Serious Fun - 12/24

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Smut
Series/Sequel: Breaking the Ice
Summary: Grissom grasps an opportunity
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Warning: SLASH, M/M
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Word Count: 916
Released: August 2003
Beta: None

It was a slow night in the lab. Grissom was on the way to his office. Boring paperwork was waiting for him. A loud and excited conversation drew his attention away from documents and data.

"Come on, you only work so hard to impress Grissom. That´s the true reason. Just admit it," David Hodges claimed sarcastically.

Hodges was the one person Grissom didn´t want to see right now. The one human being he tried to avoid as much as possible. Better to stay out of this. I don´t care with whom he argues.

"What´s your point? Why shouldn´t I want to impress him? He is the best supervisor, because he knows literally everything."

Greg! Grissom stopped immediately, indecisive.

"Besides, it´s not true," Greg continued. "I do it for science, for the truth."

"Sure," Hodges mocked. "By the way, Grissom doesn´t know everything. He just believes, he does."

"Grissom never said that. He doesn´t brag," Greg replied angrily.

Amused, Grissom decided to join in. Greg was worth the trouble anytime. "Who doesn´t brag?"

Greg startled, appalled, while Hodges smiled arrogantly. Obviously, he didn´t admire Grissom as much as Greg did. That amused Grissom even more.

"Nobody," Greg lied. "We were just talking hypothetically."

Denial. Well! "Never mind. You aren´t busy, are you?"

"Yes, I am," Hodges insisted cheekily.

"No, not really," Greg admitted honestly.

"I see. Come with me Greg. I have to show you something."

"Okay, Grissom," Greg mumbled, glad to get away from Hodges.

Curious, Hodges turned to follow them.

"Haven´t you work to do? Go on!" Grissom ordered. Hodges had no choice but to watch them leaving, looking fooled.

Greg felt extremely nervous. Only a few days had passed since Grissom had kissed him. Being so close to Grissom made him feel like a teenager who was in love for the first time. Even if they were just walking side by side. He realized surprised that they went to the darkroom. Shall I look at some photos from a Crime Scene?

Grissom closed the door behind them and switched the warning light on. "Well, why did you defend me?"

"You heard that? Jeez! Why not? I meant what I said. You are a good supervisor and I...."

Without a warning, Grissom pushed him against the wall and cut him off with an almost bruising kiss. At the same time, he pressed his hand against Greg´s crotch and began to stroke him through the pants. Grissom broke the kiss, lingering.

"I don´t think, this is the right place," Greg gasped.

Grissom rubbed him harder and faster.

Greg breathed in deeply, not being able to finish the sentence.

Grissom smiled maliciously. "I think this is exactly the right place."

"Don´t tease me," Greg started begging. "Go inside, please."

"Who said this isn´t the right place?" But Greg´s pleading turned him soft and carefully he pulled the zipper down to put his hand inside. Embracing Greg´s hard cock, he mumbled: "Well, well, well, our little lab boy is very horny."

"I´m your little lab boy, if you want me."

Touched, Grissom silenced him with another passionate kiss, while he kept his hand busy by rubbing Greg´s cock in a steady rhythm.

Greg whimpered and wriggled, full of delight. His tongue met with Grissom´s in sweet competition.

Slowly, Grissom was moving his lips to Greg´s ear. "Maybe you did defend me because you want to get fucked by me?"

"No," Greg moaned. "That´s not true. I admire your...."

Grissom rubbed him more firmly.

Greg stopped thinking straight. "Faster. Yes. More. I need more. I want...." He lost it. His voice broke, his mind drifted off. He wrapped his arms around Grissom´s neck and muffled his cries into Grissom´s shoulder. Resolutely Grissom stroked him to his climax. Greg´s tensed body arched against Grissom´s and when his creamy liquid was spilled he felt the sweetest pleasure in a long time.

Grissom let go of him and licked his hand with a satisfied smirk. "Mmmh. Sweet."

Greg blushed, flattered. He pulled his zipper up. "I have to clean myself."

"Yes, go ahead, but be gentle with your precious, it deserves it," Grissom teased, smiling.

"But don´t you want me to....?"

"What? Return the favor? Sure. But not now. You were right before. This isn´t the right place. I can wait." He put a hand in Greg´s hair and pulled him in to kiss him once more. "All this stimulates my appetite even more. When I will be ready to fuck you we will be both more than satisfied." Grissom opened the door and walked out.

Finally, minutes later, Greg stumbled out of the darkroom and went to the restrooms - where he ran into Hodges. Shit!

In expectation of having a good time by mocking Greg, Hodges smirked. "Oh look, who is back from Grissom-land. Did you learn something new today?"

You can bet! "Shut up, Hodges, and leave me alone! Can´t a man have some privacy?"

Surprised by Greg´s harsh tone, Hodges had for the first time no answer ready and left at once.

Greg sighed, relieved, and washed his hands. He looked into the mirror over the sink and observed his flushed face and shiny eyes. Good Heavens! I can´t go out there right now. Everybody will notice what has happened to me. Nick will notice. He is already suspicious. I have to wait awhile. He leaned against the wall. I can wait - when Grissom can wait, I can wait. But I don´t want to wait. Not anymore.

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