Secrets - 5/24

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: PG
Category: Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: Breaking the Ice
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: Keeping a secret
Warning: Pre - Slash, a few spoiler for the 2. season
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Word Count: 882
Released: June 2003
Beta: Sarah, Monika

In the dead of night, Catherine rushed through the lab and fetched her test results from Greg. After that, she went over to Grissom, who was sitting at his computer.

Greg observed them both closely.

Catherine spoke to Grissom, but he didn´t show any reaction.

Finally, Grissom turned around and seemed to listen to Catherine´s report, but he had a confused expression on his face.

Just a few days ago, Greg had learned that Grissom´s mother was deaf. Since the day of their very personal conversation over a game of chess, Greg had started to watch Grissom frequently. In fact, he couldn´t take his eyes off Grissom anymore. He knew that he behaved unreasonably but was drawn to go on anyway. The distinct feeling that something was wrong with Grissom kept him going. It didn´t matter that he felt pretty guilty for snooping around Grissom; he just couldn´t help it. A few things awakened Greg´s interest in particular. Sometimes, Grissom looked confused when he spoke to others. Occasionally, his cell phone rang awfully long before he seemed to be aware of it. When Greg had forgotten something and called Grissom back, he didn't seem to hear him.

At first, Greg hadn´t thought much about it, but then the occurrences increased. Also, he remembered the incident with Sara again, when Grissom had misunderstood her as she had handed him over the evidence. Greg began to wonder. This wasn't like Grissom. He always worked with total accuracy.

The day of their game of chess had been a terrific day; Greg kept in his memory every detail, because he had never been so happy since he had started to work in the CSI lab.

Grissom hadn´t heard the kettle whistle.

Even when he finally did, he had accused Greg that his babbling had distracted him from everything else. Maybe Grissom´s reaction had been so intense because I touched a sore point, Greg assumed. Grissom´s confession about his mother´s deafness had been the most surprising news. Greg had felt totally baffled. How had it happened? Had Grissom´s mother had an accident, had it been an illness, or was it innate? So many questions but no answers.

Greg´s attention returned to Grissom, who was still sitting at his computer on the other side of the hallway. Catherine had left. Finally, Greg had come to a decision. He was going to ask, to pop the question: "Grissom what´s going on with you?" A simple question. Straightforward. Sure. As quick as the thought had popped up in his mind, he felt terribly nervous. Still - it had to be done. Even with a stomach that felt like a solid rock. Slightly trembling, he walked over to Grissom and stopped right behind his chair. Looking at the computer over Grissom´s shoulder, he waited in silence.

Grissom turned around and snapped at him. "What is it, Greg!?"

"I-I only wanted to see what you are working on," Greg stammered. I only wanted to be close to you.

Grissom glared at him, and Greg shivered with pleasure. For an instant it felt so damn good just to be looked at by him.

Grissom turned around and concentrated on the monitor again. After three seconds, he burst out: "How long will this actually last?"

"I´m just interested," Greg mumbled shyly. "I always like to learn something new." Especially from you. Jeez! Get a grip. He is your boss...your irresistible boss.

Grissom grumbled but didn´t complain any further.

For a short time, they remained in peaceful silence, and Greg considered himself very lucky. He could be as close to Grissom as possible and this without a good reason.

The harmony was quickly interrupted by Nick. "Hi Grissom, I have some great news about my case."

Watching the monitor, Grissom didn´t notice Nick until Greg softly nudged him. "Thanks for teaching me."

Nick frowned, puzzled.

Grissom threw Greg a killing glance. Embarrassed, Greg rushed out.

Alone, he was reflecting on the moment. From what he had learned he could only come to one conclusion. Obviously, Grissom didn´t hear very well anymore and tried to hide this from all the others. Why? Greg didn´t know for sure. Maybe Grissom feared losing his job as a CSI? What shall I do now? Confront Grissom with a direct question? Impossible. A man who always gives me the feeling of being a little schoolboy, who can make me nervous all the time, whose smallest praise can satisfy me, who can hurt me with every critical remark, whose mere presence makes me happy. The one, who can make me go down on ... In a split second, Greg forbade himself to think any further. He glanced back over his shoulder as if somebody could have read his mind. How could he take the liberty of reproaching Grissom for having a secret at all, while he himself hid something too? Had hidden it for some time now. Something, he could never reveal to anyone. Especially not to Grissom. Just forget about it. What does Grissom´s health matter to me? Haven´t I got enough problems of my own? Be smart. Just let it go. It´s none of my business. I have to take care of my own life. Be reasonable. Just once. Greg sighed unhappily and went back to his boring paperwork.

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