Stolen Moment

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Leia/Han
Rating: PG
Category: Romance
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: Sadly they are not mine.
Summary: Leia and Han steal a moment.
Warning: None
Feedback: Pleases me a lot.
Released: March 2009
Beta: Beatrice + sky_princess
Word Count: 1.125

Safe, Leia thought, trembling with relief and joy. If only for a moment. She gazed at Han, who was lying asleep in his bunk, shivered, and wrapped her arms around herself. I have to get rid of these clothes. Quietly she started searching in the various closets of Han´s cabin. When she had found some pants and a shirt she turned her back on him and began to change. She opened the small bikini top and tossed it away, while she remembered the way Han had looked at her on their way to the ship. She had blushed. She had felt ashamed. She had felt desired.


She jerked around and covered her breasts with her arms.

Han´s eyes were wide open. He stared at her.

"I thought you were sleeping," Leia scolded in a mild tone.

"I was."

His look made her shy. "How are you?"

"My sight is much better."

Her face became hot.

"I´m sorry," he mumbled. "Continue changing. I promise not to look." He turned his face away.

Leia softened. What is the matter with me? I wanted him back. I prayed to get him back. Now, I have to deal with him. Quickly she pulled the shirt over her body and went over to him. "No, Han, I´m the one who is sorry." She sat next to him on the bunk. With gentle fingers she seized his chin and turned his head around so he could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Don´t cry," he whispered, feeling helpless.

Leia lowered her head and kissed him right on the lips. That was enough to make him understand. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. The kiss deepened. It was their first kiss without any disturbance. No droid was bursting in; no stormtroopers were tearing them apart; no one but the two of them, being alone together. Eventually, Leia pulled back and pressed her face against Han´s cheek. He felt warm and good. Safe. "Oh Han." Tears were choking her voice.

"Shh, I´m right here and I´m not going anywhere."

"I missed you so much."

"Mmh, tell me about it." His lips caressed her neck.

"Scoundrel," she whispered into his ear.

"Ah, right." He embraced her tightly. "Weren´t you looking for a nice man?"

"I think I found one."

He searched for her lips. This kiss was even more intimate. It was a promise for the future. A future of loving intimacy.

Just then, Lando strolled in and stopped in his tracks, by seeing his friends kissing and fumbling. For a few seconds he enjoyed the spectacle but then remembered his manners quickly. "Ermh... Princess... Han, I wanted...."

They jerked apart. "Lando, what the hell..." Han started angrily but Leia interrupted him by bursting into laughter.

Both men looked surprised.

Han brought himself into a sitting position and took her hand. "Sweetheart, are you alright?"

"Yes." She wiped tears off her face. "It´s just... I´m so happy... we are here... together."

"I understand," Lando said. "I only wanted to ask if you´re hungry."

"Very," Han and Leia said at the same time.

"Fine," Lando replied. "Chewie and I are waiting for you. Join us whenever you are... ready." He smiled impertinently and walked out.

"At least it wasn´t the old goldenrod."

Leia chuckled softly.

"I´ll leave you alone and you can finish changing," Han mumbled considerately.

"Thank you. I´m just not used to this - us - that´s all."

"I know," he said and held his breath, remembering the last time he had said the exact same words.

His unfamiliar shyness made her smile. "Do you know everything?"

"No," he stated sadly. "I don´t know how to handle us, either. We - talking - it´s new to me too."

"What do you mean? We´ve talked lots of times."

"Not exactly. We argued. That´s not the same. Then we were on the run. There was no time for talking." Quickly, he pulled her onto his lap. "Only for more arguing - and a kiss." His hands caressed her back. "A kiss I´ll always remember."

"Han," she gasped, surprised by feeling his excitement.

"Damn that robot." He captured her lips and once more talking wasn´t the subject at all. Breathless, they broke the kiss and Leia laid her head on his shoulder. His hoarse voice tickled her ear. "I´m still overwhelmed by the fact that you came to save me. I´m not worth wasting so much time on, when that time is needed in the fight against the Empire."

"Don´t say that. You are worth wasting much more time. I would have gone to the end of the universe to save you." She looked into his burning eyes.

"Oh Leia," he breathed harshly. "I..."

"I know," she said and pressed her body against his. He felt strong and confident. Safe. She never wanted to leave him again.

He seized her mouth and kissed her passionately. She didn´t mind. She encouraged him to go on. They forgot about Lando and Chewie and the universe.

Some time had passed when Han finally joined his friends in the main cabin. "I´m sorry it took so long."

Chewie bellowed a question.

"We had to talk things out," Han explained.

"I don´t think that there was a lot of talking going on," Lando joked smugly.

Han shot him a glare. "Watch your mouth."

Lando shrugged and continued eating.

Leia walked in. "God, I´m starving."

Lando looked at Chewie. Chewie looked at Lando.

Han didn´t notice because he was eating hastily. Leia joined him at the table. "This looks delicious. Well, right now everything looks delicious to me." She grabbed a fork and started digging in.

Chewie and Lando had stopped eating. They were busy watching them. Han and Leia didn´t know they were glowing. Lando whispered something to Chewie. Chewie burst into a barking Wookie laugh. Han threw his fork on the table. "Okay, that´s it! Get it out of your system."

"Oh, it´s nothing," Lando explained, keeping a straight face. "Just... we never had such love birds as you two flying with this ship."

Leia giggled.

"Get used to it," Han grumbled angrily.

"Really?" Lando said. "That serious, huh?"

Han didn´t dare to answer because he didn´t know. Oh, he was sure about himself but he couldn´t speak for Leia.

"It is." Leia took Han´s hand. "I´ll never let this gorgeous guy out of my sight."

Han smiled ruefully and kissed her on the cheek. "I told you so."

"I know," Leia quipped in high spirits.

Chewie growled, amused.

"I have the feeling I missed some pretty exciting highlights," Lando complained, pouting.

"Luckily," Han commented wryly, and continued eating with his left hand.

Safe. Leia smiled blissfully, and snuggled against him. If only....

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