13. Anchors

They are both terrorized. Stiles due to nightmares, Derek due to torture. They both appear anchorless.

No Sterek.

Stiles to Scott: "Be the alpha." Hey! He misses Derek.

Stiles hates coyotes but not wolves. Interesting!

Stiles wears a red shirt and long patterned pajama pants having the nightmares. Later he wears a grey/white striped hoodie above a white shirt. Then he wears a orange/grey plaid shirt above a yellow shirt with the imprint Always open - The Cougar´s Den Lounge - With Cougar´s on the Prowl all You need is a Towel Oh! At the end he wears a grey jacket above a red shirt with the imprint of sign language? + Let´s settle???

Derek is once again bare-chested. *rolls eyes* Sure!

The date is Friday, August 23.