2. 117

Oh my God! Sterek. A lot of Sterek-y feelings.

The past. Peter trains Derek to control the shift by making Derek focus on a symbol of the triskelis. So. Derek and Peter were friends. Derek once trusted Peter.

The presence. The pack delivers de-aged Derek to Deaton at the animal clinic. Stiles touches Derek's ankles putting him on the operating table. Mmmm!

Deaton: "Wow." Hearing that sound from this man the sight of de-aged Derek must be truly unique.
Stiles: " Wow? Wow as in I´ve seen this before and know exactly what to do kind of wow? Because that´s the kind of wow we´re hoping for."
Deaton: "I think you might be overestimating my abilities." Does he?

When Deaton examines Derek, Scott and Lydia look at him, Stiles looks at Derek. Duh!

Deaton says Derek will be safe here.
Stiles: "You mean from Kate." He appears more than concerned - well he knows the whole story - does Deaton?
Deaton: "If she´s alive and she is what you say she is, she won´t be able to walk pass that gate. Mountain ash!
Deaton tells them to go home and get some sleep.
Scott: "Someone should stay with you."
Lydia decides to stay. Why her? Why can´t it be Stiles?
Stiles is not happy with her decision. *snorts* You don´t say. Jealous much, huh?
Stiles: "I´m so not okay with this." And why is that I may ask again?
Lydia: "Guys. Go."
Stiles: "No."
Scott: "Text us if anything happens."
Stiles: "No, still not okay with it. Not going anywhere."
Scott drags him away.
Stiles: "Hey, just because you´re stronger..." Scott. The cockblocker. Not fair. I want my Stiles to watch over Derek, to hold his hand, to take care of him, not Lydia. *pouts*

Deaton discovers that Derek heals unusually fast. He wants to do more tests. Derek wakes up and shifts. He doesn´t know Lydia or Deaton. He is scared and attacks Deaton. He flees. Maybe Stiles would have calmed him down, even Derek doesn´t know him either. Anchor! Pity that we will never know now.

At school Stiles tells Scott that Malia sneaks into his bedroom at two in the morning five times a week. He shows Scott the marks on his back which aren´t very pretty considering Scott´s reaction, and says that afterwards she spoons him but he is always the little spoon. So. Malia abuses and controls Stiles. Isn´t that romantic? *eyeroll* Scott asks if they are dating. Stiles says he doesn´t know. Malia knows he´s not telling her something. "You mean Peter," Scott figures. So. Stiles and Scott know that Peter is Malia´s father but not Malia. Maybe it is something else Stiles is not telling Malia, like that he is in love with some grumpy Beta.

Lydia calls them in class. Stiles looks very concerned.

Deaton tells the friends that Derek don´t remember any of them. He is younger in his mind, too.
Stiles: "So if you are a teenage werewolf and you´re scared where you go?"
Scott: "The wolf goes back to his den. Derek lives in the loft."
Stiles: "Not when he was a teenager." Right!
Lydia: "The Hale house."

Derek runs to his family home. He only finds ruins. *sniff*

Scott wants to tell Derek what has happened to his family. Stiles doesn’t want to cause Derek that emotional pain.
Scott: "I can´t lie to him."
Stiles: "Okay. I´ll do it."

The police arrests Derek. Derek´s middle name starts with an S. Stilinski? The sheriff slightly freaks out about recognizing Derek. Scott and Stiles arrive. The sheriff freaks out some more about the supernatural stuff and his son lying to him, again.
The sheriff: "Have you been time traveling?"
Stiles: "Hey - What?"
The sheriff: "Because if time traveling is real you know what? I´m done. I´m out. You gonna be driving me to Eichen house."
Scott: "We found him like that."
The sheriff: "Where? Swimming in the fountain of youth?"
Stiles: "No. We found him buried in a tomb of wolf´s bane in an Aztec temple in Mexico underneath a church in the middle of a town that was destroyed by an earthquake."
The sheriff: "You told me you were camping."
Stiles: "Yeah, we were. In-In M-Mexico."

Derek accepts Scott because he’s an Alpha, though he is confused by Stiles’s presence.
“And who is he? Who are you?” Only the one who is keeping you alive.
Stiles: "Oh, we are the guys keeping you out of jail." slightly annoyed because Derek doesn´t know what he had done for him
Scott: "Let us help you."
Derek: "No."
Stiles: "Okay, dude, you almost tore apart two cops back there. You need to listen to us and that starts with no fangs, no claws, no wolfman, you got that?"
Derek: "I´m fine as long as if it is not on the full moon."
Scott: "You still have trouble on the full moon?"
Derek: "I said I´m fine."
Stiles: "Alright, are you coming with us or not?" Playing the tough guy!
Derek: "You want me to trust you?" (looking directly at Stiles! Aw!) "Where´s my family?"
Scott: "There was a fire and... they are not here anymore. They are fine."
Scott lies to Derek after all, keeping his heartbeat steady. He just can´t bear the look in Derek´s teary eyes. Stiles looks at his best friend, puzzled, and keeps his mouth shut.

Scott: "I shouldn´t have done that. I lied my ass off."
Stiles: "Hey, your ass is fine. You saved him a ton of unnecessary pain. We figure this out and in a day or two he goes back to being old Derek, (*sniggers* how old do you think Derek is? ) everyone´s happy, except for Derek, who´s never happy." Sad but true, yet the protective instinct of Stiles for Derek is heartwarming.
Scott doesn´t like to lie to another person.
Stiles: "That is Derek Hale in there. He maybe a kid right now but he´s still Derek Hale." Whatever that means it´s always amazing how much of a fan Stiles is of Derek Hale.
Scott sends Stiles with Derek to Scott’s house. Stiles has to look after him. Oh God! Yes, please. In the meantime Scott wants to talk to Peter.
Stiles: "Yeah, I hate that guy!"

Stiles: "We’re just gonna wait here for Scott, we’re gonna sit quietly, and we’re not gonna call or talk to anyone."
Derek: "Do I talk to you?"
Stiles: "No."
Derek: "Good."
Stiles: "Fine." Stiles looks and sounds slightly hurt now. *snorts with laughter* They are what they are. At every age.
They run into Scott’s father.
Derek: "Because I can talk to him."
Stiles: "Aaah...um...are you getting taller?"
Raphael: "What are you guys doing here?"
Derek: "Waiting for Scott."
Raphael: "So am I. We´re supposed to have dinner. I brought extra. Are you guys hungry?"
Derek: "Yeah."
Stiles: "No. We´re not hungry."
Derek: "No, I´m starving."
Stiles: "Neither of us are hungry. Thanks, though."
Raphael: "Okay, well, if you´re not hungry, Stiles, your friend can still eat with us. What’s your name?"
Derek: "De-"
Stiles: "Miguel. It’s m-my cousin Miguel...from Mexico. So..."
Derek looks at him, baffled. Stiles puts his arm around Derek´s shoulders, squeezing. Derek doesn’t mind the touch, no; he smiles, and plays along. The older Derek wouldn’t have done that.
Raphael says something in Spanish.
Stiles: "Oh my God."
Derek baffles Stiles by replying in Spanish, too.
Raphael: "Fantastic. Egg roll?"
Derek: "Hell ya."
Stiles: "Fantastic. Egg roll!"

Stiles, Derek and Raphael are having dinner. Stiles keeps lying.
Raphael: "So, Miguel. What you said your last name was?"
Stiles: "It´s uh... Juarez... Cinqua... Diago..."
Derek looks at Stiles like he is the strangest human boy he had ever met. Yeah, nothing we are not used to.
Raphael: "That´s...uh...that´s a mouthful. How do you spell that?"
Derek looks at Stiles, amused. Ha! Caught. Now show me what you´re made of.
Stiles: "Phonetically."

Derek figures out that Raphael is a FBI agent. Stiles continues babbling; now having every reason to be nervous. Derek asks Raphael about a fire and the Hale family. Stiles gasps. We don´t know what exactly McCall tells Derek then. We only know that Derek is furious with Stiles afterwards, but not as much as he should be learning that his whole family is dead. So what was Derek told? One of the mysteries of Teen Wolf that will forever remain in the dark. ;)

Peter: "Right, Scott, you weren´t the first wolf to climb into a hunter´s bed."
Scott didn´t know that Derek and Kate were once lovers. So Stiles never told him a secret he knew for some time. Wow! Stiles never told his best friend. Just Wow! That´s how loyal Stiles is to Derek. That´s why Derek was so nervous about Scott listening in when Stiles accused him of dating the second psychotic, mass murdering girlfriend in 3x10. Scott didn´t know. Again. Wow! And who told Stiles about Kate if not Scott? Or did Stiles find out himself sniffing around? Or did Derek tell him? Oh my God! I want to know.

Wall smashing! Oh my God! Derek smashes Stiles against the wall, face forward. Young Derek even has his hand in Stiles´s hair. Aw! This is the most best thing to bathe in nostalgic slash feelings ever. Really. Best ever. My heart dances.

Stiles: "Okay, I didn´t lie. I omitted certain truths. Vital truths now that I´m thinking about it."
Derek lets go of Stiles. Oh, why so fast? Don´t look too disappointed, Stiles. *snorts* Did Derek sense that Stiles is his anchor? Did he calm down because of that? Did touching Stiles help him to calm down?
Derek: "I won´t talk to you. I want to talk to the Alpha. I´ll talk to Scott." That´s harsh to the boy who is keeping you alive.
Stiles: "Okay. I´m gonna go get him. The phone is downstairs. I´m gonna call him real quick, you stay here, just don´t move, okay? Don´t move."
Stiles leaves the room. Derek just stares, puzzled. The next second Stiles rushes back.
Stiles: "Don´t. I thought you..." He leaves again.
Derek hadn´t moved an inch and looks even more confused now. He doesn´t get Stiles.
Well, no wonder, Stiles is so afraid of you leaving. You left him twice without saying good-bye. Once with your sister Cora, and once being kidnapped by Kate. So, he is pretty much out of his mind, okay? Maybe you don´t remember, but he does.

Kate appears and smiles at Derek. Stiles is on his way back to the room, talking to Scott on the phone: "No, he´s in your bedroom. He´ll be totally fine. To be honest, I´m starting to miss the old Derek. " Oh yeah? Because the old Derek knows who you are and what you two have been through, right? Because the old Derek trusts you even if he would never admit such a thing. "So, if you actually think that Kate´s coming to find him..." Stiles comes into the room and sees Kate climbing out the window. She smiles at Stiles. Derek is gone. Stiles is frozen in shock. ".....you might be right." Duh! Why did you leave him alone, idiot? That sucks.

Peter figures out that Kate wants the triskelis with which Peter taught Derek to control the shift. Kate kisses Derek. She persuades Derek to show her the secret vault of the Hale family. It´s hidden under the Beacon Hill High School. The vault was there before the school was built.

Peter appears and tells Kate that the symbol is worthless. He only used it as a physical object to train Derek to use anger and rage to control the shift. Scott howls for help fighting the Berserkers. Derek runs to help him Lydia and Stiles are on their way. Stiles carries his baseball bat. It is the same bat Derek had found at the power station, sticking to the locker. So? Did Derek give it back to Stiles? Did they have a meeting we don´t know about? I hope so. Lydia mocks Stiles´s choice of weapon. Maybe Stiles likes the bat so much because it was Derek who found it and gave it back to him?

Young Derek fights the Berserkers and changes back into old Derek. His eyes are yellow. Oops! Whatever that means. Is his past gone? Is he clueless, brainless, soulless? Is he even the Derek we know and will he remember Stiles? I´m sure that the change of the color of his eyes is nothing good. A stranger enters the vault and steals the Hale family´s fortune. 117 Millions in bonds. OH MY GOD!

Derek wears the green shirt from 4x1. Stiles wears a white shirt and a grey hoodie.

Stiles cares as much for Derek as Derek cared for Stiles being possessed by the nogitsune. I know. I repeat myself. But some things you can´t say often enough.