Stranded - 4/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: R
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: Jack and Norrington, stranded on an Isle
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Betas: Monika, Ysolde
Released: October 2003
Word Count: 1.721

Promptly at sunrise, Jack Sparrow opened his eyes. Yawning, he lolled lazily and turned on his left side. His lovely guest was still deeply asleep. Good.

Norrington´s face was finally looking calm and peaceful; all worries had vanished from it. A very attractive face had been left in repose.

Taking the opportune moment, Jack extended his arm and brushed slightly over the sleeping man´s cheek. It was scratchy, unshaven. Jack moved his hand along to the full lips, lingering over them.
One kiss, only one more kiss, he thought. Norrington wouldn´t know. He wouldn´t....

The officer shifted and Jack quickly pulled his hand back.

Ah well, it didn´t matter. His hunger - for food - had became unbearable anyway, his stomach had started to ache. With difficulty, Jack tore his eyes away from his dear enemy and decided to catch some breakfast. He stood and fetched the stick he had found yesterday. At one end he had already tapered it, transforming it into a spear.

He waded several feet into the ocean, searching for a good place to stand calm, waiting for some fish, hopefully for some big fish to catch. Fishing with a spear wasn´t easy. Not as easy, as he claimed it would be. But a little bragging didn´t hurt anyone, did it? He was used to exaggerating all his life. Telling stories, of which some were true, some weren´t. Sometimes he lost track himself of which story was or wasn´t true, but it didn´t matter, at least not to himself.

Waiting patiently, he stood still immobile, the water floating around his thighs. He could feel the sun, rising higher and higher, getting hotter and hotter. Despite the heat he kept staring at the water, spear in hand. His concentration solely fixed on the fish darting by. He knew his aim had to be exact. He didn´t notice that Norrington had awoken and walked towards the beach. Nor the big fin behind him, which was heading slowly in his direction. He could hear Norrington shouting his name. But he paid no heed. Eventually, a big fish was within his reach. Food! He wanted this one. He needed this one. He felt his empty stomach cramp at the thought of food.

Norrington shouted again. "Sparrow!"

Plus something else that he couldn´t hear, the surge was too powerful. Jack´s anger grew. What does Norrington want? Doesn´t he see I´m trying to get us something to eat?

Norrington´s voice again, shriller. "Jack!!!" He sounded terrified. "A shark!!"

Before Jack realized the meaning of the words, he felt an intense pull at his right thigh. The spear fell out of his hand while he whirled around, pulling out his dagger. Blindly he knifed down and hit something. But the dagger bounced back from the shark´s skin.

The animal´s iron jaws kept hold of his thigh, his black dead-looking eyes rolling wildly around.

Staring in one of those eyes, which promised death and little else, Jack became overwhelmed by fear. Frantically, he stabbed the dangerous beast again and again, until it opened his jaws and let go of his thigh. But the shark didn´t stop attacking him and hit by the enormous impact of the animal´s weight, Jack stumbled backwards.
I´m gonna die, rushed through his mind. Now. Here. Killed by a fish in shallow water. I´m going to die by satisfying a shark´s hunger.

Mercilessly, the greedy beast attacked once more.

Jack could see the fearful, edged teeth, coming for him. In a final act of desperation, he aimed and stabbed his dagger deep in one dark rolling eye. His aim held true, he pulled it out again and repeated his manoeuvre a second time.

Pained the shark jerked his head free and glided quickly away into deeper water, he´d had enough.

Panting with exhaustion and still holding the bloody dagger, Jack swayed on his feet. He saw blood mingling with the water. The shark´s blood was his first reaction, but then he felt the sensation in his thigh and realized it was his blood. He had been bitten. He looked down. His right thigh was bleeding heavily. The shock hit him. He became dizzy, losing his balance entirely. He fell in the water, going under. But only for a second. Strong arms grabbed him and pulled him up again. The Commodore.

"Sparrow! Did he bite you?" Only now, Norrington noticed the bloody water. "Oh my God!"

Limp, Jack was hanging in his arms.

Norrington held him tightly. "Can you walk? We have to get you back to the beach."

"Aye, I think so."

With their combined strengths they reached the sandy beach and the comforting shadow of the palm-trees. Norrington released Jack, leaning him against one of the trees.

Jack slid down until he reached the bottom. Now, his leg started to hurt, it burnt fiercely.

Norrington kneeled down beside him. "How are you feeling?"

"It hurts a lot, mate," Jack moaned.

Norrington was inspecting the thigh. "I will have to slice the right leg of your breeches."

"Don´t. I have no others."

"I´m not arguing with you. You are bleeding a lot. Besides, these breeches are ruined, anyway. I have to find the source and bandage it." He searched for Jack´s dagger, who let him have it.

If he really wants to kill me, now is the moment, the opportune moment.

But the Commodore didn´t slash his throat, only his breeches. Carefully, right between the knee and the hip his Commodore tore the fabric apart. At once, more blood poured from the jagged, frayed wound. It looked bad, very bad. Pieces of skin were missing; at some spots you could see the raw meat.

After taking a cautious look, Jack groaned loudly. "Damn. I should have killed that bloody monster."

"Calm down. It could be worse." Quickly, Norrington pulled his shirt over his head, and tore it into strips.

"Don´t do that, mate. It´s yer only shirt."

"Will you shut up, you stupid idiot. Do you want to bleed to death? It´s urgent; let me bandage this." As fast as he could, Norrington did the bandaging. He lifted the leg, wrapped the strip around, pulling it tight, again and again. His touch was firm but gentle.

Jack was feeling astonishment and more. "I´m so hungry."

A harsh look hit him. Norrington kept touching him, to affirm the bandage was tight enough. His fingers moved higher and higher, coming close to....

Jack´s pain became mixed with another feeling it was sweet and dragging, a pleasant prickling. Sounding like a man who surrendered, he sighed: "I´m getting horny too."

Norrington cursed wildly. "God damn it, Sparrow! You almost got killed. How could you...For Heaven´s Sake." He stared at the now visible bulge in the pirate´s breeches.

Jack smiled apologetically. "It´s yer fault mate. Ye touched me."

"Excuse me if I made the mistake to come near that area."

Jack grabbed his hand. "Touch me some more."

Norrington tore his hand from the tight grip. "I promise you I won´t."

Jack smirked amused. "Another promise to a pirate. Oh me dear Commodore."

Norrington glared at him, speechlessly. Suddenly, he stood up and pulled Jack to his feet.

In pain, Jack cried out.

It didn´t keep the angered Norrington from pushing him away. "If you can get horny, you can walk alone."

But Jack swayed and leaned back against his enemy´s body. "Please, luv. I´m..." he was clutching him, "...a little weak." Feeling Norrington´s steady and strong heartbeat, he became even more aroused.

Quickly, Norrington tore Jack´s arms from his body. "You are disgusting! Keep away from me!"

"Sorry, but I don´t think I can walk alone."

Cursing heavily, Norrington took him by the middle. "Put your arm around my shoulders."

Jack obeyed and together they could make it to the cave.

There, Norrington lowered the pirate down. Then he brought him some water. "I will go fishing, because we need something to eat."

"Are ye good at fishing?"

"Not really. But I´m good at minding sharks."

Jack laughed dryly. "Aye, savvy." Suddenly, he remembered something. "Do tell, luv. Did ye call me ´Jack´ when ye were running to save me?"

"Me? Never. The shock of the injury obviously confused your mind."

"Mmh, are ye sure? I could have sworn I heard ye calling me ´Jack´."

Norrington started to look very uncomfortable. "I didn´t. Stop bothering me."

Jack´s eyes glittered, pitch black and mysterious. "What´s yer problem calling me ´Jack´, anyway?"

Norrington´s voice became testy. "No problem at all. You are my enemy, a pirate. End of story."

"In truth, ye like to call me ´Sparrow´. Ye take pleasure in it, ye´re basking in it."

"I´m going fishing now. I´ll leave you alone with your illusions."

The pirate let out a moan. "I think the bandage isn´t tight enough." He smiled expectantly.

Norrington shook his head. "I don´t think so. I´m good at enwrapping."

Jack pouted. "Well, luv. I just want to point one thing out to ye. Today, ye really missed an opportune moment."

"Will you never stop this? I won´t touch your...."

Jack grinned, very pleased. "Not that, dear Commodore. Apparently ye keep thinking about one thing only." Delighted, he saw Norrington was blushing. Fondly, Jack continued: "I meant the opportune moment to kill me."

"I won´t kill you."


"No. I will bring you back to Port Royal and there you will hang."

Jack winced slightly, while Norrington turned away and left the cave.

Feeling a little dizzy, Jack closed his eyes, and moved restlessly. The wound still hurt, but not as much as Norrington´s words did. He hadn´t expected them. Why did Norrington save him anyway?
To see me hang, he told me that. Well, maybe I deserve it. I did play him a little, didn´t I? I didn´t fake fainting, but I could´ve stood up anytime, if I wanted too. I´ve been injured much worse in the past. Even so, I kept fighting and walking. Sometimes, I even kept running. So, I´m playing the Commodore a little bit.
What´s me plan? I know he hates me. But I won´t give up. I keep trying. Do I really want him? Or is it the challenge which keeps me interested? Well, for starters, it´s pretty nice to be comforted so...inspiringly.

He grinned viciously, and started humming a cheery song. A pirate´s song.

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