10. Status Asthmaticus

No Sterek. Fuck it! A season finale without Sterek is like a werewolf without the moon.

Stiles´s Jeep breaks down again. He freaks out and smashes his windshield with the bloody wrench.

Stiles called Malia to pick him up. The Jeep is towed away. Stiles looks broken. He asks Malia to drive him to the sheriff´s station. He needs to talk to his dad.

Malia tells Stiles that she guessed what happened with Donovan because she saw the bitemark on his shoulder, when he was sleeping.

Malia: "It didn´t matter to me. That´s why I never said anything."
Stiles: "Yeah, well, it matters to me." Exactly. That´s what makes you human and a good person. It matters when you kill someone, regardless why you´d done it.

Stiles gets out of the car without another word or, God forbid, a good-bye kiss. Thank you for that mercy, TW writers.

Stiles learns that his dad is not at the station. Parrish breaks out of his cell. Stiles saves him from being shot and follows him. Parrish discovers a van full of bodies. Stiles calls Theo to help him. Theo finally shows his true face. He knows where Stiles´s dad is and he obviously did something to him. Theo wants Stiles in his pack because he has been void Stiles. Ugh...okay...not logical because nogitsune Stiles was taking orders from no one. Theo forces Stiles to choose between his dad and Scott. Stiles knocks him down.

Lydia finds out that Parrish is a hellhound. WTF! That's not logical. Theo entraps Scott in a mountain ash circle at the library. He can touch the stuff because he´s not a real werewolf but the first chimera, with a part of coyote in him. That´s why Malia trusted him first. Theo wants to be the Alpha of his pack. Duh! Scott realizes that Theo put Wolf´s Bane in his inhaler to make him weak. And there is a Supermoon coming. Of course. *eyeroll*

A very angry Liam confronts Scott about not helping Hayden and he starts fighting Scott. Braeden appears out of nowhere to save Malia from a chimera. Hayden dies. Liam runs to get to her. Theo kills Scott himself but Melissa brings her son back. Duh! He´s a werewolf and an Alpha. If Peter can be brought back from being dead for a long time then Scott can be brought back from being dead for only fifteen minutes. Sorry. Not that surprising.

Stiles finds his badly injured dad. Okay. That´s tough.

Parrish takes Hayden´s body to the Nemeton. Theo forces Lydia to reveal the location of the Nemeton. He puts needles in all the bodies and they come back to live. OH! ZOMBIES! My least favorite supernatural beings! Theo tells them he´s their Alpha.

Well! All I have to say is "Derek! Peter! Chris! Beacon Hills needs you. The kids fucked up big time! Please come back. At that I miss you terribly."

Stiles wears the same hoodie as in 5x9.