11. Alpha Pact

Sterek. One moment. One touching moment.

Stiles: "Derek! Derek, come on!"
Derek: "Where is she?"
Stiles: "Jennifer? Gone, with Scott´s mom."
Derek: "She took her?"
Stiles: "Yeah, if that´s not enough of a kick to the balls Scott left with Deucalion, okay? We gotta get you outta here, the police are coming right now, and we gotta get you the hell out of here."
Derek: "Whoa! What about Cora?"

Stiles slaps Derek awake. He screams his name most desperately. Stiles slaps Derek three times. Jennifer will slap Derek three times in 3x12, too. We don´t know how many times Stiles had hit Derek before he turned this desperate. Finally Stiles decides to use his fist (like back then in 1x4), but he hesitates. Derek jerks awake, catching Stiles´s arm before he gets punched in the face. Derek holds on to Stiles´s arm. He doesn´t let go. He looks confused. How are you even here? Why are you always keeping me alive? Why are you saving me from getting arrested by the police? Yes. Stiles really, really worries about that. Their relationship has truly changed. The boy who once got Derek arrested, who wanted him dead a few times, who threatened to leave him dying on the streets, is the one who gets Derek out of danger once again. Stiles helps Derek up into a sitting position, touching Derek´s shoulder. Derek doesn´t complain or mind, no, he still holds on to Stiles´s hand. Dude! They are actually holding hands. Aw. Think back to the awkward moment in 2x2. Yeah. They are really past that. Stiles stays behind to talk to the police. Derek can join with his sister, who is only alive because Stiles had saved her, too.

The FBI arrives. The agent in charge says: "A Stilinski at the center of this whole mess. What a shocker. You think you can answer some questions without the usual level of sarcasm?" Oh, oh. It appears Stiles and his father had caused some trouble before.
Stiles: "If you can ask the questions without the usual level of stupid." *snorts*

Cora is really sick. Derek doesn´t know what to do. Isaac accuses Derek of rolling around in the sheets with a killer and now he´s doing nothing. Derek more or less admits that maybe he was lonely. Aw. The poor guy. Derek doesn´t want to leave Cora because he promised her. Isaac storms off. Peter starts talking to Derek. Oh no. That´s never good.

Cora suffers. Derek takes some of her pain. Peter explains what Derek is capable to do being an Alpha. His spark of power can heal and save Cora. Of course it doesn´t work every time. It could kill Derek. Derek doesn´t care. Peter more or less talks Derek into this. That smug bastard.

Peter: "I can understand not seeing a downside to this as you haven´t exactly been Alpha of the year, but think about what else you´ll be losing."
Derek: "I don´t care about power. Not anymore."

Yeah, but Peter does, Derek, your uncle really, really does. So be careful, and watch your back.

Stiles has a panic attack. Lydia kisses him. Stiles is stunned. A truly sweet moment even if you are not cheering for this ship.

Stiles figures out that the drawings of the tree Lydia did again and again show the Nemeton. That´s where Jennifer keeps the hostages. Stiles sends Lydia to Derek because he and know where the location of the Nemeton is.

The FBI leader mentions the clique Stiles hangs around with. Stiles: "I don´t have a clique." No. You have a pack. ;) Luckily the FBI man doesn´t know about Derek.

Peter and Lydia.
Lydia: "You."
Peter: "Me."
Lydia: "You."
Peter: "Me." - "Derek, we have a visitor!"

Peter tells Lydia that Talia took the memory of the Nemeton´s location from them. So. They don´t know where it is. Does Derek know now that Stiles knows about Paige and the Nemeton? Does he know that Peter told Stiles about his traumatic loss? I really wonder.

The sheriff knows about werewolves now. Melissa told him what she knows.

Stiles tells Deaton, Allison, Lydia and Isaac about the Nemeton where Derek put Paige to die. So? Does that mean he didn´t tell them that Derek killed Paige himself to end her pain? Deaton has an idea how to find the place some other way. A very dangerous way.

Stiles, Scott and Allison make a surrogate sacrifice to find the Nemeton and save their parents. They will be dead for some time and afterwards there will be darkness around their hearts like a scar for the rest of their lives. Oh great. No parent would want their kid to make such a sacrifice. Stiles has his father´s badge. It doesn´t have to look good to have meaning.

Deaton shocks our friends with the decision who holds who down, and has a strong connection.
Lydia with Stiles. Shit! I want Derek to be that one. Stiles doesn´t look like he really trusts Lydia, no, he looks concerned and unhappy.
Allison with Isaac. Oh. Awkward looks between Scott, Allison and Isaac. "It´s okay," Scott says.
Scott with Deaton. Sure. No other option left.
Stiles tells Scott that his father is in town before they go under. Oops! The FBI man.
Stiles under water. Oh, dear. I really wish Derek would be here.

Derek goes through the ritual to save his sister Cora. His eyes turn red, then blue. He howls.

Hate? *snorts* Seriously? Not even a smidgen.

First Stiles and Derek wear the same clothes as in 3x9 and 3x10.
Derek wears a dark grey top making his sacrifice. So does Stiles. He also wears red pants.