Who is Lt. Andrew "Andy" Flynn?

Great Outfit!
Marital Status: Widowed

Occupation: Lieutenant with the LAPD

History: Flynn was a member of Commander Taylor's Robbery/Homicide unit until he was "loaned out" to the Priority Homicide Division. Shortly after returning to the Robbery/Homicide team, Flynn requested a permanent transfer to the Priority Homicide Division.

played by
Anthony Denison
Strengths: An influential man, Flynn has the ability to persuade the other detectives into taking his side on political matters.

Weaknesses: He prefers to take the easy way out when it comes to solving crimes, which leads to mistakes. Flynn is sometimes disloyal and often fails to keep his word. He has a hard time keeping secrets to himself, and he perpetually has a toothpick in his mouth.

Personal File: After Captain Taylor accused him of botching an old case, Flynn began to realize that his captain might not be so loyal after all. Angered by Taylor's finger pointing, Flynn decided that he wanted to permanently join Johnson's team after she defends him in the matter. Although he initially looked for ways to sabotage Dep. Chief Johnson, Flynn has a growing respect for her, and increasingly works with her, rather than against. He is close to Lt. Provenza.

Love life: He got married to Captain Sharon Raydor. Sadly she dies only a short time later.

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