Stranded - 2/6

Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: R
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: Yes
Summary: Jack and Norrington, stranded on an Isle
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimers: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
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Beta: Monika, Ysolde
Released: October 2003
Word Count: 1.826

Jack Sparrow finished whistling and started humming. He felt as alive as a man could ever be. The Commodore didn´t know how lucky they really were. While Norrington had lain unconscious, he had already explored the island. It wasn´t large, but it wasn´t as small as the one Barbossa had once left him on to die.

On this island, he had even found a cave. Big enough to hide inside it would also serve as a perfect shelter from both the heat and hurricanes the Caribbean seas were notorious for. In the back of the cave, he had discovered a streamlet of freshwater, running out of the stones. Not much, but enough to stay alive.

Jack arrived at the cave and entered it. He took the bottle attached to his belt and filled it with water. The rum in the bottle was long gone. Too bad! But it could be worse. After he had stilled his thirst he leaned against the solid rock wall.

He knew he could survive for quite a while without water, without shelter or even without some lovely company. But now he had a British officer to hold as his prisoner. When he had captured the Naval officer, his first plan had been to have just some fun, humiliate the man. Well, he had already succeeded at that. But he wasn´t feeling as satisfied as he thought he would be. His first intention had been to be superior, to take control of the situation and mock the Commodore. But now, he couldn´t stop thinking about him, could still feel the Commodore´s lips on his own. Ah, what a kiss. It didn´t surprise him that he liked it. From the first moment, he had looked upon that man; he knew he was in trouble. He had never forgotten the officer´s mocking remarks.

´A captain without a ship...a compass that doesn´t point north...a sword, I half expected to be made out of wood.´

He had been tempted to say: "Will ye take a look for yerself Commodore at what me sword is really made of?" Remembering the moment, Jack smirked. At another run-in, Norrington had ordered him to be silent as the grave, oh that fine officer liked to give the orders. It must be really hard for him to be so out of control, so helpless right now. Thinking about that, Jack felt the urge to go back to him and kiss him again. He still wanted to have fun with his prisoner, but for his own pleasure. Not for the purpose of humiliating him. He wanted to touch Norrington all over. Get rid of those breeches and all his other clothes. Giving him much more than kisses on the mouth. His fantasies were floating, Norrington kissing back, letting his smooth but yet strong hands running down his back....

He was amused with himself. Norrington would never allow a kiss nor return the favour. Not from him. Not from Jack Sparrow. He hates me, he told himself. The moment I release him, he´ll avenge me for kissing him that one time. Maybe, he´ll kill me. Certainly, he´ll try to kill me. Jack sighed.

Dreaming. Dreaming. Dreaming. Ye´re much too old for this, me boy. Getting horny about yer enemy. Ye´re much too old to be playing games. Kissing the Commodore, bound and defenceless. Shame on ye ol´ Jackie - boy.

Jack was lost in his thoughts. A hidden observer would have to describe the expression on his face as moody and brooding. But quickly the expression changed to amusement. Jack sneered.

A challenge formed in his mind.

Being with a British officer would be something new.

But as quickly as the thought had appeared it disappeared, Jack´s expression changed just as quickly. He was back to his original brooding.

Well, he would probably never find out. Not with this particular British officer.

Jack left the cave. With the filled bottle, he went back to the beach, back to the unsuspecting object of his desire. Just as he had left him, he found the officer still bound to the palm-tree.

The face of the Commodore was an iron mask, his eyes emptied of any feeling.

Jack could see he was exhausted. He didn´t have any strength left within him. "Feeling better, mate?"

"No, I´m burning up here."

Jack´s lips were twitching. "It wasn´t me intention to torture ye." For a second, he stared at Norrington´s lips. "Not much."
He produced the bottle from under his clothes and opened it. "Here, drink something."
At first, he believed Norrington was stubborn enough to refuse his offer. But the moment passed.

Norrington opened his mouth and sipped carefully, letting only a few drops touch his lips. After a while, he took a whole sip and swallowed with visible relief.

Jack noticed it, pleased. "It isn´t that bad here. We have water. I found a comfy, cool cave...."

Norrington´s head jerked up.

"Ye heard me right, luv. I discovered it, exploring the area."


"While ye were still a sleeping beauty."

"You already found some shelter and still let me burn up here?"

"Not forever, luv. Just for the moment. I admit it was fun to see ye so miserable. So...."

Norrington let out a sigh. "Shut up."

Jack wasn´t offended. "Well, if ye...."

"Shut up." Norrington looked as if he was in great pain. "Listen. I have to..." He didn´t continue.

Jack was perplexed. "What?"

"I have know...what everyone...I need to...."

Jack´s face broke in a big sympathetic smile. "Oh, I see. It´s nature´s call."

Norrington was looking more and more uncomfortable under the amused stare of his enemy. " fact, now. It´s really...urgent."

Jack brought out his dagger. "Well, if ye promise to behave, I´ll undo yer bonds. Just for this particular call."

"I won´t promise you anything."


"I´m an officer of the British Navy and I definitely won´t promise anything to a pirate. I´ll see you hanged first."

Jack smirked. "Aye. Would ye like it better if I were to kiss ye again?"

"Don´t you dare!" Norrington glared at him.

Jack enjoyed it; he teased him a little further. "It´s yer choice. Another kiss from me or a promise from ye to behave properly. Savvy?"

Norrington´s eyes sparkled with anger. His teeth ground against each other.

"I´m waiting for yer answer, Commodore."

"I promise to behave," Norrington finally spat out.

Jack beamed with joy. "That´ll do." He went to the back of the palm tree and undid the bonds.

With a groan and a great deal of trouble, Norrington stood up.

"The ocean is waiting, me dear Commodore."

They walked to the water.

Norrington hesitated.

Jack grinned. "Ashamed in front of me? Go on, luv. I promise I won´t look."
With the dagger still in his hand, he turned his head and observed the palm trees. He was softly humming. After a while the sound of splashing came to his ears. He started to whistle. The sound ended. But before he could take a look, he felt a fist, knocking him down. For a moment he stumbled, got to his knees and then quickly, he was back on his feet. Seeing Norrington running back to the palm trees, Jack started to chase him. He could see the other man was much slower. The heat had weakened him. Soon he reached him and threw him down. They struggled. Even though, Norrington was a bit taller, Jack was much more flexible. He got on top of his enemy and put the dagger to his throat.

In a split second, Norrington held still.

Sounding satisfied, Jack mumbled softly: "Well mate. Ye broke yer promise. Is that the behaviour of a British officer?"

Feeling the steel of the dagger, Norrington snarled: "Let me go, or I´ll kill you."

"Ye´re in no position to threaten me. Well, yer current position is quite interesting. Maybe ye behaved so badly, because ye wanted me to chase after ye. Maybe ye wanted me to capture ye. Maybe ye wanted me to get on top of ye."

"You ARE mad."

"Mmh, we´ll see, luv. I think I know what ye need." His right hand was still holding the dagger against Norrington´s throat. His left hand was sliding down. "Ye remember, what I told ye an hour ago?"

"No," Norrington denied.

Jack sensed that his bold touch made Norrington tremble.

"Don´t touch me. I warned you...."

"Did Miss Swann never touch ye there?"

"Certainly not. She is a lady."

"Oh, me poor Commodore." His hand was busy stroking, through the fabric of the breeches.

Norrington started panting. "Sparrow, stop this!" He sounded half-hearted.

The pirate didn´t obey. His grin widened. "I think, on this particular occasion, ye can call me Jack." He stroked him firmer.

"Stop it. Please," Norrington begged.

Jack couldn´t believe his ears. Right this moment, he was feeling some response, swelling up under his hand.

Norrington´s cock pushed eagerly against the fabric. Welcoming the treatment, which was given to him. Getting harder and harder.

"Oh Commodore, I feel someone doesn´t agree with ye."

Norrington turned his face away, avoiding his look.

The dagger was removed from his throat. Jack whispered: "Do ye want more? Just say it. I won´t stop. I´ll get him out."

Norrington dared to turn his face back to him. "I....," he started, but Jack muted him with a searing kiss. Norrington was writhing under; a few seconds later he arched up and a shudder ran through him. Next, the tension in his body was gone.

Jack felt Norrington come in his breeches. He broke the kiss and forgot to act as the master of the situation. "Already!" he burst out. "I was just getting started."

Norrington´s shame was written in his face.

Jack´s heart melted. "Our Commodore hasn´t had fun for a long time, eh?" No answer. Jack sighed, stood up and pulled his dear enemy to his feet. Immediately, he bound the officer´s hands behind his back. "Let´s take a look at the cave. What say ye?" But again there was no answer. They marched in silence.

Arriving at the cave, Jack ordered: "Get some rest, luv."

"Stop calling me love, you filthy pirate." Norrington lay down as far from Jack as possible.

Jack brought him more water to drink, but this time the Commodore refused it.

"Do ye want me to clean yer privates?"

"Keep your hands to yourself!" Furious. Frightened. Exhausted.

"Just asking. If I had known...."

"Shut up. I do not need your pity."

"It´s not..."

"Will you shut up? Just for one minute. Is it possible?"

Jack gave in. "Aye. Rest now, lu...mate." Jack went to the other side of the cave and lay down. He closed his eyes.

Norrington shifted around a lot, apparently not able to sleep.

On the other side of the cave, Jack was smiling. "Next time, we´ll get rid of those breeches first," he provoked Norrington in a soft voice.

Norrington stopped moving.

Jack grinned, content.

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