Me Treasure - 4/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: R
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: 2. Sequel to ´Stranded´
Summary: Jack and Norrington are far from safe
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Released: October 2004
Word Count: 2.583


Being addressed in this particular manner never failed to amuse Jack. He stopped walking and faced him, grinning brightly. "Aye, Commodore?"

"I...we need to rest."

"Do we?" Jack mocked sweet-tempered.

"Yes indeed." James pointed at his feet. "Couldn´t you have stolen some boots as well?"

"Sorry, luv. I forgot that British officers aren´t used to walking barefoot. Plus, I was in a hurry to save ye from that terrible, molesting Wellington."

"I understand. Can we at least rest for a while?"

"Aye. Only half a mile from here is the loveliest spot for resting." He purred the last word, because he was thinking of other things to do there. Openly, he gazed up and down the length of James´ body. The handsome face, the broad shoulders, the strong legs, the...yearning tingled sweetly in Jack´s groin.

James ignored the scrutiny. "Do you know this island?" he asked matter-of-factly.

"Aye, I´ve been here before. It´s ´La Esmeralda´."

James was baffled. "It is? Why didn´t I recognize it?"

"Maybe because we came from the backside, the unpresentable side. Ye know this island, eh?"

"Yes, slightly." James expression had changed. It didn´t indicate he was tired anymore. "Many years have gone by since I was here." A mysterious smile appeared on his lips.

Jack observed him with growing interest. "We´re going to ´Port Corazón´. Ye know it?"

"Oh yes. Definitely." James was glowing; he appeared much younger - almost like a boy to Jack.

Quite taken by it Jack smiled back with honest affection. "Good. In a few hours we´ll be there. But if WE have to rest, WE will."

He started walking again, hiding how much his injured leg was still bothering him. In truth, he was longing for a rest himself. Would he admit that to James? Nay.
Certainly, Jack knew it wasn´t clever to rest here and now. Only hours had passed since they had escaped Wellington and his men. Since then, they crossed the blooming island on a narrow path, hiding from people they might meet otherwise. All sorts of trees lined the path through the green jungle and all sorts of animals screamed in their crowns. The air was hot and damp. Jack scratched the itching wound on his thigh. Bloody shark. At least it was healing. If he only had some rum, the small amount he had stolen was gone. It would have been better not to share it with James. He smiled. No, I definitely enjoyed sharing. Unfortunately, we also drank and ate the water and bread I stole besides the rum. We´re on the run and need to find....
Turning the next curve, Jack threw a quick glance to the left and to the right, then he pushed through a bunch of merged bushes, and noticeable by the rustling behind him, James followed him instantly. After a few feet they broke through and reached the place Jack had been thinking about.

A hidden green spot, which was composed out of a waterfall running down over a bunch of rocks plunging into a lake, which was enclosed by lush grass. The lake glittered in the light of the sun, which was breaking through the trees and bushes surrounding the place. Jack inhaled the smell of the moist earth, which was lingering in the air. It was a very lovely place indeed. It reminded him of a beautiful emerald. This island was clearly entitled to its name.

Jack caught James´ perplexed stare. "Ain´t it a comfy green paradise?"

James growled and marched immediately to the spraying waterfall. Holding out his hands, he sampled the water from it and drank.

Good-humoured, Jack joined his side and slaked his thirst in the same way. "How´s yer back, mate?"


Shamelessly, Jack began to pluck James´ shirt out of his breeches.

"What are you doing?" James asked irritated.

"Taking a look."

James didn´t push him away; instead he pulled his shirt over his head himself, showing his back to him. "Well?"

Jack observed the exposed back closely. The weals of the flogging were sealed but still red and swollen. It would take some time to make them disappear. "Looks all right to me. I think ye´ll keep only a few fetching scars."

James snorted.

"But it can´t hurt to clean them one more time," Jack advised.

Promptly, James stepped under the curtain of water. He exposed his face to the streaming band of refreshment, and let the cool liquid run over his body soaking himself.

Captured by the image, which was presented to him, Jack felt his pulse quicken.

James´ body dripped with water and his wet breeches stuck to his skin, revealing every muscle beneath.

Jack gulped. The primal urge inside of him became stronger.
Ah, m´dear Jem, aren´t ye a pretty man. Stripped of yer uniform and the trappings of yer life ye´re utterly irresistible. More stirring from the area below. Jack´s cock twitched keenly encouraged by the craving for James´ flesh - here and now it had to be. Jack kneaded the growing bulge and smiled in anticipation.

Unaware of Jack´s desire, James kept busy cooling his body. He mirrored Jack as he shoved a hand down his breeches and rubbed his crotch with visible relief.

This intimacy, both new and bold encouraged Jack to reach out and touch him.

At once, James lowered his head, sparkles of fire in his ocean-green eyes. Quickly, he removed Jack´s hand. "Sparrow," he hissed warningly.

"Jack, if it pleases ye. Ye already said it. Twice."

"Don´t touch me."

"No worries, luv. I only want to ease yer pain."

"I have no pain."

Jack lifted his hand and brushed it gently over James´ pale cheek. He felt a quiver. "Really?"

"Stop it," James requested. But - he didn´t defend himself.

So Jack didn´t stop. Instead he bestowed a lingering kiss on one shoulder.

"Pirate," James grumbled.

"Aye," Jack agreed. Leaning closer, he nibbled the softness under James´ chin. Despite all the water streaming over his body, he was feeling hot - very hot. His erection began to throb wildly and the sensation of his rapid arousal amazed him.

"Let me be," James whispered.

"Why?" Jack played with the wet laces of James´ breeches.

"I´m barely in any condition...."

Jack chuckled cheerfully. "As far as I can tell it´s better to get ye out of those breeches quickly." He pressed a demanding hand against James´ bulging crotch. "See? Like last time, ye don´t mind at all."

"Last time I was sleeping and dreaming of Tommy."

"Aye, but aren´t ye all tired and exhausted? Just try and make me stop."

A strange noise broke from James´ throat. James laughed. Well, it sounded more like dry barking but still...
"Bloody pirate."

The beaten insult had become an endearment to Jack´s ears. He tightened his grip, feeling James´ pure need, which was equal to his own.

James took a deep breath. "Oh God. What is it with you? Why don´t you...."

Jack started rubbing the hard length beneath the wet fabric.

"Jack - please," James gasped.

"Aye, say me name, say it." He rubbed harder.

"Ah," was the only reply. James was losing it.

Delighted, Jack´s black eyes lightened up and he sank down to his knees. Determined he fingered the laces open, longing to free James´ eager member. While doing so, he raised his eyes to James, giving him a confident grin. "It´s not yer fault, luv. Giving in to me, I mean. Everybody likes me, it´s a gift..."

James tore his breeches free, turned around and ran to the edge of the lake.

Still kneeling, Jack saw him jumping in, while he finished talking to himself, "...making people do what I want." His hard-on tormented him, causing him to sulk as he watched James diving under. "Nice one Jack, nice one," he murmured. Then he shrugged nonchalantly. "Aye, let´s take a bath to cool off." Fully clothed, he followed James. Spewing water he came back to the surface and started swimming to reach James.

James saw him and - fled.

Jack couldn´t describe it any better. For a few minutes they played tag in the lake. Every time he came near, James managed to out-manoeuvre him. James was by far the better swimmer. Eventually, Jack tired of the game and gave up. Leaving the water, he found himself a place on the soft green grass to sit down. He pulled out the dagger with which he had threatened to cut Wellington´s throat. Inspecting it closely, he noticed some impurities and rubbed them off with a part of his sash. Presenting his back to the lake, he paid James´ actions no further attention. A fresh tickle in his groin told him James had decided to come out of the water. A clever smile teased Jack´s lips. He suppressed it quickly when James took the place next to him, examining Jack´s recent task. Noticing James had dressed up again displeased Jack.

"Why didn´t ye want me to kill Wellington?" Jack voiced accusingly.

"Cutting a man´s throat from behind isn´t the way I want to see anyone to die."

"Did ye ever do it to someone?"

"No. You?"

"No, but I would have, he deserved it for what he did to ye."

"I didn´t want you to."

"Cutting a man´s throat isn´t more despicable than hanging a man by his neck," his voice dropped to a whisper, "or a woman."

James swallowed. "Your mother?"

"One day, me dad´s ship was caught and boarded by the British navy. The entire crew was captured and sent to the gallows. Me mum and dad were hanged in front of me."

"Dear God."

"Aye, yer holy British Empire and navy made me watch to teach me a lesson. I was eleven years old."

Silence. James was visibly shocked.

"The lesson didn´t work out too well, eh?" Jack said teasingly.

James´ eyes met his. "I´m sorry."

Jack put the dagger down and showed him the branding on his arm: "P" for pirate. "They gave me this, and not the British East India Company. I stabbed the officer who ordered this the day I escaped."

"Did you kill him?"

"I don´t know. I was too scared and angry and in quite a hurry."

"Did you want to kill him?"

"Back then - yes. Today - I don´t know. He was only following orders. Killing someone isn´t easy for me. It never was. I didn´t become a pirate to kill people. Finding treasure was almost the most important and best thing in me life. Not piracy itself."

"Is that all you can think about?" James argued angrily. "Silver and gold."

"Treasure isn´t always about silver and gold, luv," Jack explained softly.

James didn´t answer. He observed the ground. He looked sad. No, not sad - lost.

Jack leaned closer. "James, I didn´t mean what I said before. I was only teasing ye. I told ye once; I was always rooting for ye...."

Their eyes locked.

"I know," the Commodore whispered in a rough voice.

Gently, Jack touched his hand and was surprised to find his ring with the green stone on James´ index finger.

At once, James shoved Jack´s hand off, the ring as well. "I think this belongs to you."

Nodding, Jack took it and slipped it suavely over his right index finger. "Ye knew it was mine, aye?"


"Did ye believe Ramon that I was coming to get ye?"

"Not quite. After all, he´s a slave trader."

"Aye, but he´s also an old friend."

"I reckoned that."

Noticing the new coldness in James´ voice and eyes, Jack smiled warm-hearted anyway. "Do ye know what Ramon told me about ye?"

"No. You didn´t want to tell me."

"He said, ye´re keen on me."

James tensed. "Well, as your lover, he might be jealous."

Amused, Jack laughed out loud. "Ramon isn´t me lover. He´s Wellington´s sweetheart. That´s why Ramon was so eager to get rid of ye."

"I see. But in the past...."

"Ramon was never me lover. I never fancied him."

"Hard to believe. Pretty as he is."

Jack grinned. "Me dear Commodore, if I were only looking for a pretty face, I would have taken Will."

James jumped to his feet, while he snapped, "I´m certain young Mr. Turner would share your bed eagerly, if you asked him."

Jack chuckled. "Ye think so?"

"This conversation is getting ridiculous."

"And yet more interesting," Jack countered.

"We need to keep moving," James changed the subject quickly. "We are lucky Wellington and his men haven´t caught us yet. We have to get to ´Port Corazón´ as quickly as possible, we need a ship to sail away from here."

Jack agreed and reminded himself it had been James´ idea to take a rest. He shoved the cleaned dagger into his belt and they marched back to the small path they had come from. Without discussion James took the lead and Jack didn´t mind. He was gratified with grabbing the opportune moment to watch James´ firm butt. Content for now, he grinned to himself. Playing hard to get, eh? Maybe ye´re right. There´s no fun in having treasure thrown at yer feet. The search for it - the hunt - is the greatest pleasure. Aye, I´ve found it but the box is still closed. I don´t have the key to open it to take a look at what´s inside. Not yet, anyway, but I don´t mind the waiting. Amazing treasure is a rare gift. It´s worth the wait. He laughed blissfully.

James whirled around. "What?"

"Oh, nothing," Jack soothed him with an innocent expression.

James frowned slightly then he turned back.

Aye, ye´re worth it, Jack concluded.

A few hours later, they were in ´Port Corazón´. The sun had already set. Jack passed James with the intention to guide them quickly through the streets to the harbour.

James grabbed his arm. "No. This way."

"Eh? The harbour is to the left," Jack disagreed, while he savoured the sensation he experienced through James´ fierce grip.

"We are not going to the harbour, not straightaway. I know someone who lives here in town."


"She´ll get us proper clothes and lend me some money to pay for a passage on a ship."

"Ye´re certain she´ll recognize ye?"

James frowned. "Why shouldn´t she?"

Jack winked at him. "Just look at ye, luv."

To his surprise he was presented with a smile that softened James´ grim expression entirely. "No, she knows, who I am."

"Does she, eh? Did Tommy know ye betrayed him?"

James chuckled - the sound made him yet even more attractive - and Jack was truly astonished. Besides, James hadn´t let go of his arm yet. "Who is she?"

"She´ll like you, that´s for sure," was the surprising reply.

"Everybody likes me, I´m Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy?"

Amazingly, James grinned.

Warmth welled up in Jack and aware of the precious moment they shared he shifted and urged James gently against the wall behind them.

James´ eyes were dark and green like emeralds. He didn´t fight Jack off nor did he say a word.

Encouraged, Jack got closer.

A sharp bang broke their intimacy and made them jump. A single pistol shot.

Sudden pain rushed through Jack´s skull and he touched his forehead. Pulling his hand back, he was surprised to see it was smeared with blood.

"JACK!!" James cried out.

Jack blinked, irritated, as blood dripped down his face. "I think" he mumbled, "I´m hit." He swayed on his feet as his vision darkened and the world blacked out.

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