15. Amplification

No Sterek. No Maleo. No Chris. *pouts*

Stiles, Scott and the police hunt the beast. LOL! Seriously. It´s the funniest monster thingy I´ve seen in a long time. The sheriff is pretty fast back on his feet considering how badly he was hurt and that he had a major operation recently.

Deaton shows Stiles and Scott horrible pictures of human experimentation in Eichen House.

The pack plans Lydia´s rescue. The plan by itself is ridiculous.

So. The dread doctors are people transformed and used by a lunatic doctor. Is Peter one of them? Oh God. Not Derek, please.

Stiles persuades Parrish to come along because the beast couldn´t kill him.

Stiles and Scott run into Theo in the library. Naturally Stiles didn´t hide his feelings. "What you need is to be beaten severely with a lead pipe wrapped in barbed wire."

Stiles, Scott and Liam get into Eichen house hidden in body bags. Stiles falls off the metal table. Yeah, sure. Comic relief.

Scott and Liam are not able to break down a locked door. Liam asks Scott to hit him to turn furious enough to get through the door. Stiles cheers Scott on. LOL! That was really funny.

Stiles gets to Lydia alone because Scott and Liam can´t cross the mountain ash line. Well. There is one good reason why it´s better he´s a human. Stiles notices the hole in Lydia´s head. Lydia pleads him to go. "You´re going to die if you stay. All of you." Certainly Stiles doesn´t want to but Lydia insists. Stiles listens to her and hides.

In the shadows Stiles watches how everything goes very wrong. The alarm goes off and they are all locked in. Scott roars.

Stiles wears the usual plaid shirts. One in red/white above a blue shirt and one in grey/white above a dark shirt.