Spit it out! - 19/24

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: PG13
Category: Romance, Angst
Series/Sequel: Breaking the Ice
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: They talk things out
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for "Viva Las Vegas"
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Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Released: November 2004
Word Count: 2.641
Beta: Erika

Greg sat in the community room and gloomed over his cup of coffee.

Nick came in. "Hi there. How´s it going?"

"Fine," Greg growled.

Nick frowned. "What is it, buddy? Are you moody, because Chandra left?"

"No," Greg answered shortly.

Nick fetched himself an apple from the fridge. "Is it because you caught Warrick and me betting about it?"

"No." Greg sipped his coffee.

Nick took the place opposite to him. "Greg, come on, tell me what´s going on?"

Greg sighed heartily.

Nick waited, while he bit into his apple.

Greg sighed again.

Nick raised an eyebrow. "Come on, spit it out. It can´t be that awful."

Greg met his look. "But it is. I messed up big time."

"In the field? Yes, I heard about that. So what? You made one mistake. It´s happened to all of us."

Greg sipped his coffee. "Grissom...." he mumbled while he swallowed the brown liquid.

"What was that? I didn´t understand."

"Grissom is...is...really disappointed in me," he confessed.

Nick smiled. "Well, you sure did make one silly mistake."

"Oh, thank you. I´m feeling much better."

"Calm down. I´m kidding. I´m certain Grissom has already forgiven you."

Greg snorted. "Sure he has."

Nick winked at him. "You know, you´re his favorite lab boy."

Greg´s ears began to burn. "Stop this nonsense."

"Oh sorry, I meant favorite CSI," Nick joked merrily.

Greg glared at him. "Quit it."

Calmly, Nick continued to chow down his apple. "Why don´t you go home and forget about it? Meet up with Alan and have some fun."

The burn in Greg´s ears spread to his face. "I don´t think that´s a good idea."

"He´s back in town, isn´t he?"

"Yes, but I won´t meet him."

Nick shrugged. "Whatever."

Greg emptied his cup of coffee and put it on the table. "Nick, if you want to ask something - just ask."

"Why didn´t you tell me you´re gay?"

"I don´t know. I´d always wanted to. I tried a few times but I never found the right words." It sounded lame, even to his own ears.

Nick patted his arm. "Take it easy. I´m not mad at you or something. Watching you every day at work, it wasn´t that hard to figure it out myself."

Greg´s uneasiness grew. "What do you mean?"

"Well, for one thing I noticed you have a big crush on our boss."

In shock, Greg froze. Since the day he was outed by Alan to his friends and co-workers he had feared they would figure out the nature of his feelings for Grissom by some means or the other. Gil and he had been involved a few months now.

They mostly met at Gil´s apartment where they talked and made love. Afterwards they went to work separately. At the lab they acted normally, as if nothing at all had changed in their relationship. Needless to say, Gil was the master of pretending but Greg wasn´t so sure about his own performance. He had doubted nobody would notice anything, but now his doubts were confirmed.

"That´s not true," he lied bravely to Nick´s face.

"Oh yes, it is. You´re checking him out all the time." With pleasure, Nick swallowed the last piece of his apple.

Greg´s face burnt like fire. "I don´t."

"Do you remember your first day at he lab? I actually caught you checking him out that day."

Greg opened his mouth to deny it.

"Don´t say you were checking out Catherine," Nick mocked softly.

Greg closed his mouth quickly.

"Come on, I understand, you´re keen on Grissom..."

"Nick, please..." Greg pleaded.

"...he´s good-looking, mysterious, educated and pretty untouchable," Nick finished.

Greg decided to go for half of the truth. "Well, yes, he´s a very attractive man but he´s not my type."

Nick grinned. "Really? Doesn´t he look at lot like Alan?"

"Grissom looks much better," Greg blurted thoughtlessly.

Nick laughed cheerfully. "So, you are hot for the boss. Anything else I should know about?"

"For God´s sake! Keep your voice down."

Nick did him the favor. "What about Alan?"

"What about him?"

"Doesn´t he have a chance to win you back?"

"No," Greg decided with certainty. "He cheated a lot on me. I never want to go through this hell again."

"I understand. You look for someone faithful. Someone you can trust. Don´t you think Grissom is trustworthy?"

Greg jumped up. His chair toppled over. "That does it! I´m going home." He rushed out, leaving the chair where it was.

Nick´s grin widened.

Grissom was troubled. He wanted to go home but he feared the confrontation with Greg. He had been very harsh to him about his failure in the field. Greg had appeared so sad, like he had never seen him before. Slouching like a scolded kid, he had walked away. Oh God, Gil thought, I knew it wasn´t a good idea to get involved with subordinates. I always knew. But I walked right into this mess anyway. Now, I have it. I deserve this for being so stupid, for being so weak to fall for a lab boy. Me, gruesome Grissom. Gil snorted.
Something else troubled him as well. Greg had told him once that he loves him but since that day the word had never touched his lips. Also, Greg never complained or asked for any commitment. Their relationship appeared to work without it. Surprisingly, that troubled Gil. Every day a little bit more. Worse, it troubled him that he was troubled at all. Gil didn´t know why and he didn´t have a clue what to do about it.

"Still here?" Catherine peeked in.

"I´m already on my way." Gil stood up, noticing Cath´s beautiful outfit as well as that she had cried. Oh hell. More problems to complete a bad day. "Didn´t you want to go out?"

"I changed my mind. I came back to do my paperwork."

"Is everything alright?" he brought himself to ask.

"Yes, yes. Only man-trouble." She smiled bitterly. "Like yourself."

"I have no...."

"I heard about Greg´s failure in the field," she interrupted him.


"Gil, it can´t be easy to be his supervisor and...."

"I don´t mix business and private matters," Gil cut her off.

"You don´t want to but it´s not as easy as it sounds."

"I don´t," Gil insisted.

"Does Greg know?"

"He will."

"You know how sensitive he is."

"No, how could I?" Gil said dryly.

Cath smiled.

Gil froze.

"What?" Cath frowned. Someone passed by her and startled, she retreated.

The sheriff walked into the office. "Good evening, Gil. We have to talk. Hello Catherine."

"Hello sheriff," Gil greeted him coldly.

"Sheriff," Cath replied shortly. "I´ll leave you alone." She rushed out.

Gil envied her. He wanted to leave for home right now. He needed to see Greg. Him alone and no one else. Least of all sheriff Rory Atwater. "Does this have to take place now?"

"Yes - now." Atwater took a seat in front of Gil´s desk.

"Well, what is it?" Gil said, feeling slightly bewildered. He fell back into his chair.

"I heard your CSI trainee messed up big time."

Gil tensed, while anger rose in him. Who squealed that quickly? he wondered. Hodges?

"I´m the supervisor and his failure is only my responsibility."

"Is your judgment in this particular matter objective?"

Gil´s eyes narrowed. "What are you saying, sheriff?"

"I´m only expecting the best CSI´s to work in the field. I can´t allow any failure. Do I make myself clear?"

"Certainly, sheriff," Gil replied icily. "I´ll see to it."

"Fine. That´s all I wanted to hear." He got up. "By the way Gil, you should keep enjoying your evenings with your co-workers." One last meaningful smile and he was gone.

Gil was furious. He was angry at the sheriff, at Hodges, at Greg, but mostly at himself. This mess was his fault. He shouldn´t have left Greg to work a Crime Scene alone. It had been too soon. Mumbling to himself, he grabbed his briefcase and left for home to fix at least one of today´s problems.

On the way to the small cupboard, which Gil called her office; Catherine passed the locker room, where she saw Nick changing for home. "Hey. Did you see Greg?"

"Yes, he left a few minutes ago."

She sat down on the bench beside him. "How is he?"

"Fine, considering the circumstances. A bit sad and disappointed. He wasn´t very eager to go home."

"I can imagine," Cath muttered sadly.

Nick threw her a peculiar glance. "Don´t worry. Greg will be alright."

"You really think so?" Cath voiced disbelieving.

"Given a comforting shoulder is waiting to ease Greg´s sorrow."

"I don´t believe he´s running to Alan to seek comfort."

"I´m not talking about Alan."

"I don´t understand..." she started.

"I´m talking about the hot make-up sex Greg will probably receive."

"...what´s that supposed to mean?" she declined quietly, while her look gave the truth away.

"I´m pretty sure you know exactly what´s going on."

Catherine chewed on her lip, stalling time. She didn´t know if she should confess the truth to Nick or keep denying it. Did she have the right to say anything about the private matters of friends to another close friend?

Nick observed her intently. "Relax. It´s not as if you´re betraying Greg."

Puzzled, she waited for him to explain.

Nick was finished changing. He stretched his body. "It was quite a party we had at my house, huh? Coming all together, even Sara, Alan´s outing of Greg, the secret kissing in my kitchen...."

She blinked. "What?"

He grinned brightly. "Apparently, my kitchen is the perfect place to make out."

She chuckled. "They didn´t."

"They did. It was quite a visual which is now burnt forever in my memory."

She laughed loudly. "Nick, stop please. I can imagine Greg doing that, but..." she hesitated, still undecided on how much Nick really knew.

"...Grissom would never do that, right?" Nick concluded frankly.

For a second, they looked at each other and then burst into laughter.

"Grissom must have lost his mind," Cath stated after she calmed down a bit.

"It´s rather his heart," Nick corrected her.

"You truly think so?"

"Seeing the way he was acting lately, I´m pretty sure."

"I only know that Greg is in love," she confessed. "He told me."

"Greg told me nothing. He doesn´t have a clue I saw him kissing Grissom. How long do you know they´ve fooling around?"

"A few months."

"Months!" he blurted out. "Wow. That´s something."

"I just confronted Gil one day and he didn´t deny it."

"Do you think they can work out their problems?"

"Grissom asserted me there is no problem at all."

Doubtfully, Nick shook his head. "That´s so Grissom. I guess Greg will unteach him."

They left the locker room and went to took care of their own affairs.

Gil closed the door of his apartment, seeing Greg standing in the kitchen. "Hi."

"Hi," Greg replied without looking up.

Well, at least he´s talking to me. I´m surprised, he came here anyway. I had expected he would stay at home, being mad at me. "What are you making?"

"Sandwiches." Greg didn´t offer to make one for him too.

Fine with me, Gil mused. I´m not very hungry anyway. Quietly, he went to the bedroom to change into fresh clothes. Afterwards he visited the bathroom to refresh himself. Coming back to the living room, he found Greg on the sofa. A beer and a plate of sandwiches rested untouched on the table in front of him. The TV was running but Greg didn´t pay attention.

He´s clearly pissed, Gil realized. He took the place next to him.

At once, Greg moved a few inches further to the right, anxious to keep away from Gil.

In spite of it, Gil repressed a smile. Come on, he thought, if you´re that mad, why´d you bother to come here anyway? "I´m sorry Chandra left," he started placating.

"Yeah - sure," Greg replied aggressively.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"About what?"

"Greg, don´t play naive. You know..."

"...I don´t wanna talk about it."

"Greg, don´t do this."

"There is nothing to talk about," Greg insisted stubbornly.

"I thought that was my line."

"Yeah, and I absorbed it."

Silence. Greg played with the remote control.

Gil took it out of his hands and switched the TV off.


"Look at me."

Greg didn´t.

"I said look at me."

Greg did. His eyes were full of sorrow and anger.

"I´m sorry for being that harsh today. I didn´t mean..."

"Yes, you did," Greg interrupted him.

"No, I had to," Gil explained. "That´s a big difference."

"But why in front of Hodges?" Greg accused him.

Gil sighed sadly. "For that I´m truly sorry. It was totally inappropriate. It will never happen again."

"Don´t be so sure. Maybe I´m a loser and will fail you again and again."

"Don´t say that. You won´t. First of all, because from now on I´ll be a better supervisor."

Greg smiled for the first time since Gil did come home. "What did you do wrong?"

"I should have stayed with you and given you better instructions." Gil winked at him. "Certainly, from now on you have to pay proper attention to my instructions."

"I did pay attention," Greg defended himself.

"Oh you did? While talking about one-night stands in the morning?" Gil teased.

"I was only pointing out a thought. I´m a professional. At work, sex isn´t on my mind."

"No? I vaguely remember once you saying you fantasize a lot about it."

"That´s not true! I don´t fantasize about sex at work."

Gil smirked at him.

"Not...not...all the time," Greg stammered.

Gil pulled him close. He ruffled his hair.

"I only fantasize about you," Greg concluded quietly. Gil´s tenderness surprised and delighted him, as well as his willingness to talk things out.

"Well, what about now?"

"What now?" Greg´s innocent expression was priceless.

Gil pressed his cheek to Greg´s. "What about fulfilling some of those fantasies of yours right now?"

Not answering, Greg breathed against his skin.

Gil let go of him. "You´re right. We´re both tired and considering what happened today it´s not appropriate..."

"You´re kidding, right?" Greg tugged at Gil´s shirt.

"No, no. Those were hard days for you and you must be exhausted."

Greg played with one of the shirt´s buttons. "Don´t worry about me. Worry about you." He opened a button and his hand slipped under the shirt.

"Do you have to remember everything I said?"

"Certainly. You´re my supervisor."

"You´re reminding me of Brass."

Greg snickered. "That´s true, considering what he said today. Do you think he´s suspecting?"


Greg kissed the warm skin of Gil´s chest.

Gil sighed happily and sank back onto the sofa, pulling Greg down on him.

Greg began to open the rest of Gil´s buttons.

Gil grabbed his head and ruffled his hair to a total mess.

Greg laughed. "You like it messed up, don´t you?"

Gil drew him close for a kiss. "Yes, pretty much."

"I think this is going to be a long night."

Their lips found each other and didn´t let go for a very long time.

The moon was shining through the window when the phone started ringing. Sleepy and confused, Greg fumbled around to find it and make the annoying noise stop. He succeeded. "Yes?" he mumbled dreamily. At once, the phone was ripped from his grip. The light went on. Greg squinted, puzzled.

Gil glared at him. "Grissom," he answered the phone in a firm tone. He listened for a while.

Greg waited, while he realized what he had just done.

Gil frowned angrily. "I´ll be there as soon as I can." He switched the phone off. "A new case. We have to go."

Sighing, Greg heaved himself up.

"By the way," Gil shot him a deadly look, "the sheriff says hi."

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