Review for Salemīs Lot

Author: Stephen King
Published: 1975
By: Doubleday
Genre: Horror
German Title:
Brennen muss Salem
The town Jerusalemīs Lot, which is taken over by vampires. Their leader is Mr. Barlow. Exactly at this time the writer Ben Mears comes back to the town of his childhood. He and a few others fight against the evil, which gathered in the Marsten House. But they will pay a high price for their resistance.

Itīs one of the scariest and best books I ever read. I read it already 3 times. In German and in English. I loved it in English even more. Kingīs style is so poetic. I cried over my favorite character, who was killed off cruelly. At night I never touched the book, or even look at it, so scared I had been. But I loved it too much to stop. I even read it again. How silly, isnīt it ? There is no real Happy-End and no Love couple is getting together forever. Only death and tears and suffering. But itīs although a great story about the strength and weakness of human nature. But most of all it is so thrilling.


Stephen King