Who is Jack Sparrow?

played by
Johnny Depp

Love life

  • A Mystery

The man

  • a pirate of the Caribbean
  • black, messy hair with a couple of dreadlocks, braids, and a little ponytail,
    beads and a stick.
  • wears a red bandana and a wornout
    brown hat
  • black eyes
  • eyes are underlined with some dark kohl
  • dark moustache and a little beard, braided into two braids with small beads at the ends.
  • gold teeth, three to be exact
  • some rings on his fingers
  • a tattoo of a sparrow in flight on his right arm
  • owns a compass, which doesn´t point
    north but to the thing you want most
    in the world
  • likes rum - a lot
  • his first and only love is the sea
  • dishonest, narcistic

His story

  • original Captain of the "Black Pearl"
  • after a mutiny he was marooned on a deserted island
  • 10 years later Jack encounters the Black Pearl again; crosses paths with Will, Elizabeth and Norrington and get his revenge
  • was branded with a "P" by Lord Cutler Beckett
  • sold his soul to Davey Jones to get the "Black Pearl"