Why them?

Derek is a born werewolf. Stiles is a human. 24 years to 16 years of age. They hate each other. They don´t trust each other. They save each other constantly. The lone wolf, without a family and friends, and the motherless boy who wants to prove himself. Of course they have a connection. Of course their attraction is undeniable. They are like Sid and Diego from "Ice Age."

How they met?

Through Scott, Stiles´s best friend, who was bitten and turned into a werewolf by Derek´s uncle Peter.


6. Season

10. The Wolves of War

Scott and Malia are in big trouble.
Stiles arrives in his Jeep and rams a hunter out of the way. "You didn't think you're doing this without me, did you?" he says.
Then Derek walks in, and stands right next to the Jeep's open sidewindow. "Without us?"
Stiles rolls his eyes.
Scott gapes.

The pack withdraws to the animal clinic. Stiles tells his story about how he'd saved Derek from the FBI. "So literally, it was day one of my internship, and up comes a slide about this guy that they've been chasing in the woods of North Carolina."
Malia: "I thought you were in South America."
Derek: "I was. The bodies of the werewolves I told you about? They blamed me."
Stiles: "So I learn that the FBI has cornered this feral mass-murdering unsub..."
"I found a group of hunters gathering in a meeting place," Derek interrupts him. "I was trying to get information."
Lydia represses a smile.
"Well, the FBI found out about it too, and they were planning a SWAT assault to take him down. Dead or alive," Stiles talks on, looking at Derek. "And, as we all know, though, with Derek, it's preferably dead."
"Preferably," Derek agrees dryly.
Stiles: "So I convinced them to take me on the Field Op."
"You convinced the FBI to bring an intern onto an extremely dangerous field operation?" Lydia says, incredulous.
"I'm surprised he didn't convince them he could lead it," Derek says.
Stiles looks at him. "I tried. Didn't work. Anyway, long story short, I basically, you know, had to save his life."
CUT TO Stiles and Derek pushing through a double door. Stiles is dragging the wounded Derek along. Derek wears a FBI jacket. Gunshots are heard in the distance. Derek grunts. He can barely walk and loses his balance. Stiles tries to keep him on his feet. Derek grabs the neckline of Stiles's FBI jacket desperately holding on to him. Stiles walks on dragging Derek with him.
"That's not how it happened," Derek interrupts Stiles's heroic tale.
Stiles looks at him. "Yeah. I may have left out a detail, but that's the gist of what happened. It was the essential essence of it."
Lydia nods, looking not in the least convinced.
"You couldn't walk," Derek says.
"I was limping," Stiles corrects him.
"You couldn't walk and I know that because I was carrying you," Derek counters, looking at Stiles.
CUT TO Derek and Stiles pushing through a double door. Derek carries Stiles bridal style, shaking his head. Gun shots are heard in the distance. Stiles screams. His left foot is shoeless. Derek looks disbelieving. Stiles keeps screaming. He looks at his foot and faints at the sight of his own blood. Derek walks on, still shaking his head.
"They shot my toe. You want to see it?" Stiles says, pouting.
Derek rolls his eyes and looks at the pack.
Lydia smiles, definitely amused. Scott and Malia stare at Stiles.
"My toe was caught in the crossfire. It was obliterated!" Stiles continues complaining.
"Okay, forget your toe," Lydia says.
"Obliterated," Stiles insists.
"Hmm," Lydia says, without pity.

Scott, Malia, and Lydia tell Derek and Stiles everything what they know about the Anuk-ite. That it is a shapeshifter and knows what you're afraid of, what you fear the most. It can kill you by just looking at you.
"Okay, so you're telling me we gotta go up against this thing blind?" Stiles says. "And face our deepest fear?"
"Yeah? Why? What do you fear the most?" Scott says.
"Blindness," Stiles confesses.
"Becoming blind?" Derek says, surprised.
"Yeah, terried of it. Always have been," Stiles says, looking directly at Derek. "This just seems to be a situation of unfortunate overlap."

Derek admires Scott's, Lydia's and Malia's attitude. "Oh, it's nice to see that somebody hasn't lost their optimism."
Scott: "Not yet."
Stiles: "I have."

Stiles bursts into the library and smashes a jar of mountain ash to the ground. A cloud of ash surrounds the Anuk-ite and the creature turns to stone. The werewolves are released. Derek is the first to break free.

The pack gathers around Scott. Malia rushes to Scott's side. Stiles acts not at all surprised about their relationship, and touches Lydia's hand with his hand. Lydia looks at Stiles and tells Malia to kiss Scott. Malia executes the advice. Scott's eyes heal. He can see again. Stunned and relieved Stiles looks at Derek. Derek looks at Stiles.

Scott meets with the boy Alec. Stiles arrives in his Jeep, and Derek in his Camaro, exactly at the same time.

The friends form a row and walk side by side through the rain. Derek and Stiles look at each other, smiling.

4. Season

1. The Dark Moon

Scott and Braeden find Derek and drag him outside. Stiles is the first getting out of the Jeep, running towards them - towards Derek. He stops, stunned, tears in his eyes.

Malia: “Is that him? Is that Derek?”
Stiles: “Um… sort of.”

Derek lifts his head and looks right at Stiles. He is back to being a teenager of 16. So. Not quite Sterek

2. 117

The pack delivers de-aged Derek to Deaton at the animal clinic. Stiles touches Derek's ankles putting him on the operating table. Mmmm!

When Deaton examines Derek, Scott and Lydia look at him, Stiles looks at Derek. Duh!

Derek accepts Scott because he’s an Alpha, though he is confused by Stiles’s presence. “And who is he? Who are you?”

Stiles: "Alright, are you coming with us or not?"
Derek: "You want me to trust you?" Derek is looking directly at Stiles! Aw!

Stiles puts his arm around Derek´s shoulders, squeezing. Derek doesn’t mind the touch, no; he smiles, and plays along.

Stiles, Derek and Raphael are having dinner. Stiles keeps lying. Derek figures out that Raphael is a FBI agent. Stiles continues babbling; now having every reason to be nervous. Derek asks Raphael about a fire and the Hale family. Stiles gasps.

Derek smashes Stiles against the wall, face forward. Young Derek even has his hand in Stiles´s hair. Aw!

6. Orphaned

Stiles and Derek are at Deaton´s animal clinic. They help to hold the struggling Brett down, who is poisoned with wolfsbane. Brett breaks free, and throws all three of them back. Derek and Deaton hit the wall. Stiles stumbles into a table with medical stuff. Peter appears from the corner and knocks Brett down. Derek looks at the scratches on his lower arm, concerned. He´s not healing. Stiles kneels down besides Brett. He watches Deaton making the incision. In the back Derek watches Stiles. Peter looks at Derek, curious. Derek looks at Peter. His wounds are finally healing.

11. A Promise to the Dead

Stiles and the sheriff rush to Derek´s loft. Derek turns around and moves towards Stiles coming in. Braeden blocks their way. Stiles looks at Derek, then briefly at Braeden, before he turns his attention on Derek again. They talk about what had happened to Scott and Kira. Stiles and Derek stare at each other when Lydia calls Stiles on the phone. She and Deaton tell him that Scott was taken to Mexico.

12. Smoke & Mirrors

They have just arrived and get already started on their usual banter.
Derek: “We´re really bringing him?” pointing at Liam
Stiles: “We´re really bringing him?” pointing at Peter

Stiles wants to wait for Lydia. Peter wants to go without Stiles. Liam offers to call his friend Mason to look for Lydia. But it is only after Derek raises his eyebrows at Stiles that Stiles decides to come along without Lydia.

Derek lies to Liam about the symbol´s power. Stiles looks at Derek. He knows that Derek lies. Derek looks at Stiles. Stiles keeps quiet. Derek makes a jerking head movement towards Liam. Stiles confirms Derek’s story, meaning he lies, too.

Derek tries to teach Liam his mantra to learn control. Stiles knows that the spirals mean Alpha, Beta, Omega to Derek. Stiles finishes Derek´s sentences. Stiles puts his feet on the bench close to Derek. Liam keeps repeating the words but it´s not working. Liam shifts. Stiles shies away from him. Liam breaks free. Derek looks at Stiles. Liam unsheathes his claws. Derek catches Liam´s hands and keeps hold of them. Liam aims for his throat. Stiles sees that Derek is in danger to get torn apart and killed by Liam.

Derek asks for Stiles’s help. Stiles saves Derek by teaching Liam the mantra of the sun, the moon, and the truth, the three things that cannot long be hidden. Liam calms down. Stiles pats Derek’s right shoulder.

Stiles makes a sarcastic joke. Derek nods his agreement.

Derek gets out of the van. He is immediately attacked by a Berserker. Derek has not a chance and is seriously hurt. Stiles jumps out of the van and wants to run to Derek, but Braeden gets there first. Stiles looks frantic with fear. Derek groans in pain. He is bleeding heavily. Stiles keeps staring at Derek, frozen. "I’m fine, I´m fine," Derek lies, convulsing with pain. "Just get to Scott. Just find him. I´ll be right behind you. Go."
Stiles is still frozen to the point where he´s standing, staring at Derek.
"Go!" Derek shouts.
Peter does. Liam and Malia follow him.
Stiles notices them leaving but he stays behind, still staring at Derek.
Derek looks at Stiles. "Hey. Hey. Save him," Derek says.
Only now Stiles turns around, slowly walking away.
Derek groans in pain. "I…"
Stiles stops and turns back to look at Derek once more. He pauses, staring, looking devastated. Finally he turns around and follows the others.

3. Season

1. Tattoo

Stiles and Scott are with Derek in Derek´s house. They talk about tattoos and marking. Stiles winks at Derek. When Derek wants to use a blow torch to brand in Scott´s tattoo Stiles wants to leave. Derek beats his hand against Stiles´s chest and holds him back. Stiles cries out, but obeys anyway, flashing Derek a pouting glance. Derek returns the look.

Scott is unconscious. When he wakes up Derek and Stiles stand close to each other. Stiles looks a little freaked out. What did they do?

2. Chaos Rising

Stiles interferes in a discussion between Scott, Allison, Lydia and Derek. Derek looks at him, but didn´t say anything in return.

Stiles puts a latex glove on, everybody looks at him. "What?" Stiles says. Derek raises both eyebrows. Stiles strips the glove off.

At Derek´s loft they talk about the plan to get into the vault. Stiles doesn´t believe that Derek can punch through the wall having so little room to gather enough force. He grabs Derek´s fist and provokes Derek to show him how he thinks to do this. Derek punches against Stiles´s hand. Stiles screams and is now convinced that Derek can handle it.

Derek asks if Scott will come with him. Stiles thinks Derek talks to him and volunteers at once. Derek refuses Stiles´s offer.

7. Currents

Derek is forced by the alpha pack to kill Boyd with his claws. Stiles goes to him and puts a hand on his shoulder, comforting him in his pain.

10. The Overlooked

Jennifer comes to Derek to tell him she is innocent. But Scott and Stiles are already there. Stiles cries in front of Derek because Jennifer kidnapped his father. Derek looks torn. Scott uses mistletoe to show Jennifer´s true face. Derek is shocked and wants to kill her. Scott and Stiles talk him out of it. They need Jennifer to find the sheriff.

Stiles, Derek, Scott and Jennifer are standing in an elevator. Jennifer looks back to Stiles who stands behind Derek and carries a baseball bat. He looks very angry. She wrinkles her nose as if she smells something disgusting.

Stiles stays back to fight the twins/werewolves with the bat. Derek turns back at once and calls his name.

Stiles notices that Jennifer is gone. He freaks out and shouts at Derek because he dates psychotic women. Derek says nothing in return to defend himself. Scott interferes. Then Jennifer comes back.

Jennifer offers a deal. Stiles steps closer to Derek. Derek attacks Jennifer, calling her "Bitch!". Peter suggests to torture her. Derek agrees at once.

Stiles picks up a defibrillator. Derek asks him to put it down because he doesn´t know how to handle it. Stiles obeys.

On the way to the ambulance Stiles touches Derek´s elbow. After they both put Cora into the ambulance Stiles touches Derek´s arm. Derek looks at him. Jennifer calls him. Derek goes to her but looks back at Stiles. They look at each other. Kali appears and Derek flees with Jennifer to lure Kali away from the ambulance to keep Stiles and Cora safe. He trusts Stiles enough to take care of his sister.

On his way to help Scott saving his father and Scott´s mother Stiles sees Derek lying on the floor of the elevator. He stops for a few seconds to consider what to do. Then he runs along.

11. Alpha Pact

In the elevator. Derek lies on the ground, still unconscious. Stiles hovers over him and slaps him in the face, three times, calling Derek´s name. He sounds a little bit frantic. Derek doesn´t wake up. Stiles considers to use his fist. Derek wakes up and grabs Stiles´s arm to hold Stiles back from hitting him. Derek keeps holding on to Stiles´s arm while Stiles is explaining to him what has happened. Derek looks surprised that Stiles once again is here to save him. This time to escape to get arrested by the police. Stiles helps Derek up and touches Derek´s shoulder, not letting go of it, while Derek asks about his sister Cora. They are still holding hands.

22. De-Void

At Derek´s loft. Derek attacks Stiles/The nogitsune. Stiles twists Derek´s arm. Derek screams. Stiles puts a hand above Derek´s heart and bangs Derek´s head against a wooden board/table. Then he smashes him against the wall. Derek crashes to the ground. Stiles sighs. Chris Argent pulls a gun at Stiles. Derek looks kind of panicked. He stands up and moves closer to Stiles. The Oni appear and Derek thwarts them to protect Stiles from harm. One Oni slashes Derek´s shoulder with his sword. Stiles disappears. Derek´s shoulder is not healing quickly.

24. The Divine Move

Derek and the twins confront and fight the nogitsune. Not really Sterek

Derek and Stiles are in the school´s locker room. Derek tells Stiles about a nightmare he had. Stiles listens. They also talk about myths about how people can be turned into a werewolf. Derek aks Stiles how to know this is real and not a dream because he didn´t remember waking up. Stiles tells him about the extra fingers that he has in dreams. Derek grabs Stiles´s hand and counts Stiles´s fingers instead of his own. There are six. He wakes up, having a bullet hole in his chest, and only five fingers. So this is real. Kate comes in. She was the one who shot him. Derek sees her turn into some kind of werewolf?

2. Season

2. Shape Shifted

Stiles and Derek are sitting in a car, talking about how to get past the deputy. Stiles touches Derek on the shoulder and Derek just looks at him until Stiles removes his hand.

Derek distracts the deputy by smiling at her and saying "Hi", which shouldn't work but totally does because Derek is hot. Stiles looks angry because of it.

Isaac wolfs out and attacks Stiles. Derek saves Stiles by roaring Isaac into submission. Well. He shows off and Stiles looks fascinated and impressed.

4. Abomination

Erica drags Stiles to Derek who questions him about incident at the mechanics garage. Stiles doesn´t want to tell him and makes a joke. Derek hides a smile, and threatens Stiles by popping a ball with his claws. Stiles starts talking about the kanima.

Stiles talks about seeing the kanima when Erica and Derek notice the kanima behind Stiles's back. Stiles sees the kanima and jumps behind Derek for safety. Derek doesn't just defend him, he makes sure Stiles knows he has to get away. "Run," he says and pushes Stiles back at the chest. But Stiles stays around to help Derek when he inevitably gets hit by kainma venom. Stiles grabs Derek and makes a shambling run for it, but of course calling Scott, running away and holding on to Derek is too much. Derek falls in the pool, and Stiles jumps in to save him from drowning. They both end up stuck in the pool with paralyzed Derek being held by Stiles above water.

Exhausted by treading water for two hours Stiles plans to go for the phone lying at the poolside. Derek disagrees. Stiles let go of him and gets the phone while Derek sinks to the ground. Stiles calls Scott who answers "I can´t talk right now" and hangs up. Stiles throws the phone away and dives down to save Derek. "Tell me you got him," Derek gasps. Stiles says nothing.

Stiles can´t do it anymore. He needs something to hold on. He drags Derek with him until he himself is going under, but still he is not letting go of Derek. Luckily Scott has arrived and pulls them both out of the pool.

In the aftermath, when they talk about the creature, which is the kanima Stiles and Derek share some intense looks. Derek looks vulnerable and lost. Stiles looks sad and disappointed.

5. Venomous

Derek and the pack besiege Scott's house to get Lydia. Stiles and Allison try to keep them out.

6. Frenemy

Stiles, Scott and Derek chase after Jackson into a gay bar.

7. Restraint

Erica has a seizure. Scott and Still bring her to Derek in the train car. Stiles is shocked that Derek breaks Erica's arm. To trigger the healing process Derek explains himself to Stiles. He wants Stiles to understand what he's doing, he wants Stiles to understand that this is necessary. Derek even asks Stiles to hold Erica not Scott.

8. Raving

"Hey" Stiles greets Derek casually. They stand close to each other. Stiles wants Derek to know what he did with the mountain ash. Derek is freaking out over Scott being hurt. Stiles can see Derek freaking out over Scott being in danger. Derek only uses words to get Stiles to break the line. When Derek runs in to save Scott, he touches Stiles on the shoulders for no real reason.

10. Fury

Derek, again paralyzed by the kanima, lies on the ground. Stiles, getting paralyzed too, fells on top of him. Matt comments amused: "I think you two make a pretty good pair." Neither Derek nor Stiles object.

When Matt reveals that he's looking for the bestiary, Stiles and Derek look at each other.

Still lying paralyzed on the ground Stiles and Derek secretly whisper to each other about what is going on and what to do next.

Derek says he can move his toes. Stiles is not impressed. He can move his toes, too.

Scott comes to save them and Derek tells Scott to take Stiles out of danger.

Derek comes for Matt but essentially saves the Sheriff and Melissa while Stiles watches, unable to do anything. Derek could have gone after Matt, but he stays around to keep the kanima away from the incapacitated humans.

1. Season

1. Wolf Moon

Derek and Stiles accidently meet in the woods. Stiles remembers Derek being the kid whose family was burned to death in a fire many years ago. Derek talks to Scott. He doesn´t even look at Stiles.

2. Second Chance at First Line

Stiles watches Derek attack Scott and threaten his life via AOL Messenger.

Stiles confronts Derek in the police car after he had been arrested.

4. Magic Bullet

Shot and injured by a bullet Derek plants himself in front if Stiles' jeep. Scott and Stiles put him in the jeep. Stiles has to take care of Derek while Scott tries to find the bullet. Stiles threatens Derek to leave him for dead and Derek threatens to kill Stiles.

Stiles and Derek are still sitting under that tree where Stiles parked the jeep hours earlier, waiting for news from Scott, with no distraction but each other.

Derek speaks about his death like he thinks Stiles is going to care. Stiles looks like he does.

Derek tells Stiles to cut off his arm. Stiles doesn´t want to and Derek grabs him by the shirt and threatens to cut off his head but he falters and vomits. Stiles is getting ready to do the cutting. Scott comes in.

Derek passes out and the bullet rolls away. Stiles goes for cradling Derek's face and panicking about the fact that he's not waking up. Stiles punches Derek in the face to wake him up. Derek's reaching for the bullet and then for Stiles, in that order. He does the whole magic healing thing and Stiles watches Derek writhing half naked on the floor, licking his lips. The relief and excitement from Stiles when this whole thing works are explosive.

6. Heart Monitor

Derek meets Scott and Stiles at the school by night to lure the alpha out. Stiles comments sarcastically on Deaton's general state of health, tied up in Derek's back seat. Stiles is not amused, and he's going to tell Derek exactly how he feels about that.

Stiles calls Derek sour wolf to his face.

Derek gets stabbed in the back by Peter, and Scott and Stiles make run for the door of the school. Stiles looks back at Derek and the alpha, seeing the extent of the damage and the extent of the alpha's strength.

9.Wolf´s Bane

Scott and Stiles drive Derek's car, rescuing Derek from police and hunters both. Derek is frustrated and aims his anger to the police. Stiles stands up for his dad and the police, and Derek glares at him. He tries to stare Stiles into submission after the trust comment, but it only works partially and for a limited time. The entire conversation, Stiles spends looking almost exclusively at Derek, to the extent that he even blocks Derek's view of Scott and even touches Derek's shoulder.

Derek is waiting for Stiles in his room, meaning that is Derek choosing to hide right there, looking for safety not with Scott, not in his old house, but with Stiles Stilinski, the Sheriff's son. Stiles is surprised Derek is there. He also intends to apologize for his dad nearly walking in before Derek pushes him against the wall. He smashes Stiles against the wall and threatens him. Stiles stands up to Derek's threat, not cowed at all, and that relaxes something inside Derek. He let go of Stiles and Stiles smiles smugly. Derek feigns an attack. "Oh my God!" Stiles yells.

Stiles is pimping Derek out to his gay friend Danny to make him bring in his computer skills. Derek is not happy with Stiles using his body like this but he plays along, taking his cues from Stiles, even while scowling like grumpy cat. Danny is super uncomfortable and Stiles is actually quite aggressive, delighting in his ridiculous plan working out. Danny finally agrees to help.

Danny finds the information they were looking for. Stiles is not happy with the result. Derek is leaning over them, wearing one of Stiles' shirts he looks at Stiles with a puzzled frown.

Derek and Stiles are sitting in the jeep in front of the hospital. They know they have found something vital and terrible and nothing good is going to happen. Stiles talks to Scott on the phone, knowing that he´ll miss the game his dad is gonna watch. He could have let Derek go alone, but he didn't and he could have told Scott the truth, gotten him involved, and he didn't. Derek looks at him, somehow affectionate, and then Derek slams Stiles' head into the steering wheel, enough to surprise and hurt, but not to injure. "You know what that was for" clearly indicates that it was retaliation for the skeevy shirt scene. Stiles whines but gets out of the car at Derek´s order without another word.

Peter, Derek´s uncle, threatens Stiles inside the hospital. Derek rushes in to protect him. "Get out of the way." Stiles ducks away. "Oh, damn." Derek lures Peter away from where Stiles is hiding.

12. Code Breaker

Derek takes Peter's life by slashing his throat. Stiles is a witness.