Stranded - 3/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: Jack and Norrington, stranded on an Isle
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Beta: Monika, Ysolde
Released: October 2003
Word Count: 1.069

With a muffled cry, Norrington awoke, his heart racing painfully. Darkness surrounded him. For a few seconds he was disorientated, still caught in the dream, a bad dream, a nightmare.

Fire. Explosions. Men. Fighting. Fighting for their lives. Then...water, dark, black water. He was drowning in it. Sinking deeper and deeper. Mortal fear was creeping over him. His heart turned to ice. He desperately tried to get to the surface. But he couldn´t. Finally, he opened his mouth to breathe, knowing only water would fill his lungs....

At exactly this moment, he woke up, but the darkness remained, he remembered the cave, he was in the cave. It must be night. He sensed he was alone. Sparrow wasn´t here. Astonished, he didn´t feel comforted by the pirate´s absence. He didn´t want to be alone. Not now, he had never felt so lost. With his hands bound, it was tricky to get to his feet. But he made it, slightly hurting his wrists. He was desperate to get rid of the damn rope.

Outside the cave, the moon shone brightly. Countless stars were filling the firmament. The only sound he heard was the waves ploughing against the beach. It was peaceful here, beautiful. For a while, he just looked up at the stars. Musing on his situation.

What a mess. Yesterday, he had tried to escape, by running away. Where to? What had he been thinking? He had embarrassed himself. Then that pirate had succeeded in humiliating him even more. He trembled with the memory of what Jack Sparrow had done to him. He hated him so much. He despised him more than anyone else. But the truth was he would be dead without him. Drowned. Rotting on the bottom of the ocean. Forgotten. Who would really care if he had died? His family was long gone. Elizabeth? No. She only cared about William Turner. No one ever... No. I´m unfair. There are two people who would care if I am gone. Two people who love me. But it is not the kind of love Elizabeth feels for Will, not the kind of love I want for myself. Norrington sighed unhappily; he envied the boy for having this kind of love.

He approached the beach. Where was that bloody pirate? Ah, there. Taking a swim in the ocean. More anger aroused in Norrington. That bastard went swimming, while he was feeling dirty, filthy. Sweat, salt and his own dried juices...his body had become so sticky it was disgusting. Norrington sat down, watching Sparrow.

On seeing him the pirate swam back to the shore.

As Sparrow left the water, Norrington could see he wore only breeches. Norrington caught himself staring.

Aware of his look, Sparrow moved even more deliberately. Slowly. Smoothly. Playfully.

Unable to move his eyes away from the enticing view Norrington was feeling very insecure. What was wrong with him?

"Ye want to jump in, mate?"

"What do you mean?"

"Ye want to go for a swim too?"

"No, thanks."

"Oh, come on. Don´t be stubborn. I know ye don´t want to stick to those breeches forever."

On the inside Norrington was burning with shame and anger. But he tried to stay calm, to control himself. "No, but you know my hands are bound."

Smiling, Sparrow took out his dagger. "I´ll cut yer bonds. Ye won´t try to escape again, will ye?"

"What´s the point? We are on an island, it´s useless."

"Aye, finally, ye get it. One more thing, promise me ye´ll not knock me down again."


"I know, I know. Ye won´t promise anything to a pirate."

Norrington sighed deeply, sounding very tired. "I wanted to say, I won´t try anything. Like I said before, it´s useless. There is no where to go."

"Aye." Sparrow cut the rope.

Norrington got to his feet, but he remained there.

"What are ye waiting for, Commodore? Are ye ashamed to undress in front of me?"

After one deadly look, Norrington was almost running to the ocean, pulling off his worn-out shirt. With his breeches still on he jumped into the water. It felt good, wonderfully refreshing. He was swimming on his back, looking up to the sky, drifting. He knew Sparrow was observing him closely. Waiting. Waiting for what? Probably waiting for him to break. Well that would never happen. When he finally could bear to leave the water, he noticed how hungry he was. The growling from his stomach could probably be heard for miles, the pirate wouldn´t miss it.

"Sorry mate. All we have right now are some coconuts. In the early morning I´ll go fishing."

Staring at the ground, Norrington didn´t answer. He wasn´t in any mood to talk. But he couldn´t ignore the pirate´s next words.

"Listen mate. About what happened earlier today...."

"I don´t want to talk about it!" he returned, razor - sharp. "Didn´t you humiliate me enough?"

"I remember ye didn´t mind so much."

"Shut up! I told you..." He stopped in the middle of the sentence, looking desperate. "Just stop harassing me."

"Sorry for giving ye a good time, luv."

"Stop calling me that!"

"Why is that bothering ye? It´s just me kind of language. I call many people luv."

"I don´t want to be one of them."

"No, obviously not." Jack smirked.

Norrington lay down on the sand, closing his eyes. "So, stop calling me love, Sparrow. Understood?"

"Maybe, if ye´ll start calling me Jack."

Norrington´s lips twitched slightly. "That will never happen. Not in my lifetime. I can promise you that, pirate."

A short silence. Then Norrington added something, only muttering.

Sparrow couldn´t believe what he had just heard. "What did ye say?"

A little louder Norrington repeated: "Thanks for saving my life. Without you, I would have drowned."

Sparrow didn´t respond, apparently speechless.

It was a rare occurrence.

Norrington laid his arm over his face to hide his amusement.

Finally, Sparrow found his voice. "I would do it again. Savvy?"

Norrington removed his arm, looking stunned. The pirate would save me again? Why?

"Rest now me dear Commodore. At sunrise I´ll go fishing. I´m very good at it. Well, I´m good at everything. I´m Jack Sparrow."

"CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow," Norrington mocked quietly, being almost asleep. He could still hear the pirate´s surprised laughter.

"Aye. I think, we´ll have...."

Sparrow´s voice became blurry, unclear. Exhausted Norrington drifted quickly off to sleep. This time, there were no dreams. Only peace.

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