20. Apotheosis

No Sterek. No Maleo. Well, okay, I have to admit I wasn´t bored, but I wasn´t thrilled either.

Stiles talks to Deaton about Mason at the animal clinic. Scott and Liam bring a wounded dread doctor in.

Theo is badly wounded. Theo kisses Tracy to distract her. Theo kills Tracy to get her power. Duh! He´s a selfish boy. Sadly with Tracy they killed of one of the best actors.
Deucalion: "And then they were none." Right!

The dread doctor is called by the beast man. He escapes from the clinic. He is Marcel, the former friend of the beast man.

Deaton, Stiles, Scott and Liam discuss the case of Mason. Stiles figures they need Lydia to save Mason.

The sheriff has a confrontation with the beastman. Lydia comes in and literally screams her throat out. The sheriff brings her to the hospital.

Stiles comes to the hospital and holds Lydia´s hand.

Scott, Liam and Melissa join Lydia in the hospital room. Melissa gives Lydia an injection into the throat. She forbids Stiles to go but orders him to hold Lydia´s hand to help her with the pain. Stiles doesn´t faint. Liam does. That reminds me of the time in 3x1 when Derek orders Stiles to stay and help Scott with the pain. Afterwards Stiles leaves to help Malia.

Stiles comes through the door looking at the gun the desert wolf points at him. Malia throws him out of the way and attacks her mother. Stiles crashes into the wall. Oh, great. One more concussion. Stiles is back on his feet and attacks the desert wolf. She smashes him into the ground that is littered with broken glass. A big shard sticks out of Stiles' chest. Ouch!

Theo attacks the beastman who crushes him. Deucalion breaks Theo´s neck. Though, he´s not dead.

Stiles throws Malia the bottle with the blue glowing stuff. Malia absorbs power from it and beats her mother. Braeden knocks the desert wolf unconscious.
Stiles: "Someone please come and take that shard of glass out of my chest, please." Oh boy! You´re hilarious.

The beast man puts his claws into Scott´s neck and sees the memories of Allison. He thinks it´s Mary Jean. He hesitates and Scott is able to beat him. The beast vanishes.

Oh. And there is Kira, the skinwalkers in tow. They send Theo´s sister who breaks through the ground and pulls him down with her. Theo screams like hell. Cody is a good actor!

Chris shot Gerard in the arm. He bandages the wound and walks away, smirking.

Scott bites the severely wounded Hayden and makes her a real werewolf. Duh! Nobody was surprised, right?

Stiles and the sheriff. A miracle how well Stiles is, meaning that having a big shard of glass in the chest is not leaving any wound that needs to heal in the world of Beacon Hills.
The sheriff: "You saved their lives. Mason, Malia, half the population of Beacon Hills. That´s gotta feel pretty good."
Stiles: "Yeah, it did. For a while."
The sheriff: "It´s something you wanna feel again?"
Stiles: "Yeah. Yeah, I think so."
The sheriff: "Welcome to your future career in law enforcement."
Stiles is not happy. Stiles still feels restless, empty, lost. What is it, huh? Is it Derek?

Kira goes to the skinwalkers as she had promised. And so the actress is out of the picture. Where are Kira´s parents in all this, huh?

Stiles tells Lydia that Allison saved Scott. Scott stares at his and Allison´s initials at the library. Stiles´s initials are not at the same spot as those of his friends. So, where had he written them? I know. ;) Scott joins his friends and they lived happily ever after. *sarcasm*

I was never scared that Stiles would die because nobody would watch TW without him.

For the hundredth time: Where is Derek? Peter? Danny?

Good. The fifth season is finally over. *throws confetti* I'm off to reading fanfiction.

For most of the time Stiles wears still the red shirt. Talking with the sheriff he wears the same jacket he wore in 4x1 when they went to get Derek from Mexico. Oh, damn, Sterek, I miss you. Sitting with his friends he wears a red/green plaid shirt.