Stranded - 5/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: R
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: Jack and Norrington, stranded on an Isle
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Released: November 2003
Beta: Monika, Ysolde
Word Count: 1.533

Feeling more optimistic, Norrington walked back to the cave. The filthy pirate would be waiting for him. Strangely, the thought made him smile. The catch of the day was dangling in Norrington´s hand. The fishing had been good for emptying his mind, it had been perfect for not thinking at all. But now, his attention not taken by fishing, he started once again thinking about Sparrow. He´d left the pirate lying hurt and defenceless in the cave.
That´s not true! Don´t you even dare to begin to think like that. He isn´t defenceless. He never will be. He is unpredictable, dangerous, and ... he wants you. He had a hard-on, and you hadn´t even touched his dick. Don´t be stupid, he is just playing with you, enjoying the challenge of proving you a fool. He wants to outsmart you, to humiliate you, to break you completely. You can never trust him. He is and always will be a pirate. A filthy outlaw with impertinent eyes, who likes to make provocative speeches. Who also likes to kiss me without permission, Norrington remembered and couldn´t help but wonder how it would be to kiss Sparrow, instead of being kissed by him. Taking his lips, taking him. Would Sparrow be, for once in his life, the weak one? Finally muted, defenceless and controlled. At his mercy. Would the kiss feel like a victory over his enemy, or would it be pleasurable?
Stop this! Don´t play his game, he would play with anyone who had been stranded with him. Stop thinking about him. Dear God. Get him out of your system.

Suddenly, something else attracted his attention. He smelled something. Smoke. Confused, he moved a little faster. Seeing the smoke, he shouted Sparrow´s name in alarm. His concern was immediately terminated by the scene, which appeared seconds later.

A perfectly happy looking Sparrow, sitting at a fire in front of the cave. "I see ye found me spear. Did ye catch something? I already prepared the fire for cooking."

Norrington couldn´t believe his eyes and ears. "What in God´s Name? Are you completely out of your mind?! Instead of resting, you walked around to gathering wood?"

Smiling smugly, Sparrow didn´t respond to his allegation. "Ye´re welcome, mate."

Norrington threw the caught fish in Sparrow´s arms. "There. You can walk around, you can cook."

Sparrow didn´t mind. "Me pleasure, luv."

Norrington opened his mouth to snarl at him, for calling him love again. But reconsidered, and instead he paced furiously, but silently up and down. Feeling the pirate´s amusement, he waited until he cooled off a bit. Still not quite calm, he sat down and stared in the fire.

"Well, mate. What´s wrong now?"

"You were playing me. You´re not half as badly injured as you were pretending to be."

"Don´t even think that. I´m bad, but I´m not that bad. I´m truly injured. But I´m a pirate, I´ve often in me life been injured much worse. It isn´t that easy to weaken me, or even to kill me."

"Next time, I will remember." Norrington´s voice sounded bitter.

Sparrow tried to soothe him. "Besides, ye did a good job, taking care of me."

Norrington grimaced. "It won´t happen again."
The smell of the fish sizzling over the fire, assailed his nose, and made Norrington´s mouth water. Delighted by the thought of getting something to eat, he finally forgot his anger.

They ate in silence, enjoying every bite.

Norrington appreciated the silence; the peace, unsurprisingly, didn´t last long.

After finishing his fish and licking his dirty fingers with visible pleasure, Sparrow heaved himself with much effort to his feet.

Norrington frowned. "Where are you going?"

"Fishing, I´m still hungry."

"You ARE mad, aren´t you? You´re in no shape for something like this."

"Well, mate that´s not yer concern. I can provide me own food. I won´t be at yer mercy."

Norrington jumped to his feet. "Damn! Your injury will start bleeding again. What have I wasted my only shirt for?"

"I did tell ye not to waste it for me, didn´t I?!" Sparrow shouted angrily. He started to walk away.

Finally losing his temper, Norrington grabbed him by the shoulder.

Quickly, the pirate whirled around and punched him against the chest.

Punching back, Norrington struggled for a moment with him.

Having only one good leg, Sparrow lost the fight directly. He fell to the ground and dragged the other man down with him. Crying out in pain, the pirate found his dear enemy lying on top of him. "Ye´re hitting an injured man. That´s not fair."

Raging, Norrington pinned his hands to the ground. "Shut up! You won´t go anywhere. Do I made myself clear?"

"Inescapably clear."

Their faces were only inches away. Pain and amusement were written in Sparrow´s. "Finally Commodore, I have ye, where I wanted ye right from the start."

"Stop this. You will never get me"

Provoking, Sparrow licked his lips. "...fuck ye."

Norrington held his breath, all his muscles tensed, his eyes became the darkest green ever. They met the black eyes of his enemy, so deep, so mysterious. Finally breathing in again, Norrington sighed and started all over: "I mean it. You will never...We will never..." Feeling Sparrow´s warm body, lying still, waiting patiently, his voice broke. He is waiting for me to attack, rushed through Norrington´s mind. Irresistibly drawn to his enemy, he didn´t know what to do. Let the man go. Get up immediately. Remember who you are. A British officer, who should never get involved with a pirate, whispered the voice in his head.
A second voice, not quite so soft, almost screaming, immediately ordered him: Take him. Take him now. He wants you to take him. What are you waiting for? Do it! Now!
The second voice triumphed and Norrington crushed his lips down on Sparrow´s mocking mouth. Shutting him up in the most effective way. He took the pirate´s lips most brutally.

Sparrow didn´t bother, his mouth accepted the attack, returning the kiss hungrily.

Tasting surprising sweetness irritated Norrington. But the delicious taste inflamed him even more. He continued bruising the pirate´s lips deeper, who responded with choked groans. Norrington claimed the other man´s mouth completely, shoving his tongue through the unsealed lips. Hot, horny wetness awaited him.

Writhing under him, Sparrow tried to free his hands from the Commodore´s grip.

But Norrington was merciless and held his hands down to the ground.

Trapped, the pirate arched his body up against Norrington´s instead, rubbing his groin against his.

Needing air, Norrington broke the kiss.

With trouble, because his breath was coming in short gasps, Sparrow groaned: "Ye feel so good in me mouth. More of it, more."

At this challenge, Norrington´s last control snapped. Shutting him up again, he ravaged the pirate´s mouth with all the anger and desire, which he had held back for so long. When he broke the second kiss, both men were breathing uncontrollably. Norrington started to suck on Sparrow´s neck. He wanted to taste all the flesh of the pirate.

Meanwhile, Sparrow was nibbling gently at his earlobe, going further by sticking his tongue in Norrington´s ear, exploring every inch of it. Suddenly, he moaned ecstatic: "Ye and me. I always knew."

His words were like a cold shower. In an instant Norrington came to his senses and backed away. Disbelieving he stumbled to his feet, panting.

Being left on the ground, disappointment clouded Sparrow´s face. But, in a second, the expression changed to self-satisfaction. Deliberately, he stayed down, lolling nonchalantly. "Well, well, well, me dear Commodore. I´m not that filthy after all, eh? Kissing yer worst enemy like that. Who would have ever suspected what ye´re capable of?"

Every mocking word hit his target. Norrington was deeply ashamed and moved backwards.

Sparrow changed his tone. "I didn´t mean it like that. Savvy? Please don´t run away, luv. Listen James..." He reached out his hand to him. "...Jem. May I call ye Jem?"

Norrington´s face turned to stone. His eyes became slits. He panted horrified, not being able to speak a whole sentence. "You, you...."

"What? What did I say?"

The Commodore turned and fled the scene. He didn´t stop running, until he reached one end of the island. There, he dropped exhausted down to the sand. Jem. He called me Jem. Nobody ever called me by that name - not even my mother. Only Tommy. Oh God. Tommy. How could I forget you? It´s his fault, that filthy pirate´s. He made me...Oh Tommy, beloved what will I do? He´s made me forget about all the things I worked so hard to believe in. He´s made me remember all the things I tried to forget, he´s made me remember you. Sometimes it feels like an eternity has passed since I have lost you. My friend. My mate. My lover. Forever lost to the sea. Norrington buried his face in his hands. I miss you Tommy. I loved you so much. One dry sob escaped his throat. But he swallowed the other tears and kept himself from crying. It wouldn´t help him. Not even cursing Jack Sparrow´s name for the thousandth time made him feel better.

He was absolutely devastated, lost, truly stranded.

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