Me Treasure - 5/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: 2. Sequel to ´Stranded´
Summary: Jack and Norrington need to rest, but, well...
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Beta: Ysolde
Released: March 2005
Word Count: 4.017

"JACK!!" James cried out. In helpless horror, he saw blood running down Jack´s face.

"I think I´m hit," Jack mumbled and swayed on his feet. Then he sagged against James´ chest.

Firmly, James grabbed the limp body. "Jack, stay with me." The familiar scarlet colour drenched their white shirts.

"Get them!" a well-known voice shouted behind them.

James´ head snapped around and he was shocked to see Wellington and his men rushing towards them. Red-eyes aimed a pistol; the muzzle smoked.

As quick as a flash, James entered the next narrow alley, dragging Jack with him. Thank God, Jack´s this slender. A lot of blood was spilling out, coursing down Jack´s face. "Jack," he whispered urgently. Despite the pirate´s light weight it would be difficult hauling Jack all the way.

"What´s going on?" Jack murmured weakly.

Relieved that Jack was at least semi-conscious, James informed him curtly. "Wellington is chasing us. Hang on. The woman I told you about lives nearby." They turned to the left and after a few yards turned right. The last turn led into a wide road with beautiful-looking houses, homes of the wealthy. James remembered clearly where to go, though it had been a long time since he had last been there. A few more feet and James announced, "Here it is." The pirate´s breathing had become alarming. James didn´t know how severe Jack was wounded. Head injuries always bled heavily. In a hurry, he climbed up the stone stairs to a white-coloured building. It was smaller than other houses and only two floors high, but neat and tidy. No unnecessary bits and pieces degraded its perfect look. James leaned Jack against the blue-painted door and rapped the knocker urgently. He looked back over his shoulder to check for a sign of their hunters. There was none. The road was almost empty, only a few people were seen, but all, thankfully, minding their own business.

"They´ll never let us in here," Jack muttered and despite his injury he sounded amused.

"They will," James affirmed confidently.

The door opened. An older butler impeccably attired appeared and flinched immediately back, visibly disgusted by their appearance. He began to try and shut the door but James put his bare foot in the gap. "Tell Mrs. O´Neal Commodore James Norrington is here to see her."

The servant´s jaw dropped. "Sir! My apologies. I did not recognize you."

"No harm done, Daniel."

Quickly, Daniel led them into the hallway and closed the door. "Wait here."

Safe - for now. James held the pirate tightly.

Mrs. O´Neal rushed into the hallway, her brown curls nodding briskly. "James! God Heavens! All the blood! Are you hurt?"

"No, Sarah. But my...friend needs prompt help."

The pirate chuckled softly.

Sarah O´Neal raised an eyebrow. "Indeed?"

"Don´t pay attention to his silly behaviour. It´s urgent, we have to stop the bleeding."

Not asking further, Sarah led them up to the first floor to a tidy room with an untouched bed.

A bit breathless, James lowered Jack down on the white linen.

"I will fetch clean water and cloths." Sarah rushed out.

James yanked his shirt off and tore it apart.

"Another shirt ruined," Jack joked.

"Shut up," James scolded sharply and tried to locate the source of the bleeding. He pushed off the bandana but the mass of Jack´s hair complicated the search furthermore. He didn´t succeed and pressed his shirt simply to Jack´s blood-smeared forehead.

"No harm done to ol´ Jack. Just another scar. By the way, we have much bigger problems. What if Wellington will trace me streak of blood and find us here?"

"I don´t think so. Our shirts soaked all the blood."

"Ye look unwell yerself. Were ye worried?"

"About what?" James spat.

"I could have died."

James snorted. "Absolutely not. You´re talking way too much to be in any danger. I think the bullet only grazed you."

"But the moment I got shot?"

Yes, I was worried, bloody pirate. I was terrified. "Not at all. You are nothing I would lament being rid off."

Jack chuckled.

"Damn it, Sparrow, it´s not the time..."

"Jack," the pirate insisted. "I heard ye shouting me name when the bullet hit me. Don´t deny it."

Sarah was back and put a bowl of water, white cloths and some scissors on the table.

James stood up to make room for her. She started to clean Jack´s face and his hair. "I´m Sarah O´Neal. Who are you?"

"That´s Jack Sparrow," James interrupted impatiently.

"CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow," the pirated corrected with unweary stubbornness.

James sighed. "Yes, yes."

Sarah smiled. "Nice to make your acquaintance, Captain Jack Sparrow. I heard a lot about you."

"Aye? I heard less to nothing about ye."

Her smile widened. "Well, you know James. Always keeping his secrets."

"Will you stop it," James interrupted their conversation angrily.

"I like her." Jack winked at him.

"That´s good." Sarah was finished with the cleaning. "I have to cut your hair to find the source of the bleeding."

Jack bolted up. "Don´t ye dare!"

She didn´t flinch back. "Only a few strands to cleanse the wound properly, it will prevent an infection. It has to be done."

James put a soothing hand on the pirate´s shoulder. "Come on, Jack, don´t be silly."

Jack blinked. "What did ye say?"

"Do as she says - Jack. Sarah is good with this. In the past, she took care of me many times."

Smiling, Jack leaned back, resting his head on the pillow. "Will ye hold me hand?"

James flushed. "No, but I´ll gladly knock you unconscious."

"James, behave yourself," Sarah snubbed him but the look in her brown eyes was mild. She started to cut Jack´s hair at the right side of his hair line. One strand was clipped and fell - two strands - an unhappy sigh escaped the pirate - three strands - "I´m almost done," Sarah assured quietly - four strands - finally she bent back and her elbow came in touch with Jack´s right thigh.

"Mind me leg. A bloody shark took a big bite out of it," he alarmed her quickly.

She pulled back. "Sorry. That must have been an awful experience."

"Not quite," he answered mysteriously.

James snorted, slightly amused, while he remembered the particular pleasure Jack had experienced that same day.

Unsuspecting, Sarah put the scissors away. "You´re a lucky mate, Jack. The injury is only shallow. It´s quite possible the mass of your hair saved your life."

Jack looked at James. "See, it´s worth wearing it, luv."

James noticed Sarah´s surprise, but Jack´s impertinence of calling him love didn´t bother him anymore. Definitely not in front of Sarah who knew him better than anyone. "So it would seem - pirate." The name came out wrong. More like a tease than an insult. His voice was as soft as silk. It was noticed.

Two pairs of eyes stared at him.

"You should rest. A head injury is always serious, no matter how small it is," James rushed on, feeling quite embarrassed.

Sarah turned her attention back to Jack, bandaging his head as good as possible. "Exactly. I´ll come back later to check on you and bring you some food and water."

"I´ll do that myself," James said curtly.

"I´m waiting for ye," Jack cheered. "Bring some rum."

"We´ll see," James replied graciously.

Sarah was finished. "Give me your shirt, Jack. It´s ruined."

"It´s stolen anyway, darling." With Sarah´s help, Jack slipped out of the shirt showing his tanned chest and belly. "So is James´s."

"Indeed," Sarah voiced calmly, a twinkle in her eyes. "Rest now." She fetched a blanket from the solid wardrobe across from the bed and covered Jack up.

"Thank ye, darling." Jack beamed at her.

"We´ll check on you in a little while." She took the soiled clothes and accompanied by James she left the room.

"I´m waiting for ye, James," the pirate said once more, excited.

James didn´t reply and Sarah didn´t comment while they walked downstairs. Sarah handed the bloody shirts to the maid. "Burn them, Jane. Bring a clean shirt from my husband´s clothes for the Commodore." Jane nodded and left while Sarah and James entered the parlour and there, finally alone, they hugged dearly. "James, it is so good to see you. May I say you look just awful but also quite dashing?"

He laughed brightly. "Well, thank you. I reckoned you would say something like that. Jack thought you wouldn´t even recognize me." Exhausted, he dropped down on the sofa and viewed the room. It hadn´t changed. Small but bright and comfortable it made him always feel like coming home. A book rested unfinished on the table.

Sarah rang the bell to call the servant. "Me? Unable to recognize you? You know that´s never possible." She joined him on the sofa and closed the book.

"I told him so," he agreed while he took a good look at her appealing face.

She also eyed him closely. "So, I certainly know who Jack Sparrow is after you wrote me that much about him. But what the hell happened to you?"

He shrugged. "It´s a long story."

"I have plenty of time. Patrick is at sea and I´m a little bored."

"How is your husband?"

"He´s fine. We´re fine. I´ll never regret I married an Irish," she joked lightly. "Not giving a damn about what my father once predicted."

The door opened and Daniel looked in. "You rang, madam?"

"Yes. Bring some tea for me and the Commodore, please. Also a bottle of rum."

Politely, the servant didn´t show he took offence in James´ bare chest and feet. "Yes, madam." He left quietly.

"People will talk," James worried.

"And when? I don´t care neither does Patrick," she soothed him. "Who the hell did that to your back?"

James had almost forgotten about the flogging. "Like I said it´s a long story..."

"Well, like I said I have plenty of time."

Knowing, he didn´t have a choice, James gave in. "Well, there was a battle..."
One hour later, he came to the end. "...we fled to your doorstep and here we are." He sipped his tea and leaned back, properly dressed in Patrick´s shirt which had been brought by Jane. It was a bit too small for him but for the moment it was effective.

"My dear James, that was a hell of an adventure. Now tell me what you have left out."

"I haven´t..." He broke off. Of course, he had left out quite a bit. Kissing, sucking, hot desperate feelings.

"I´m not stupid, James. I see what´s going on. The looks. The words."

He cleared his throat. "Jack...Jack calls many people love. That doesn´t mean anything."

"How many of them are Commodores in the British navy?"

"He doesn´t obey society´s rules."

"Just like Tommy, isn´t he?" she provoked him.

"No, he´s not," he disagreed, angry and defensive. "He´s nothing like Tommy, he´s my enemy and I´m..."

"...crazy about him," she concluded brutally. "You haven´t changed. Always in denial." She touched his arm. "Did you sleep with him?"

"No," he blurted out, shocked.

"You can´t lie to me, James. You never did and you never had to."

"Sarah, I swear to you, I didn´t."

"That doesn´t mean it can´t happen, right?" The sly smile on her lips, the teasing sparkle in her eyes made him chuckle, despite everything. "Even if I feel anything for him it isn´t appropriate."

Disapprovingly, she clicked her tongue. "That´s my father talking. Tommy wouldn´t agree."

A long sigh. "No, he wouldn´t have. But at the end, he paid the price for his recklessness."

"That´s true but you are not like Tommy. You were always a good man. It is time for your loneliness to end and you find some new happiness before it is too late." She hugged him once more and kissed him on the cheek.

He held on to her. Memories of his childhood filled his mind and his heart. Happy memories of laughter and friendship. He pulled back and pointed at the wall behind her. "I see, you still have the painting."

"Of course. I would never get rid of it. Little James Norrington was such a sweet boy."

He grinned, shyly. "Nonsense."

"No, it´s true. He still is. That´s why I´ll send you upstairs right now so you can rest. I´ll continue bothering you later."

He stood up. "Yes, I am tired. We haven´t managed any rest for some time."

She sniggered and spilled her tea. "I can imagine."

He blushed slightly and hurried out. For a moment, he stood still in the hallway, putting his thoughts in order. Noticing Daniel standing a few feet away, watching him, James gave him a quick nod and rushed upstairs. When he passed the room where the pirate rested, he stopped in his tracks. He listened intently if he could catch a sound behind the door, while he fingered the laces of his breeches. Don´t act like a silly cadet. God damn it. He heard nothing. Not the tiniest sound. Go to your room. Let it go. You need to rest. He made one, just one step forward. Maybe, he isn´t even in there anymore. Could be, he fled the first second he had the chance. Trembling with excitement, James grabbed the door handle and pushed it down. Quietly, he opened the door and slipped into the room. He caught his breath.

Jack was sleeping. Lying on his back, his spared braids sprawled over the pillow, he breathed soundlessly. His face was directed at the door.

James stayed put and observed him and was startled by a sudden moan. He frowned.

Jack shifted restlessly and moaned again. It didn´t sound like pleasure.

Cautious, James closed the door and approached the bed, looking at the strained expression of the pirate. Is he having a nightmare? Concerned, James touched Jack´s shoulder, rubbing it soothingly.

At once, the pirate tore his eyes open and bolted up.

James grabbed Jack´s bare arm. "It´s me. Nobody is going to hurt you. We are safe."

For seconds, Jack stared at him, confused. "Who gave ye that shirt? It´s way too small for ye." He chuckled and sank back into the cushions. His expression changed rapidly, while he observed James´ tight grip on his arm.

"I heard you groaning. Are you in pain?"

"Why shouldn´t I be? Me leg was almost bitten off, me head met with a bullet and me blood longs for rum since...forever," Jack complained emphatically.

James held back a smirk. "That bad?"

"Aye." Jack sprawled. "Me whole body hurts - mostly me balls."

The cheek of the man! "What do you need?"

"Someone to scratch me tender spots," Jack desired frankly.

James let go of Jack´s arm. "Fine," he agreed airily.

Jack´s eyebrows shot up. "Ye mean that?"

"Yes, Mister Sparrow. Turn on your stomach." Not complaining about calling him ´Mister´ Sparrow, the pirate obeyed so quickly and threw the blanket off, James repressed a laugh. A pleasing stir tickled in his groin. He put his hands on Jack´s back and received a happy sigh. "I haven´t started yet."

"Ye touched me," Jack explained simply.

Slowly, James palmed the tanned back with circled strokes.

"Why now?" the pirate asked, delighted.

"Don´t get the wrong idea, Sparrow. I´m only giving you a massage to ease your pain and make you feel better."

"Whatever," Jack replied huskily. "Just keep doing it."

James´ hands went up to the neck which was hidden under a bunch of braids. He slipped under them and eased the strained muscles.

Jack sighed frequently. "Ah yes...good...give it to me."

The outright begging went straight to James´ heart and he increased the pressure on Jack´s muscles, while the braids tickled his skin.

Jack expressed his joy so openly; the stir in James´ groin became insistent. He bit his lips to oppress his feelings. Rather, James fixed on the stroking along Jack´s spine. But the hot, trembling flesh under his hands intensified his need for Jack Sparrow, made it unbearable, made him bent down to put an endearing kiss on the small spine. Brushing his lips longingly over the warm skin, sliding further and further down.

Pure yearning was the answer. "That´s...what...I wanted...for so long..."

Quickly, James pulled back and kneaded Jack´s back fiercely. The throbbing in his groin made him shiver. Angrily, he increased the pressure still.

"Ah," Jack groaned loudly.

"What is it, Sparrow? Aren´t you feeling any better?" James growled, frustrated.

"No, ye forgot to touch me most important spots."

"Is that so," James mumbled.

"Aye." Quickly, Jack turned on his back and showed off his proud erection.

"Never shy to show your needs, are you, Captain Jack Sparrow?"

Jack didn`t open his eyes but he smiled. "No. Does it offend ye, luv?"

James´ reply was a firm pinch to one of Jack`s nipples.

Jack sucked his breath. "More."

James rubbed the nipple between two fingers.

Jack moaned in pleasure and bucked his hips. His hand cupped his eager cock, stroking it wildly.

James´ eyes fastened on the unashamed exhibition. "I think it`s time to taste you."

Jack`s eyes flew open. "If it pleases ye?" His hand freed the needy bulge, waiting for James to take care of it. The image of his sprawled body seduced all of James` senses. He wanted to bury himself in the body of the pirate; he wanted to drown in him right now. Continuing with the rubbing of the nipples, he placed lots and lots of kisses and licks on Jack´s chest. Jack tasted and smelled like rum and salt, the distinctive flavour of the Caribbean.

A couple of sighs slipped through Jack`s lips. "Bloody Hell..."

James teased Jack´s lovely tummy with his fingertips.

"...for someone who doesn`t do this frequently..."

James bit into a rosy nipple.

" know how to play the game."

"Indeed? Uptight as I am? No fun lies in there?" James countered.

Jack sniggered. "Will ye stop this, silly? I told ye I was lying."

Easily, James entangled Jack`s laces and pulled the breeches down, minding the injured leg. He stared at Jack`s full blossomed arousal and nibbled on his lip. "Mmh?"

Amused, Jack met his stunned stare. "Eh? Ye saw it before."

"Not quite." James held his breath, while the sight of Jack`s pretty member made him yet harder. Sudden fear swept his body. Fear of what he was going to do. Fear of what will become of him when he let himself get involved with a pirate, if he continued to follow the forbidden path. "Are you longing for a quick release, Captain Jack Sparrow?" James asked lightly, hiding his inner turmoil.

"Do I have to beg?" Jack´s hips rose and his cock pointed accusingly at James.

"No." James bent down to kiss - the tummy - and - the thighs. A row of horny whimpers came to his ears and he smiled, touched. Licking Jack`s tender skin everywhere but at one place, James waited for the next plea.

"James," Jack purred like a tomcat in heat. "I want ye. I always wanted ye. Touch me, please."

Fiercely, James grabbed the pulsing head of Jack´s cock, squeezing.

Jack gasped in surprise. "Yes, James, yes. Make me yers."

James rubbed Jack`s moistened length with deliberate slowness.

The tease made Jack´s hips rose higher, and he shoved his hard-on right under James´ lips. "Suck the filthy pirate clean."

In impulse, James´ tongue shot out and tipped Jack´s hardened flesh.

"Aye," Jack groaned in deepest pleasure.

Marvelled by the taste of sweetness, which remembered him once more of rum, James felt a new rush of excitement running through his blood and he fastened his grip to work Jack´s cock more effectively. On purpose, his tongue slid back in its cave, hiding.

"More, James," the pirate complained.

James was busy with observing Jack´s needy member with a curiosity which resembled the discovery of a newly conquered country. The olive-coloured flesh, the throbbing veins, the neat foreskin...

"Please," the pirate whispered eyes full of affection.

These feelings made James more uneasy. How can he feel that way about me? I´m the enemy. I sent him to the gallows once and was prepared to watch him die. I fight him constantly and still...he wants me. He begs me to do the most intimate favour you can give to someone. The pulsing hard-on in his hand twitched and jerked. The black eyes of Jack Sparrow looked at him. Those mysterious, beautiful and daring eyes. Oh, how much I... Quickly, his tongue gave another lick to the delicious tasting cock and another lick.

Eagerly, Jack pushed his hips up. "Suck me, yes, suck me. Make me come, make me yers," he encouraged him.

James swallowed the whole head, while he squeezed the shaft with care.

"Aye." Jack bent back and closed his eyes.

Mine. Does he really want to be mine? He let go of the cock, licking his lips, considering.

Jack´s hands came up and clutched and clawed on James´ shirt.

"Mind the shirt," James mumbled.

"Mind me cock," Jack growled, thrusting his hips wildly.

James grinned and sucked the length with sudden greediness down to the root.

Jack grabbed his shoulders. "God, yes. Suck me clean, Commodore." He pushed his cock deeper in James´ mouth and James welcomed him mercifully. Jack´s shaft quivered fiercely and James strained his muscles to enforce the pressure on the hot rod, while he grabbed Jack´s butt with a firm hand. A satisfied grunt made him go faster. Again and again, he sucked the hard flesh, swifter and swifter, until James reached maximum intensity.

Jack thrust his hips. "Yes, yes, yes."

James let go and fought for his breath.

"No, no, no," the pirate whimpered.

A smirk flitted over James´ face and he enclosed Jack´s cock with sensitive lips to finish what he started.

"Yes, yes, luv," Jack chanted.

The shaft in James´ mouth swelled further up. He felt a rush of insisting pressure forcing his way out of the cock´s tip. He tightened his grip, pumping and sucking with all his strength. A fierce spurt hit the back of his throat.

"Ah...God...James...yes," Jack exclaimed, trembling.

Relentless, James emptied the pirate, feeling his body shuddering violently in his release. Still, he continued milking him until Jack groaned and pushed him off.

"That was quite marvellous...what else don`t ye do frequently?" Jack muttered. The black eyes were a sparkle of success.

This look of victory made James come back to his senses, and he became overwhelmed by shame. Oh dear God. Am I completely out of my mind? At a loss, he rushed to his feet and stormed out of the room. "James, what the hell..." he heard Jack shout but he didn´t pause to give him the possibility to hold him back. Only once alone in the bedroom, which Sarah had given to him, he stopped, breathless. Well, someone notified his presence immediately. For a second, he tried to resist the hunger of his body. But it was too late. Urgently, he ripped his breeches open and jerked himself off right where he stood. In a frenzied hurry, he came to his release. It felt more like pain than pleasure and he gasped agonized. Cursing, he cleaned himself at the washbowl and slipped under the blankets of the bed. For minutes, he lay still, consumed by bitterness. Weak. I´m weak for a bloody pirate. I hate it. I don´t want to desire him. Sarah is right. He´s like Tommy. Tommy had so many lovers. I did share him way to often. I don´t want to be one of Jack´s lovers. I don´t want to go through such hell again. He tried to sleep; he tried to drive Sparrow out of his mind. But the longing for Jack held him captive to the acute but pleasant pain. He buried his face into the pillow, trying to hold back the bitter tears as well as his cock´s desire for another round of joy. Again - he didn´t succeed. A new wave of lust controlled him easily and he groaned in despair. I´m in love. Fuck. Oh fuck.

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