"With me, Sparrow."

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance, Smut
Series/Sequel: No
Summary: Jack is being taken, missing scene from the movie
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Warning: M/M, Slash
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Released: April 2004
Beta: arizonaicerose, Monika
Word Count: 1.661

"I don´t entirely trust you, Jack," Elizabeth confided to him.

"Peas in a pod, darling." Jack moved closer to her.

After they had shared one deep look, she turned her face away.

Jack frowned and whirled around. Confronted by the disapproving looking Commodore, he staggered a little bit backwards.

Norrington shut the lid of the compass he was holding and threw it into Jack´s hands. Jack´s compass, the compass which doesn´t point north. "With me, Sparrow," the Commodore ordered curtly.

One look at his grim face and Jack obeyed quickly. Going ahead, he grinned to himself, while he felt Norrington´s heated presence closely behind him. "Where do ye wish me to go?"

"Straight ahead, to my quarters," came the brisk answer.

Jack was amused. Does Norrington think I was making a pass at Elizabeth? Is he jealous?

They reached Norrington´s quarters and went in. The light in the room was gloomy.

"What do ye have in mind, eh? Punishing me for talking to her? Giving me some flogging?" Jack prompted.

"No," Norrington breathed.

Surprised, Jack faced him. The Commodore´s eyes were almost hidden in the shadows, yet Jack was catching a peculiar glint in them.

Silently, Norrington got rid of his hat and wig. Unbuttoned fast, the jacket followed.

Puzzled, Jack raised his eyebrows. "Eh?" It was the last, he could speak. Grabbed by strong hands, he was pulled forward and crushed into the hot, hard mouth of his captor. He was forced into a demanding, merciless kiss. For a few seconds, Jack was fighting back, yet then, his body responded to the harsh attack. His mind still at a loss, his body was leading, melting positively against Norrington´s.

The Commodore seized his neck, deepening the kiss, biting his lips wildly.

Hot-blooded, Jack threw his arms around him, feeling the man´s strong, inviting arousal pressing against his body. Begad! Jack freed himself. "Commodore, this is a bit unexpected."

Norrington just sealed his lips again.

So hot, so sweet... Jack lost his mind.

Swaying through the room like a ship in a storm, they reached somehow the safe harbour: Norrington´s bunk. They fell down, panting heavily.

Buried under his enemy´s strong body, Jack felt threatened and aroused at the same time. The demanding lips left his. "Again," Jack pleaded huskily. The lips returned. Jack gave in. That mouth was hotter than any forge. His cock hardened quickly.

Norrington´s next move was even more arousing. With skilled fingers, he solved the puzzle of Jack´s laces.

Tearing his lips free, Jack gave a muffled groan. A second followed, when Norrington´s hand brushed by his longing member.

The officer pulled Jack´s breeches down to the ankles, exposing him, then spun him around.

Jack was unable - or unwilling - to stop him. Pinned down, he realized: I´m being ravished. From me enemy, a British officer. Less horny, he would have laughed, but he didn´t even smile. His cock pulsed painfully; he was ready to be taken. Wet fingers were touching the sensitive spot between his buttocks, oiling it. Where did ye get this oil so quickly, Commodore? Did ye plan this? The fingers weren´t tender, they only prepared him. Ravished. Used. Taken. Some pride stirred in Jack and he tried to get up. It was in vain. A firm, strong hand held him down, a hard, thick shaft slid inside of him. Jack gasped.

Not minding him, Norrington pushed further, going along with hungry sounds. Filling Jack´s inside, he pulled out, only to push brutally back inside.

Pounded relentless, Jack shuddered; sweet pain was sweeping his entire body. With every stroke, he felt Norrington´s balls brushing against his ass, his insides started to burn, he muffled his groans into the fabric, pressed against his face. This is too quick, too hot, too.... He was pounded faster, while Norrington´s excited panting floated to his ears and made his defeat even more abasing. Nevertheless, his cock was so hard, he wanted to cry out, he wanted to touch himself to make the insufferable pain go away. He wished Norrington would touch him, giving him what he needed. He deserved it for being taken so unexpectedly and mercilessly.

But his enemy didn´t.

He kept shafting him powerful, until he reached his climax, shooting all his hostile seed into Jack´s hot, burning flesh. One single deep groan announced the end. Immediately, Norrington slipped out, leaving Jack lying on his front.

One thought was burning in Jack´s mind: Me, the filthy pirate, soiled, on the ground, where I´m supposed to be. Tormented by a fully erected cock, Jack turned around and tried to pull up his breeches. "Isn´t it interesting that some men never show their true face, until they fuck ye," he confronted the Commodore, who was finished closing his own breeches, while Jack still had trouble with his damn laces.

Norrington´s features were grim. "You´re not free to go, pirate."

"Eh? Ye have yer victory. What do ye want now?"

Norrington pushed him back on the bunk, his eyes were appraising Jack´s uncared cock. "It´s highly visible that the enemy hasn´t surrendered completely." Jack´s baffled stare conjured an enchanting smile on the face of his enemy. Quickly, it vanished again. Norrington knelt down; grabbing Jack´s left thigh and the overheated cock.

No, Jack thought. Not again. He pushed himself up to his elbows, ready to fight, ready to break the nose in this smug face. Right now, lips were touching the head of his cock, enclosing it firmly. It felt like heaven. Moaning in despair, Jack fell back, while his hips bucked up, giving the whole length of his cock to his enemy´s seducing mouth. He was unable to stop him, to fight him off. Grimacing helpless, he swore under his breath: "Ye British devil, ye´ll pay for this."

An intense sucking, experienced and devoting, was the reply.

Needy for release, Jack shoved his shaft in deeper - and deeper. Just a little bit more and he would...just a little bit more...

Norrington stopped.

In agony, Jack glared at him. "Fun, eh? Torturing the pirate?"

Smirking, the Commodore stood up, but only to take the place next to him.

Jack was furious. "Not in the mood for cuddling."

Norrington cut him off. Sweeping his tongue aggressively into Jack´s mouth, he turned all his anger into passionate heat.

Incredible sweetness consumed Jack, increasing his desperate hunger for release. With the strength he had left, he broke the kiss. "What do ye want? Begging?"

No answer. Norrington´s head vanished inside Jack´s half-open shirt, getting in touch with his hardened nipples.

Jack stared at the messy dark-brown hair, which he noticed for the first time. "Commodore...."

His enemy´s tongue flickered around his nipples, his teeth started teasing them. Giving in, it was obviously useless to argue, Jack buried his hands in the soft hair, pulling him closer.

Norrington was biting now; it was quite beyond all bearing, beyond all resistance.

Jack was drifting to a place from which he never wanted to come back from.

Norrington trailed further down, finding Jack´s exquisite navel, licking it, plucking it.

So close now, so close, but so far. Jack was dripping with need. "Please," he burst out. He was in pain and was ready to beg, to beg for mercy. "What do ye want? I´ll..." Finally, his prayers were answered.

Norrington´s slick, hot tongue continued its way down, finding all the marks of desire. The swollen sensitive balls, the longing shaft, the lusting head, which his mouth attacked now.

Growling deeply, Jack jerked at the brown hair.

Norrington sucked him in, hard and fast.

Jack repressed a cry. So close, close... A stab of desire hit him; it felt like he was breaking into pieces. Finally! In great waves of lustful pain his climax washed over him. His fluids burnt a way through his cock, rushing into Norrington´s demanding mouth. The Commodore sucked, until he was emptied. Jack´s heartbeat slowed down. Trembling and sweaty, he let go of the brown hair, sighing relieved.

Instantly, the Commodore stood up and took all the warmth and closeness with him. "You are free to go now, pirate." Norrington´s voice was cold.

Jack got his breeches in order, knowing he had to wash up some place else.

The Commodore sat at his table, pouring himself a glass of...rum?

Jack cleared his throat. "Can I have some, mate?" The intense green eyes made him shiver.

Calmly, Norrington offered him the glass. "Sure, Mr. Sparrow."

"Captain, please," Jack insisted, before he swallowed the drink in one drag. Ah, yes, rum. He felt better at once. The healing burning started in his stomach and spread through his whole body. "More please."

Norrington poured him a second glass. "You know what happened won´t change anything."

"I savvy, I´m talking to the Commodore right now. Back there," Jack nodded to the bunk, "I had the pleasure with...what´s yer first name?"

"James," Norrington disclosed, sipping from the anew filled glass. Noticing Jack was licking his lips, he gave it to him.

Jack knocked it back. "James." He savoured the liberty of calling him so.

A shot of glare. "Go now."

"Aye." Jack put the glass on the table. He smiled. "Ye know, I was dreaming of what has happened today. Never thought, it would come true."

Norrington´s eyes turned fiery green.

Not waiting for a reply, Jack went out. A night like a perfect dream awaited him. Countless stars, a big, bright moon and smooth, salty air. Jack inhaled deeply. Ye think it´s over, dear James. Ye started this but I´ll finish it. I was rooting for ye since the first day we met. Maybe ye didn´t know that. It ain´t over, luv. We´ll have much fun together. Humming, Jack went to look for water to clean himself.

Hours later, Norrington shoved Jack´s intimate hand from his shoulder. He used the spy-glass, so he didn´t have to touch Jack with his fingers.

Aye, Jack promised himself in that moment, it ain´t over yet, luv.

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