Me Treasure - 6/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: 2. Sequel to ´Stranded´
Summary: Jack and Norrington confront their issues
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Beta: Dragon
Released: November 2006
Word Count: 3.049
Note: My newest beta reader fixed Jack´s pirate accent.
I hope my readers don´t mind considering the fact that it sounds different compared to earlier parts.

"Come back 'ere!" Cursing at the closed door, Jack jumped up and fell back at once, entangled in his breeches. "Bloody 'ell, James Norrington, what´s yer problem?" Hastily, he jerked his breeches up, not minding the pain in his leg and his head. Still fighting with his laces, Jack limped to the door. The second, he fumbled for the door handle it was pushed down from the other side. He's comin' back, Jack triumphed silently. He couldn´t... It wasn´t James.

Sarah O´Neal came in. She was holding a tablet. "Captain Sparrow, I see you are feeling much better already." Her tone was as soft as a light breeze.

With an exasperated gasp, Jack retreated to the bed, quickly closing the laces of his breeches.

"Is something wrong?" Sarah asked calmly.

"No, darlin', everythin' 's perfec'ly fine."

A polite smile enchanted her face. "Really? Why was James running then?" Her smile was polite, but it still showed the strength hidden beneath it.

"He was runnin', eh?" Jack sighed, distressed. "I can´t imagine why."

"Don´t you?" she teased.

Slightly off-balance, Jack dropped on the bed. "Ye´re some woman, darlin'."

"Thank you. I was told so a hundred of times." She put the tablet on the bedside table and sat down next to Jack. "Don´t you intend to follow James?"

Jack blinked, considering this option. "Nay," he said at last. "He doesn´t want me t'."

"Are you sure?"

Jack scratched his leg. The bandage was itching.

"Don´t." Sarah grabbed his hand and held it tightly in hers. "You´ll get an infection."

"I fear 'm already infected," Jack joked dryly.

Sarah laughed heartily. "I already figured that."

"Did ye? Am I tha' obvious?"

"No, but James is."


"He told me everything, Captain Sparrow."

Jack didn´t fall for her trick. "I 'ighly doubt that."

"I doubt it either," she replied kindly.

Like allies they smiled at each other.

"Ye know 'im well, aye?"

"Very well."

"Are ye in love with 'im?"

She let go of his hand. "No longer. I was, once, a long, long time ago. I was very young and naive. It took me some time to figure out that I didn´t have a chance at all."

"It didn´t took me long to figure out I didn´t have a chance at all meself."

"Mmh." Sarah observed him closely while Jack snatched a biscuit from the tablet and took a hungry bite. "I think you are wrong, Jack."

"He 'ates me," Jack disagreed with his mouth full.

Resolutely, she shook her head. "James is crazy about you."

Jack shrugged. "Even if 'e is, 'e'd never admit it t'me."

She sighed. "That´s Tommy´s fault."

Hastily, Jack swallowed his biscuit. "Ye knew Tommy?"

"Certainly." She gave him a peculiar look. "If you´d be referring to Thomas Mallory, that is."

"I b'lieve so. I don´t know 'is family name." Mallory! That´s why 'e used that partic'lar name fer 'is fake identity. "I wos told 'e wos a nice and decent boy."

She snorted. "Tommy? Decent?"

Jack pricked his ears. "So I wos told, darlin'," he lied. James never said ought. It was me own assumption. "Wasn´ 'e?"

"Don´t misunderstand me. Everybody loved and adored Tommy, most of all James." The colour of her eyes darkened as if she was about to start crying. "But Tommy was reckless and unfaithful, always unpredictable. His death was partly his own fault, though, he didn´t deserve such a cruel end." Her lips trembled. "Nobody does." She paused and took a deep breath.

Gently, Jack touched her arm. "´M sorry." They became silent while Jack grabbed the bottle off the tablet and poured himself a glass. Rum. She is really a sweetheart. He knocked it back and sighed satisfied. "Ye´ve got good taste in rum."

She cleared her throat. "That lies in the family."

Aye? Who are ye? "Who's yer 'usband?" he asked suddenly curious.

"Lieutenant Patrick O´Neal," she told him proudly.

The name meant nothing to Jack so he changed the subject. "Ow'd Tommy die?"

"Sorry, but it´s not my business to tell you," Sara said friendly but firm.

"No 'arm done, luv." He grinned and poured himself a second glass.

"Fine." She stood up and stole a glance at his leg. "If it itches that much you should do something about it. I´m sure James is eager to give you a hand."

"Eh?" He gaped at her. "I never expected t' 'ear somethin' like that from a lady."

She chuckled. "This lady is famous for saying inappropriate things." She took the emptied tablet and went to the door. "Give it a try. He´s in the next room down the hall." She was gone.

Jack stared at the white ceiling while he emptied half of the bottle and ate all of the biscuits. She´s right. Why don´ I take me chances? 'M I 'fraid to lose? 'M Captain Jack Sparrow, ain´t I? Irritated, he scratched his leg fiercely. Bloody 'ell! 'S itchin' badly. I really need this taken care of. Seconds later, he sneaked down the hallway. It was late. The house was silent, and his bare feet made no sound. Unseen, he slipped into James´ room. Gloomy light and low sounds awaited him. Jack smiled. He knew the origin of these sounds. For a while, he stood by the door, listening with growing excitement. The room smelled of lust and desire. "Jack," he heard the man under the moving blanket whisper huskily. That was quite enough to make Jack move to the bed and get rid of his breeches quickly. Hearing his name a second time, he slipped under the blanket to join James in his pleasures. "Don´ ye think that´s a bloody waste, luv?"

James bolted up. The blanket slid off both men and left them bare-chested. "Jack! Are you out of your mind?!"

"Eh?" Jack said in purest innocence. "I jest came 'ere t' ask fer yer 'elp. I never expected..."

"Get out!" James ordered sharply.

Jack lifted the blanket and showed him his leg. The bandage which had been once James´ shirt was a complete mess. "I need a change, don´ ye think? Couldn´ ask yer lady-friend, could I?"

James let out a sigh. "No."

"But shall I let ye finish whot ye´ve started first?" Jack winked at him.

"Shut up." James´ face reddened and he avoided Jack´s look.

"Don´ mind me..."

"Hold still or I´ll hurt you." He started pulling at the fabric around Jack´s thigh.

"Ouch." Jack sniggered. "Tha´s wot I 'ad 'n mind, luv." He shifted around to give James better access. At the same time his arousal competed for James´ attention.

James seemed unimpressed. From a drawer in the bedside table, he produced Jack´s dagger and cut the bloody shirt off.

"There 'tis," Jack said, stretching his body seductively. "I wos wonderin' if I 'ad lost 't."

James´ lips were a thin line; his long eyelashes threw a delicate shadow on his rosy cheeks. He threw the soiled fabric on the ground. "It doesn´t look too bad. It has begun to heal." He ripped the first thing in reach into fresh strips.

"Ose shirt's this?"

"It belongs to Sarah´s husband."

"Neat." Jack grinned. "Wrap me up then."

James snorted. "Quiet." Once again, he fixed a bandage around Jack´s thigh.

Jack lay perfectly still while he enjoyed his excitement. "Oh yes, tha´s wot I´ve needed."

Barely finished, James turned around to rest on his stomach. "It´s done. Go now."

Jack didn´t move. Leavin's not an option, luv. I´m Captain Jack Sparrow. Smoothly he brought himself on James´ back, where he started kissing and licking the healing scars of the flogging. "´M still rootin' for ye, mate." The next second, he found himself on his back, the deadly blade held to his throat. Surprised, he held his breath; looking into James´ darkened, green eyes.

"I told you to leave me alone," James whispered, raspy. "What are you doing?"

"Takin' advantage. Unspeakable filthy as I am."

"Shut up."

"Ah. I like 't when ye order me 'round?"

"You should be in bed."

"I am."

"Resting," James snapped.

"But I'll be needin' more of yer medicine to get better."

"Jack, this is ridiculous..."

"I 'eard ye sayin' me name."

"Do you want me to cut your throat?"

"No." Slowly, Jack wetted his lips. "I just want t' feed yer 'unger..." The glittering blade pressed harder against his flesh. "...please..." The dagger glided down and met with his cock.

"I could cut it off," James whispered with the strangest tone in his voice. Gently he stroked the pirate´s hard-on with the sharp blade.

"Aye, but no fun lies in there."

"Filthy...impossible...irresistible...pirate..." James faltered. The dagger was gone. It landed with a distinctive clatter on the ground. James pulled Jack into his arms. A hot wave rushed over their bodies. Both men struggled - but in passion - not in hate.

"I´m so sorry," James breathed ruefully.

"Sticks 'n' stones, luv. We´re square."

"But why?" James´ green eyes were a sea of misery.

"Why what?"

"Why don´t you hate me? I sent you to the gallows."

Jack smiled. He put a finger on James´ lips stroking them gently. "The first time I laid eyes on ye I knew we are made for each other." He felt James´ lips tremble. "'M mad about ye. I dream about ye. I want ye to take me," Jack purred. His tongue sneaked into the sensitive spot behind James´ ear. It tasted of sweetness. Jack stole a mouthful while he continued caressing James´ lips.

James groaned. In lust or agony? He started sucking on Jack´s fingers. "I...know...of the many had," he murmured in between.

"'N that bothers ye?" Jack giggled.

"Don´t mock me."

"'M not, luv." Jack sucked on James´ earlobe. "What are ye afraid of?"

"You - leaving me."

"Every time 'M leavin', know this: I´ll be back."

"How many of your lovers did you make this promise?"


"That´s a fucking lie."

Jack captured James´ mouth and silenced him with a long and sweet kiss. The kiss was exploratory and clarifying. Believe me, it said. 'M yers, it assured. I´ll never leave ye, it promised. A long time there was none spoken. There were only more kisses and lots and lots of touching. Eventually, James started to repay every endearment Jack gifted him with. His licks felt like a cat´s tongue, smooth and raspy at the same time. It was a splendid sensation. The licks roamed over Jack´s body and, relaxed, he accepted the wonderful peace offering. "No stoppin' this time, eh?"

Silently, James shook his head. He was shaking with longing.

"Good." Jack gave James´ hard and ready member a serious look. "So pretty." Amazed, he saw James was blushing. What now?

"Wellington was right, you know," James confessed shyly. "You don´t look dangerous in the slightest."

"So?" Jack asked, perfectly amused.

"But you are dangerous. Way too dangerous for me."

"Nay," Jack murmured, overwhelmed by warm feelings. "Ye´re the one who´s way too dangerous fer me."

"Lying pirate," James breathed against his mouth. Besides that he had become very still, apparently caught in hesitance.

"James. Don´ make me beg," Jack complained impatiently.

"That´s not it," he sighed, bemused. "I´m just..."

"Let me." He grabbed James´ hand and put it firmly on his cock while he spread his legs apart to show his eager hole. "There ye go."

James burst out laughing. "I know, silly pirate." Firmly, he forced a finger inside Jack´s opening.

"Aye...tha's it, luv," Jack squealed, satisfied for a start. "Plunge in..."

"Shut up," James scolded, but softly.

"Make me." Jack provoked his enemy only to prompt him to go faster.

James fulfilled his wishes and entered a second finger while he jerked him off at the same time.

Jack groaned in ecstasy. "More." The joy in his belly gathered to become the best of sensations.

James´ rabid mouth found his neck, sucking greedily. " good."

"Mmh...yes...Jem, oh Jem," he whined happily.

"Stop calling me so."

"Nay," Jack disagreed breathless while a third finger was feeling inside his horny opening. "I love sayin' yer name." James´ hand fucked him harder. " me yer cock...please...I need yer pretty cock..." His wish was granted. James glided in...and and out... "Oh Jem..."

"Stop it!" James ordered harshly and fucked him harder.

Jack didn´t listen. Jack had stopped thinking and, finally, James stopped complaining. Over the night he stopped being Jack´s enemy and became someone different...drowning in desire...he surrendered at last.


The body with the rope around his neck was dangling in the wind. Crows were sitting on the head, picking out the eyes. The face had once been that of a woman. A very beautiful woman. A face so familiar and loved...The crows flew away. The woman looked at him with empty black holes. As black as death himself.

"No..." Jack squeezed his eyes shut while he struggled against the arms that held him tightly. Tears were streaming down his face. "Take a good look," an icy voice close to his ear whispered. "See what happens to pirates. See what happens to enemies of the crown." Jack didn´t want to see but a brutal hand pulled his head back by the hair. "Look, you bastard son of a bloody pirate and a filthy whore." Jack struggled with anger and pain, his eyelids flattered open and he caught another glimpse of the mutilated body.

The face had changed. It had become that of a man. A man with brown hair and green eyes, which were drained empty of life.

"A treacherous traitor," the hateful voice hissed. "He got what he deserved."

Jack jerked awake. His heart was beating frantically. Sweat covered his face. Terrified, he looked around. The sight of James sleeping peacefully calmed him down. Still - he was alarmed by the distinct dream and came quickly to a decision. I 'ave t' go. James is safe here, but not me. I have to go now. If they catch 'im wi' me he´ll be send t' th' gallows like any other criminal. I can´t allow that. It was 'ard enough to watch me parents die. Me mother crying and begging for me life, me father frozen with sorrow because of his inability to help any of us...Not again. Not James. He slipped out of bed and got himself dressed. 'S better t' leave wit'ou' a farewell. 'S better t' avoid discussion - or worse - a fight. He inspected himself in the mirror, shoved the bandage off his head, checked his clipped hair and fixed the bandana. Satisfied with his appearance, Jack looked for the dagger and found it under a small desk. Carefully, he stuck it into his sash. Seeing the paper laying on the desk, an idea sprang to his mind. In one of the various drawers he found a pen and ink. He mused for a whole minute before he scribbled only one word on the piece of paper.


He folded the paper neatly then went back to the bed and put it on the pillow besides James´ resting head. James looked peaceful - content. On top of his message Jack placed the ring with the green stone. The ring of me father. The ring 'e gave me mother on their weeding day. Jack kissed James´ cheek with less than a feather´s weight. "I love ye, Jem," he whispered with emphasis. "I never said ought t' any of me many lovers." For the last time, he absorbed the sight of James´ bare back. "Those scars will always make ye remember, luv." James didn´t wake up when he left the room. On his way down the stairs, Jack ran into the maid. "Pardon, darlin'?"

"S-sir?" she stammered nervously.

"Where is her ladyship?"

"Mrs. O´Neal is in the parlour."

"Thanks, sweet'eart."

She blushed and fled. Jack sniggered. In perfect mood, he entered the parlour.

"Jack!" Sarah O´Neal lowered her book. "You´re up rather early."

"As are ye."

"Is everything alright?"

"Aye," he cheered. "But I 'ave t' leave."

"So soon?"

"I really 'ave t', darlin'."

"What about James?"

"'E´ll see me again. The opportune moment will come."

"Don´t go breaking his heart like Tommy did."

"No worries, darlin'. I would never abandon me treasure."

"That´s good to hear." She smiled, pleased. "May I offer you a shirt presentable enough to be seen on the streets of my hometown?"

Truly enchanted by her charming nature, he agreed at once. "Aye. May I 'ave some rum as well?"

"Certainly. Wait here." She left him alone.

Jack inspected the small room. A sofa, one painting of a young boy, faded curtains, a small table occupied with a tea set and a resting book. The painting drew his attention. The boy on it had brown hair, green eyes and a shy smile. Is 'at ye, Jem? I think so. Casually, to kill the time, Jack leafed through the open book and stopped to read the dedication on the first page:

For my dear sister Sarah
Happy Birthday

A bright grin split Jack´s face. "That explains a lot," he said, satisfied by finding out the truth. He heard Sarah was coming back. Quickly, he closed the book. She didn´t have to know. Yet.

Without much ado, she handed him a shirt and a small bottle.

"Thank ye, darlin'." He pulled the shirt over his head. It was a little too big.

"I found one which isn´t too fancy, I think."

"Perfect for a pirate," he cherished her cleverness and checked his other things. Everything he needed was there. The dagger, a bottle with rum, his compass. "Bye now."

Gently, she grasped his hand and laid a few coins on its palm. "Bye. Take care."

"No worries. 'M Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?" Her laughter followed him on the way out. The street was empty. The rising sun was still behind the roofs of the houses. Jack´s head hurt a little bit but fortunately his leg had stopped complaining. Which way t' go? He fetched his compass and looked at it for an advice. The compass turned out to be useless in this matter because its needle pointed right to the house behind him, right back to James. Jack laughed and put it away. He looked both ways.


he made up his mind



right left


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