Who is Sgt. David Gabriel?

The man

  • Detective Sergeant
    with the LAPD
  • single
  • Masters in
    Public Administration
  • friendly and polite
  • highly organized
  • ambitious
  • extremely intelligent
  • extremely out-spoken
  • can be loyal to a fault
  • accused of being a suck-up
  • doesn´t take criticism well
  • craves constant reassurance
  • likes expensive suits (Fred Segal)
    and colorful cravats
  • is not riding the subway because
    going underground in a city that
    shakes kind of freaks him out
  • thinks that a man who cheats
    is a jerk
  • has a temper
  • claims that he never lies
  • resentful
  • once he shaved his mustache off
  • wants to be a part of the team
  • very good on the stand in court

played by
Corey Reynolds

Love life

  • dated once Det. Daniels
  • likes to flirt
  • knows girlfriend Anne for a year
  • recently they moved in together
  • Anne only met him on behalf of Goldmann to sound Gabriel out
    - he broke up with her at once

His story

  • considers a career in politics
  • beat a suspect up
  • shot accidently at an unarmed man
  • recently he became a detective
  • planned to go on Christmas holiday with his parents
  • as a kid he went four times a week to church
  • through Brenda´s support he becomes a liaison officer at the DA´s office