

And there is Derek. Hey! Cool! He knows about cannibalistic shapeshifters like wendigos. Well, of course, Derek knows a lot of stuff.
Derek figures out that there had been more people on this roof than Stiles had told his father, the sheriff. Born werewolf. Duh!
The sheriff: "You smell his fear?"
Derek: "And his blood."

Scott shows Stiles the tied up and gagged Liam in his bathtub. Stiles gives his best friend an incredulous look. He can´t believe Scott did this. They leave Liam there and walk to the bed sitting down.
Stiles: "So, you bit him?"
Scott: "Yeah."
Stiles: "And you kidnapped him?"
Scott: "Yeah."
Stiles: "Then you brought him here?"
Scott: "I panicked."
Stiles: "Yep. This isn´t gonna end up us burying the pieces of his body out in the desert, is it?"
We hear Liam crying. Of course he heard every word. Werewolf senses. Duh! Oh, Stiles.

Stiles: "As a reminder this is why I always come up with the plans. Your plans suck."
Scott: "I know. This is why I called you."

Stiles and Scott put Liam on a chair and take the tape off his mouth.
Stiles: "Okay, Liam, you´ve seen a lot of confusing things tonight, and more confusing are gonna happen because of the confusing things that happened tonight. Do you understand?"
Liam: "Not really."
Stiles: "Good. That´s good."
Scott: "I don´t understand either."
Stiles: "Maybe you should tell him."
Liam: "Tell me what?"
Scott: "Liam, what happened to you what I did to you which I had to do in order to save you it´s gonna change you."
Stiles: "Unless it kills you." - "Shouldn´t have said that."
Liam starts to cry. My god, he´s fifteen.
Stiles: "Oh oh, is he...is he crying?"
Scott: "Liam, it´s okay. You´re gonna be alright. You´re not gonna die."
Stiles: "Probably not."
Scott: "Stop it."
Stiles: "Okay, possibly."
*snorts* Stiles, it appears enjoys to see Liam weak and in tears.
Scott and Stiles untie Liam.
Scott: "Liam, you´re okay?"
Stiles: "We´re sorry about that. We´re really sorry." Yeah, sure!
Liam knocks the chair into Scott and knocks down Stiles with his fist. He makes a run for it. Scott and Stiles entangle themselves and capture each other in the pursuit. Liam escapes.
Scott: "Your plans suck, too."

Hilarious scenes! I laughed so hard I cried!

Scott: "Liam, we´re brothers now." Oh God! LOL! Hello, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Liam: "What?"
Stiles: "Oh God...that´s..."
Liam: "What are you talking about? We just met, and you bit me."
Scott: "The bite...the bite is a gift." Oh my god! Derek said the exact same words to Scott.
Stiles rolls his eyes. "Scott, stop, please stop, stop." Yes, please."

Stiles clarifies that it was Scott who kidnapped Liam, and not him. Aha!

Stiles suggests to chloroforming Liam and throwing him into a lake. Malia agrees.

The axe that hit Peter was laced with wolfsbane.
Derek: "I have to burn it out."
Peter: "I think I can handle a little fire."
Derek uses a blowtorch and enjoys it. Oh, that smirk on Derek’s face. How I love it.
Peter: "Oh, hell." He screams! Do you have that talent from your uncle, Derek? To endure so much.
Peter: "He said he was after you."
Derek: "How does a guy with no mouth say anything?" Well said!
Peter: "With this." He shows Derek a glove with an electronic device.

Derek brings the device to the sheriff.
The sheriff: "I still don´t get how this guy has no mouth. I mean how...how can he eat?"
Derek: "Peter didn´t get a chance to ask. He was fighting him off with a tomahawk buried in his chest." *SNORTS* Oh, Derek. That look on your face. Priceless.
Parrish joins the tomahawk discussion. The sheriff and Derek agree to let him help with the investigation. They find out that the mouthless guy is an assassin.

Liam: “What are you?”
Stiles: “For a little while I was possessed by an evil spirit. It was very evil.”
Liam: “What are you now?”
Stiles: “Better?” That’s kind of sweet and sad at the same time. You are human. Okay. Stand by it.

Stiles helps Malia through the full moon.
Malia: "I want to feel your bones crack between my hands."
Stiles: "Actually you´re not the first person that ever said something like that." Exactly. Derek. Peter. Cora. Oh, the Hales!

Malia breaks free. "Run!" she screams. Stiles doesn´t, of course. Again. Derek once said the same. Stiles Stilinski didn´t run back then and didn´t run now. Stiles would never run from a Hale and left them fighting their demons alone - okay, maybe Peter.
Stalia will never keep me glued to the screen or make me watch their moments again and again. Sterek is just so much better. SO MUCH BETTER!

Stiles: "I remember everything I did and the worst part is I remember liking it, because I felt powerful, I felt fearless, and most of all in control. When I came through it I learned something else. Control is overrated."

The sheriff and Derek search the school at night. They find blood. Derek is confused because he should have caught the scent before they walked in. Oops! So what is wrong with you, what part of you is missing?
The sheriff saves Derek from getting blown up by explosives. The sheriff: "You nervous makes me nervous." Oh. Isn´t that sweet?
Derek saves the sheriff from getting hit by an axe. Derek fights the mouthless guy. Super-cute how the natural Hale-Stilinski bond keeps getting stronger and stronger. Derek wins. What about that, huh? Not a good sign.
The sheriff aims his gun at the mouthless guy. "You have the right to remain silent." LOL! Derek makes a face. Yeah, the Stilinskis. Always mouthing off.
Peter arrives and attacks the mouthless guy. Derek gets the sheriff out of the way. Peter slaughters and kills the mouthless guy.
Derek: "We´ve learned a better way."
Peter: "I´m a creature of habit."

The deadpool. Why is the number behind Derek´s name 15?

First Derek wears a blue shirt and a leather jacket, later he wears a grey longshirt. Stiles wears the same clothes as in 4x3, later he changes into a blue hoodie. Blue is just pretty, huh?