Jack Sparrow - Moments

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Jackīs arrival at Port Royal

Jackīs first meeting with Commodore Norrington

Jackīs sword fight with Will

Jack steals the Interceptor right under Norringtonīs nose

The story about Jackīs adventurous escape from the isle, where he was marroned

But why is the rum gone?

Norrington: "Do I make myself clear?"
Jack: "Inescapably clear."

Sitting in a boat together, Jack talks to Norrington, while his hand is on Norringtonīs shoulder

Jack escapes from Port Royal, to sail away

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manīs Chest

Jack escapes from a Turkish prison in a casket

Elizabeth kisses Jack - Will sees them

Jack confronts the beast and his death