Stranded - 6/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: Jack and Norrington, stranded on an Isle
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Released: December 2003
Beta: Monika, Ysolde
Word Count: 2.400

Jack didn´t feel so good, his whole body was burning with heat, his head was pounding painfully and the wound on his leg itched terribly. The bandage, made of Norrington´s shirt, was now clotted with dried blood. Restlessly he rolled around in the cave, not finding any peace. He knew he had a fever. That wasn´t good. For hours now he had noticed a storm was coming. Not good, either. It worried him that Norrington hadn´t come back. With the storm coming Norrington shouldn´t still be out there strolling around the island, or whatever it was he was doing. Jack didn´t know for sure, but he certainly knew the reason for Norrington´s absence.
I´m the reason. He doesn´t want to see me, he´s avoiding me, because we kissed. Or is it because he kissed me?
Blissfully reminiscing, he shuddered, but realised quickly it was from his fever rather than pleasure. He put a hand on his forehead, feeling how hot it was.
The wound must be infected. Bloody stupid to get ill with nobody around to help. Maybe, I´ll even get gangrene and die.
The storm outside was raising; the wind was flogging the palm-trees.
At least, I´m safe here. Aye, safe but sick. And alone.
Shivering heavily, he rolled on his left side, turning his back to the entrance of the cave. Pulling his knees to his body, he tried to warm up but without a fire or another body close to him it was a futile act. Sulkily he cursed the isle, the bloody shark and finally Norrington. I wouldn´t be here without him. Aye, how stupid I was to jump after him when he was flung over board. Bloody Hell. I don´t want to die here, stranded, alone. I always wanted to die on a ship. Me ship, the "Black Pearl". Cruising the ocean with her, sailing under the Caribbean sun. Warm winds in me face, salt in me hair, and wood under me feet. For a pirate, that´s the proper place to die. Not here, in this dark, rotten, stinking cave.
He pulled his knees closer; even so, he knew it was useless. He would never get better, not without help.

"Still horny, pirate?"

Relieved, Jack opened his eyes to look at the only companion he had on this god-forsaken island. "No, I´m sick."

"Sure. You know? I´m not that stupid."

"I really am. Savvy? I´m glad ye´re back."

Norrington´s face came across as remorseless.

Not in any shape to start another disagreement, Jack was especially soft. "Still mad at me? Please, J...Norrington. I´m not playing with ye. I´m sick, really. I think it´s because of that damn shark bite."

Norrington´s examining eyes were as green as a storm-troubled sea. Suddenly, his face softened and he lowered down his hand to touch Jack´s forehead. "Well, you´re definitely hot. It could be gangrene. Let me see." He lowered further and put his face close to Jack´s injured thigh to take a sniff.

Surprised, Jack held his breath and waited for Norrington´s judgement.

Norrington rose up. "It smells too clean to be gangrene. Probably a sunstroke considering your roaming on the island."

"Aye." Another shudder ran through his body. "I deserve this, eh?"

Moments passed on while Norrington watched him, his face reflected his conflicting emotions. Finally he made up his mind. He lay down right next to Jack and without explanation, he wrapped his arm around the pirate, pulling him close.

Perplexed by finding himself pressed against the officer´s bare chest, Jack started: "But Commodore..."

"Shut up. Don´t bother me. Understood?"

Surprised, Jack obeyed sheepishly. "Savvy...luv." Breathing against the cool flesh of his enemy, his feverish unease became amazingly less and less. Norrington smelled of salt, like the sea, like the storm outside, refreshing. His steady heartbeat was putting Jack´s mind to rest and he drifted off to more joyful thoughts and images.

The ocean, wide and endless. The horizon, waiting for him. The sun, shiny and rising. The wind brushing his hair. The spray of the sea, wetting his face.

Desperately missing these joys of his life he gave in to the one thing, which was left, right here, right now: the warmth of Norrington´s arms. Jack fell asleep, snoring softly, while Norrington´s eyes gleamed like brilliant emeralds, until eventually the hard glance softened and vanished.

Unleashed, the storm roared outside the cave, but neither of the men was bothered by it.

When Jack opened his eyes again, streaming sunlight was beaming into the cave, telling him morning had already arrived. He was feeling much better. Still held in the tight embrace of Norrington, his senses came alive. The warm skin, the arousing scent of the other man made him eager to examine the body, which was so close to him.

It was the opportune moment.

He lifted his head carefully, until he could look into Norrington´s face. Still asleep.
Good. No worries then. Playfully, he stroked Norrington´s chest, then the belly. For a soldier of the British Navy, me dear Commodore, ye have pretty soft skin.

A sigh escaped Norrington´s mouth.

Jack´s hand held still, right over the desirable body.

But Norrington, obviously still asleep, pulled him only closer.

Jack relaxed and dared to put his hand back. Savouring, he explored every reachable inch of the sensitive, alluring flesh. Not in the slightest satisfied with it, his course took him further south, where he nestled on the laces of Norrington´s breeches.
He´ll kill ye, stop now.
But he couldn´t stop. His body was burning again, but this time with pleasure. He put his hand inside, gently touching Norrington´s cock.

Another pleased sigh escaped Norrington´s lips and he mumbled something unclear.

Jack pricked his ears, while he was ready to discover one longed-for treasure. Caressing the cock firmly, he was gifted with more satisfied moaning from Norrington. Encouraged, Jack stroked the cock quickly to full hardness and was suddenly surprised by hearing a name.

"Tommy." Quiet, but clear.

Marvelled, Jack stopped, gazing at his sleeping enemy. Surprise, surprise, me dear Jem, once ye had someone in yer life. Someone, nothing like the lovely Elizabeth. Someone who even now sweetens yer dreams. Someone called Tommy.
Smirking, he continued his coddling and he was rewarded by an intense reaction of Norrington´s cock. Hard and ready it was pulsating in his hand.
Well, the mysterious Tommy must have been his lover, could be, he still is.
Smoothly and carefully, he released himself from Norrington´s comforting arm, to place himself on the man´s right leg to work him properly. He tightened his grip around Norrington´s expectant shaft.
Pretty good sized, Jack noticed amazed and pleased. Inside of me, he would feel fantastic.
Troubled by his unfulfilled desire, he sighed longingly. Leaning down, he started to caress the head of the hot cock, his lips and tongue tasting Norrington´s flavour, until his enemy whimpered. Jack lifted his eyes to look at him, but the Commodore was still asleep, obviously dreaming.
"Certainly about Tommy," Jack mumbled mockingly. Extending his service to Norrington´s delighted cock, he dared to swallow the whole length, then freeing him, then capturing him again.

Norrington was mumbling some more, his breathing had changed.

At once, Jack knew his enemy was awake. Awake and dangerous. His mouth full to the limit, he lifted his eyes again, meeting Norrington´s green oceans, green, deep and unreadable. Expecting the worst, Jack let the shaft slid out of his mouth. But to his amazement, Norrington did nothing, except staring at him.
Licking his lips salaciously, Jack whispered gently: "Do ye want me to stop? Say so, and I will."

No reaction.

Fixing his eyes on Norrington, he swallowed the cock again, sucking it passionately.

A visible shudder ran through the man´s body and he pressed his lips together, trying to control himself.

"Do ye want me to go on? Say so," Jack continued, rejoicing.

Even though his eyes were definitely burning with lust, Norrington kept his silence.

Sighing, distressed, Jack stopped the sucking. "Well luv, I think I´m finished here."

"Don´t." One raspy word.

"Aye?" Jack asked very soft.

"Don´t stop." A quiet whisper.

Jack´s eyes flashed brightly. "If ye say so, I won´t."

Norrington´s eyes became darker, his cheeks reddened.

Noticing this, Jack lowered his eyes down and began to drag his tongue up and down the line of the hard shaft. Licking it devotedly, slow and easy. Hearing Norrington´s whimpering, feeling how close he was to reaching his climax, Jack deliberately left the centre of desire to caress the balls instead.

Quietly, Norrington started to complain: "But, you...."

"Shh," Jack ordered him. "I have command." Simply ignoring Norrington, who was protesting again, Jack began to eat up his adversary´s balls, ensuring Norrington gave in to him. For a long time, he lingered with the swollen, sensitive balls, until Norrington impatiently and greedily bucked up his hips, grinning, Jack went back to the main deck. Swallowing the whole shaft down his throat, he heard uncommon sounds from his enemy.

Suddenly grabbing his shoulders, Norrington pushed his cock deeper in Jack´s mouth, increasing the rhythm.

Jack welcomed him, joining the faster movements. Forgetting all his resistance, Norrington began to fuck his mouth pretty good, and Jack had to give up his control, because he simply couldn´t keep up with him anymore.

Uncontrolled and forceful, Norrington shoved his shaft down Jack´s throat, until he reached his desperately longed-for release, which came with an amazing, intense cry and a river of backed-up fluids, streaming uninhibited in Jack´s mouth.

Tasting the bitter sweetness of it, he swallowed without hesitation, consuming every drop, consuming Norrington. He kept the dick in, nibbling it softly, until Norrington´s hands gave him the signal to let go. Breathless but unhurried, Jack got to his feet, watching Norrington closely, his heart full of affection.

First of all, Norrington got his breeches in order, but finally he couldn´t avoid him anymore.

Their eyes met.

The Commodore´s were still misty with desire. He cleared his throat: "Say one word and I´ll cut your wounded leg off and feed it to the fish."

Amused, Jack lifted his eyebrows, but wisely, he kept his mouth shut.

Without any explanation as to where he was going, Norrington left the cave quickly.

Slowed down by his injured leg, Jack tried to follow him as fast as he could.
He´s mad again. Not at me, at himself. For giving in to his needs, for giving in to me. Me of all people. All has changed between us, because I tasted him. He is still in me mouth, on me tongue. The flavour of the man, who wants to see me hang. Could ye still send me to the gallows, if ye have the chance, Jem? After everything that has happened between us. I know it would be terrible for me, if I have to kill ye to save meself.
"Enough. Enough brooding," Jack muttered to himself. "Enjoy the moment. The next bad day will come, no matter what ye do. Think about the good stuff. Ye, Norrington. Alone together, on this pretty island."
Finding his typical cheeriness again, he started singing and didn´t stop, when he reached the sunny beach.

Norrington was already splashing around in the water, obviously cleaning himself.

Pretty worn out by the fever and the last event, Jack sat down in the shadows of the palm-trees, enjoying the sight.

Finished, Norrington waded out and lay down beside him, very close.

Stunned by this, Jack mused for a few seconds on his next move. Do ye want to play, dear Commodore? Do ye like this game we started? Well, let´s play then. Ye´re messing with the best. Captain Jack Sparrow. Without a warning, he rolled on Norrington´s back, pressing himself to the still wet skin.

Holding still, Norrington didn´t complain.

Overjoyed, Jack started kissing the neck, lying exposed before him, stroking gently the wet hair. "Say stop and I will," he asked provokingly.

"Stop," Norrington mumbled.

Jack could hear, he was only teasing. Sucking the flesh of Norrington´s neck, making him sigh, Jack dared to say: "I´ll mark ye with me monkey bite. Everyone will know whose Commodore ye are."

In an instant, Norrington moved and threw him off his back.

In surprise and pain, Jack cried out, because he landed on his wounded leg.

"You filthy son of a....," Norrington shouted furiously but broke off abruptly, because Jack´s eyes were narrowing. He started talking again, but more quietly, more his natural self: "I´m not yours. I will be never yours. Understood?"

Jack´s curiosity was fully awake. "Are ye Tommy´s?"

Norrington gasped in shock. "What the hell?! How do you...No, I´m not."

"Ye were dreaming of him last night, whispering the name. Ye know I could feel a little offended right now. No man, who ever got sucked by me, was dreaming of another man."

"I´d bet, it was an endless number of men."

The bitter tone in Norrington´s voice awakened Jack´s interest, but he refused to chase that matter right now. It could wait. "Is Tommy dead?"

Angrily, Norrington pressed his lips together.

Jack waited.

Finally, the Commodore whispered: "Yes. Happy now?"

Jack became very serious. "I´m really sorry. Did ye luv him?"

"Leave me alone." Norrington turned away from him. Running away again.

Surprisingly quick, Jack jumped to his feet. "Jem!"

Norrington spun around. "Don´t you dare call me by that name."

Ah. It must have been Tommy´s privilege. "Savvy. Well James, I know, ye want me."

"No, I don´t. You´re my enemy," Norrington replied with a tired voice. The fierce emotion he showed only a minute ago was gone.

"Ye forgot to call me a pirate," Jack taunted, but at once his face turned serious again. "But, ye want me. I know it, since the first day we met, because I want ye too."

"It doesn´t matter. You will never fuck me."

"Aye. I would never dream of fucking ye."

Norrington was confused. "What do you want then?"

Jack purred softly and seductive: "I dream of ye fucking me."

Taken aback, Norrington blushed slightly.

I hit him downright, Jack noticed pleased. Now, be gentle and ye´ll win.

"It isn´t right. We are..."

"Please," Jack begged.

Suddenly, Norrington´s stare broke away, he was fixing his eyes on the horizon, squinting.

What now? Jack asked himself. A new manoeuvre to brush me off?

"A ship!" Norrington shouted.

Stunned, Jack jerked his head around. "What ship?!"

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