Me Treasure - 2/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: 2. Sequel to "Stranded"
Summary: Jack and Norrington are far from safe
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Released: March 2004
Beta: Monika, Ysolde
Word Count: 2.866

After Red-eyes had closed the hatch above him, Jack felt his body tickling unpleasantly. It made him extremely nervous to be excluded from the main events. Wellington´s obvious come on to Norrington scared him. For one good reason: Jack had felt the urge to cut the slave trader´s bastard throat and that wasn´t good. A long time had passed since he last felt the urge to kill. But now, his bloodlust was back and he wanted to kill the man, nobody threatened his Commodore. Ha! Norrington isn´t even me lover. I know he despises me. But still, I don´t want him being touched by anyone else, least of all, without Norrington´s approval. Aye, like I was enjoying his approval. Matter-of-fact, I did. He didn´t fight me very much. He almost admitted it down here with me. Since when do I need excuses? Jack mused, suddenly angry with himself. I wanted him and I took me chances and however uncomfortable that makes me, I would do it again. Life is far too short to be wasted. I hardly managed to keep me mouth shut, bloody hard trying not to make the situation worse back in Wellington´s quarters. It wouldn´t have helped Norrington or meself. What does it matter. I´m not there, but I can imagine what will happen. Knowing the Commodore´s temper, it´s quite possible....

Suddenly, on the deck above him, men were busily running around. Someone was calling for the cat.


"Worse than expected," Jack mumbled to himself. They wanted to give Norrington a flogging. He must have made Wellington angry enough to stop caring about ruining his precious goods. That was serious. Wellington wasn´t a man who took an insult lightly. What now Captain Jack Sparrow, he asked himself. Hearing Wellington´s next order, stopped him from making any radical decision.

"Bring his pirate friend. I want him to see this."

The hatch opened. "Move!" Red-eyes snarled down to him.

Jack had already armed himself with a nonchalant smile. Handicapped by the irons and his injured leg, he took the steps to the deck.
The first thing that struck him was Norrington, chained to the mast, keeping a brave expression, but nevertheless looking quite miserable. Seeing the blood on his lips, Jack wished for the second time to slash Wellington´s throat. The aim of his rage was grinning expectantly at him.
Aye. Waiting for me to beg for me lover? He knows I won´t show any affection for Norrington, because that would double the punishment. Anyhow, Jack started: "Listen Captain, ye got us totally wrong. We are..."

"Shut your mouth or I´ll give your friend twenty strokes more."

Quickly, Jack´s face took on a bored expression.

Wellington didn´t buy it. "Oh, I was right, wasn´t I? You do care about him. That will be fun for you then."

Aye, it will be fun to slash yer throat, spill yer blood, make ye squirm in pain and mortal fear.

Throwing Jack´s stare back, Wellington gave Red-eyes a signal and the cat hissed through the air, tearing Norrington´s flesh open brutally, leaving a clear marking of red.

Flinching only slightly, the Commodore failed to make the tiniest sound.

Taking interest in inspecting his fingernails, Jack was obviously the perfect image of callousness. Maybe, I´ll cut yer fingers off first and feed them to the fish, before I´ll kill ye. By the second stroke Jack was watching the sails flapping in the wind, the clouds which were drafting by.

The third stroke.

Maybe yer toes too.

The fourth.

Jack could see Norrington was starting to break. Not much longer and he would... Maybe, I´ll just cut off yer favourite part.
By the fifth stroke, Jack was noticing the blood on Norrington´s mouth, dripping down his chin and front. Damn! That bastard must hit him pretty hard.

"Enough!" Wellington ordered suddenly. "He will lose too much value on the market. Take him down, Red-eyes. His pirate friend can take care of him."

Without hesitation, Jack jumped forward to back up Norrington.

"I can walk alone," the Commodore growled, spitting more blood.

Shrugging, Jack let go of him, hearing Wellington chuckle. Aye, it will be fun to cut ye in little pieces. Watching Norrington staggering down the steps below deck, Jack pleaded sugar-coated: "What about some water, mate?"

Wellington´s patronising tone was almost too much. "Sure. Red-eyes give our precious goods some water. We want to keep them in good health. By the way, I almost forgot to ask, what happened to your leg?"

Smiling, Jack answered willingly. "A bloody shark. There are many swimming around in these waters. Savvy?"

A devilish understanding grin was his reward.

Given a rotten bucket with fresh seawater and a little bottle, Jack was ready to follow Norrington down below deck, thinking of more inventive ways of slowly killing their captor.

Finding the Commodore lying on the wooden planks, he stood still, considering his next move. First, he drank from the bottle, which Wellington had given to him. Ah, rum, at last. Satisfied for now, he kneeled down by Norrington, asking softly: "Can´t leave ye alone for one second, mate. What happened?"

"That bastard tried to touch me."


"What do you think? I refused, I insulted him and then he hit me."

A loving expression flitted across Jack´s face. "Nice, but not very diplomatic. Not very British either."

"He then tried again, the idiot. I spat my blood before his feet."

"Sorry, luv. Here - have some rum."

Taking the bottle from Jack, Norrington drank greedily not minding the wounds in his mouth.

In the meantime, Jack ripped the right arm off his shirt and dipped it in the water of the bucket. "I´m afraid, it´s going to hurt."

Norrington turned his head to look at him. "What?"

"It´s better to clean the weals immediately."

"You don´t have to do this."

"But I´m doing it, mate."

"Is it saltwater?"

"Yes. It will burn like hell, but it will purify the wounds and make the later scars less obvious."

A snort from Norrington. "As if I care."

Gently, Jack rinsed the weals, closest to the shoulders.

Norrington flinched and growled: "Maybe you´re doing this for the pleasure of hurting me?"

Jack stopped. "Ye believe that?"

"No. No, I don´t."

Jack continued and Norrington gasped in pain. "Well, if you´re doing this to make me like you, it won´t work. You stay a bloody pirate."

Cleansing Norrington´s back carefully, Jack smiled to himself. "Can live with that, mate. Couldn´t live with ye calling me ´Son of a bitch´."

Remembering his outburst at the beach, Norrington whispered ashamed: "I didn´t mean to. I was angry."

"Aye. Maybe I wouldn´t have minded so much, if she were a bitch. But she wasn´t."

A long thoughtful pause, then Norrington surprised Jack by asking: "Who was your mother?"

"Ye really want to know?"


Jack´s heart warmed thanks to the memories. "She was really something. Smart, brave and pretty. When she was fifteen she was brought over from England to the Caribbean. She was raised in England and was on her way to live with her parents."

"Exactly like Elizabeth. She was only twelve, when she came to Port Royal."

"Safely, I guess, protected by ye. But me mother´s ship was entered by pirates and she was captured."

"Poor girl. What was her name?"


"Did the pirates rape her?"

"No. But they wanted to. The captain didn´t mind so much, but the first mate did. In his opinion, me mother was still a child. Luckily, he was very popular with the crew and he did a lot of talking."

"Like father, like son," Norrington declared.

Jack laughed. "Aye. In the end, they played cards for her. The winner got the girl."

"I assume your father won."

"Aye, he was a very good card player, but...," Jack smirked, "....he cheated anyway."

"He did."

"He had to, mate. It was too great a risk to lose. But the captain caught him cheating and was furious. Luckily, for ol´ times sake, he only marooned me dad and mum on the next island, instead of killing them."

"Ah, I see," Norrington said insinuatingly.

Catching the tone of Norrington´s voice, Jack shook his head. "No, no, no. Unlike his son, me dad didn´t try anything on the island." Meeting Norrington´s green eyes, noticing his sudden unease with pleasure, Jack licked his lips intentionally. "By the way, that island was inhabited."

"Did you believe everything your father told you?"

Jack smiled amused. "No, but me mum told me he didn´t touch her until she wanted him to. Believe me; I know the story by heart. I begged me mum every night to tell me, over and over again. It was me favourite bedtime story." Remembering the treasured memory and seeing Norrington´s disbelieving amazement, Jack´s smile deepened. "Aye, Captain Jack Sparrow, lying in his bunk listening to the sentimental love story of his parents. Destroys the legend a bit wouldn´t ye say?"

"What happened next?"

"On the island? When they finally reached a town, me dad wanted to get rid of the girl, so to speak, get her back to her parents. But she refused to leave him."

"What did he do?"

"Well, let´s just say, he didn´t argue much in that matter. Soon, they were married and two years later, me dad had his own ship and crew and cruised the Caribbean again."

"Let me guess again. Back to being a pirate." Norrington frowned. "Your mother was with him?"

"Aye. Until the end, she never left his side." For seconds, Jack slowed down and his eyes became pitch black.

But Norrington didn´t notice the change in his mood. "Was Sparrow your father´s name, because I never heard of him."

"No, it was the nickname me dad had given me mum. Jack is the only name I inherited from me dad."

"What about you? Where you born on the ship?"

"Aye and I grew up there."

"It must have been an adventurous life for a child."

"Aye. It was terrific. But as we all know, every journey has to come to an end." Jack sighed. "I think I´m finished." Putting the soiled arm of his shirt aside, he laid back, fighting the memories, he didn´t want to remember. Turning his head, he looked at Norrington, who was lying next to him - very still. In need of distraction, Jack was deliberately moving closer and closer, until only inches of air were left between them.

Smitten by curiosity, Norrington asked: "What happened to your parents?"

Jack didn´t want to think about them anymore. Fixing his attention on much more pleasant things, like Norrington´s lips or his green eyes, he pleaded: "Kiss me."

"Certainly not. Are you crazy? This isn´t the place nor the time for...." Bewildered, because Jack didn´t say more, only begging with his eyes, Norrington´s scolding broke off. Suddenly, he moved forward, kissing Jack short and brisk on the longing lips, then pulled immediately back again.

Surprised, Jack slid his tongue out, moistening his lips. "More. Please."

"No." Norrington refused, but his voice sounded weak and a second later Jack felt his lips again. Inflamed, Jack opened his mouth tasting desire and tenderness and something else. Something sweet and delicate. Norrington´s blood.

Their tongues met and withdrew again.

Overwhelmed by pure pleasure, Jack slid his hand down Norrington´s back, careful not touching his weals, getting a grip on his ass instead. Stroking it firmly, pulling Norrington´s body close, pressing his hardening cock against the other man´s groin.

Shuddering, Norrington broke their closeness, panting: "Enough."

Already aroused painfully, Jack disagreed with passion. "No. I need..."

"Not here."

Jack blinked. "What? Nobody will...."

"I can´t. Not in the midst of that scum."

Pouting, but reluctantly giving in, Jack turned on his back again. A smile appeared on his face. "Ye certainly can drive a man crazy."

"Indeed? Uptight as I am? No fun lies in there. Your words exactly."

Still savouring Norrington´s kisses, Jack soothed him: "Only told him that to protect us from naughty Wellington. Ye know that."

"Do I? You sounded pretty convincing."

"To tell ye the truth, I never had so much fun with anyone."

"Liar," Norrington said teasingly.

Amused, Jack met his green, oh so misty-green eyes. "Luv, maybe ye didn´t notice how horny I´m right now." Quickly, he took Norrington´s hand and laid it on his pure hardness.

Surprisingly, the Commodore didn´t pull his hand back. Instead, his hand closed tightly around Jack´s shaft, squeezing it gently.

Moaning in a low tone, Jack wriggled in his grip. "YE did that."

"Well Sparrow, if you promise me to behave I´ll do you the favour to end your obvious pain."

Jack lifted his eyebrows. "Behave in what manner, luv?"

"Keep your hands to yourself."

"Why?" Jack asked, baffled.

"Your touch is a contagion, it leaves me unsure of who I am, where I am..."

Not offended but challenged by Norrington´s statement, Jack wanted to refuse his offer, but feeling the man´s hand rubbing his length in the most delicious way, he just surrendered. "Aye. I promise."

Instantly, Norrington increased the rhythm, making him squirm in lust and delight.

"Ye know ye´re quite contagious yourself. Skilled like this, it´s a waste ye didn´t practice more often."

"Indeed?" Norrington mocked, fixing his gaze on Jack´s face, catching every sign of joy, while he started to squeeze his balls with delicate fingers.

Jack slid his hand down with every intention of opening his breeches, but Norrington pushed it away. "No."

Understanding him immediately, Jack raised his eyebrows. "Ah, savvy. Breeches stay put. It´s payback time to poor ol´ Jack."

Norrington enforced his grip. "Giving up so easily? Aren´t you CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow?"

Jack shrugged. "Do whatever ye want. Ye have command."

A devilish glint appeared in the Commodore´s eyes and swiftly he freed Jack´s cock.

Feeling the bare touch of his Commodore´s hand for the first time, Jack almost came at once and he had to fight hard to get back his control.

Seeing this, Norrington smiled in victory, starting to stroke the throbbing cock without the disturbing cloth.

Overwhelmed by the pleasure of getting jerked off by his dearest enemy, Jack let himself fall.

Slowly at first, Norrington´s hands claimed his shaft, stroke by stroke, taking the time to explore his burning flesh, caressing it, making him hard as a rock.

Captivated by his amazing dedication, Jack whispered cheekily: "James?"

"Yes?" the Commodore asked in a mild tone, his fingers were brushing gently over the sensitive head of Jack´s cock, feeling the first drops of lust.

Jack gave a groan. "Ye are...." The rest was muffled in sweet whimpering, when Norrington quickly increased the rhythm. Feverish with the desire to touch him, Jack found Norrington´s shoulders.

"Is that the promise of a pirate?" Norrington disapproved softly. Letting go of Jack´s shaft, he seized Jack´s thick black hair and yanked his head back.

Jack cried out, once, then Norrington muted him by smashing his mouth with a hard, defeating kiss. Holding him down with his body, kissing him like mad, Norrington´s chained hands went back to the longing hard shaft, continuing the needed service.

Trapped between his hot, keen tongue and his firm hand, which was yanking him mercilessly, Jack was unable to stop himself and exploded. His hot, burning juices were spilled; his muffled cries poured out of him and floated down Norrington´s throat. Shuddering and trembling fiercely, Jack wriggled in his relentless grip, until he was still.

Now, Norrington let go of him, leaving Jack panting and baffled. "Dearest Commodore, I don´t get yer plan."

"Why? I never promised I wouldn´t touch you, pirate. Savvy?" After mimicking Jack in using his favourite quote, he stuck out his tongue and licked the filthy pirate´s fluids off his hand thoroughly.

Flustered, Jack felt a new wave of heat rushing through his body.

Noticing his disbelieving stare, Norrington started to grin viciously. And what a grin.

For the first time, Jack could see his teeth completely.

"Came pretty fast, didn´t you Captain Jack Sparrow? You didn´t have much time for fun, did you?"

Remembering his teasing words back on the island, Jack looked impishly, not in the slightest ashamed. "It´s YE, who made me come so easily. Yer skills are quite fascinating. Pity, ye waste them."

"Just like now," Norrington snapped, suddenly in a bad mood. "Let´s rest. After your treatment, my back burns like hell."

"Ye´re welcome, mate," Jack teased cheerfully, but he accepted Norrington´s suggestion. He cleaned himself with water and his already soiled sleeve.
It is much better to make plans for our escape, he told himself. Certainly, we will soon anchor by some island, which has a market where ye can sell everything. Focus, Jack me boy, focus. It´s time, before ye two are too deep into trouble to ever get out again. What luck, I have an ally on this ship nobody knows. Neither Wellington, nor Red-eyes and definitely not Norrington. While devising an escape plan, he started humming softly.

"Sparrow," Norrington growled.


A deep sigh. "Oh, never mind."

Grinning, Jack continued humming, now even more cheerfully. Ah James, I truly haven´t had so much fun with anyone else before.

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