11. Battlefield

No Sterek

Stiles talks a lot about his feelings after the hostage situation with Matt to counselor Miss Morell (Deaton´s sister and an Emissary). Stiles feels no pity for Matt. I do.

Stiles is more concerned about the relationship with his father. "I still feel like there is something wrong between us. I don´t know. It´s just, like, tension when we talk."

He lies about himself. "I´m fine. Yeah, aside from the not sleeping, the jumpiness, the constant, overwhelming. crushing fear that something terrible is about to happen. But it´s not just a feeling, though. It´s like it´s a panic attack. You know, like I can´t even breathe. And what if it just gets worse? What if it´s agony now, and then... Then it´s just hell later on?" OH MY GOD! Foreshadowing! Season 3!

Boyd and Erica leave Derek to look for the bigger and stronger pack they have heard howling in the woods. They don´t know that it is only a trick played by the Argents.

Derek: "You´re running. And once you start, you don´t stop. You´ll always be running."

Peter appears and Derek throws a shard of broken glass at him. Peter just catches the piece before it hits his body. Cool!

A werewolf can take away some pain just with his touch. Isaac and Scott bond for the first time. Isaac even says he trusts Scott. Oops! Since when?

Peter wants to help Derek. He touches his shoulder. Derek hits and kicks Peter. He wants him to leave. Peter stays and keeps talking. He winds himself into Derek´s head. He says that he don´t want to be the Alpha again. Oh, really? Liar, Liar, pants on fire. Deaton warned you about this, Derek.

The championship Lacrosse game is on. Jackson is there and he´s playing like nothing has happened.

The coach wants Stiles to play on the field, unless he´d rather play with himself. Stiles says that he already did that today. Twice. Oh boy, really? Because of Derek?

Gerard threatens Scott to make Jackson kill someone Scott cares about if he doesn´t give him Derek. Isaac comes back to help Scott. Boyd and Erica are captured by the Argents.

Peter asks Derek to trust him. Ha! Peter tells Derek how to stop Jackson, maybe even save him - through his heart.

Stiles finally believes in himself and plays an awesome game. Seriously? Where is this new found self-confidence come from? The Beacon Hill´s team wins the game.

Peter: "Your best ally has always been anger, Derek, but what you lack most is heart. Yes, because it´s broken. We know that now. That´s why you´ve always known that you need Scott (Stiles!) more than anyone. And even somebody as burned and dead on the inside as me knows better than to underestimate the simple yet undeniable power of human love." Cut to Stiles´s face. Scott is not human, right? Stiles is. Can the eye-catching scene change be a coincidence? I don´t think so. What human cares the most for Derek? Who saved him more than once? Who almost drowned himself holding on to Derek? Exactly.

Game over. Darkness. Chaos. Screaming. Jackson is on the ground, dying. Lydia freaks out. Guess who she truly loves even she cheered Stiles on through the game? The sheriff calls out for his son. Stiles is nowhere to be found.

The ending is fantastic and gives me the chills every time I watch it again. So sad the writers didn´t pull it off in the final episode.

Derek wears a dark grey/black long shirt. Stiles wears a light grey long shirt. Later he wears his Lacrosse Jersey.