Lt. Andrew "Andy" Flynn - Quotes & Moments

6. Season

Sanctuary City Part 2

"Addicts don't need a reason to use, just an excuse."

Sanctuary City Part 3

"With the addict it's the disease calling the shots not the person."

Sanctuary City Part 4

"I'm her husband - almost."

"Right this way, your somewhat holiness."

Conspiracy Theory Part 1

"Police work keeps you young. Just look at my wife."

5. Season

Present Tense

"You can´t time love."

Skin Deep

"Those were implants? I wondered why they looked... so artificial."

"It´s funny. You would have thought her breasts kept her afloat."

Tourist Trap

"To Mike... and to Badge of Justice."

4. Season

Turn Down

"That argument began with the words I do."

Personal Effects

"If a rapist stops drinking what you get is a sober rapist."

Targets of Opportunity

"You waste of flesh."

3. Season

Frozen Assets

Provenza: "I tell you about my first job."
Flynn: "Cabin boy on the Mayflower? Oh no. Dishwasher at the last supper?"

"Well, I get the part about where you chop off our heads and put them on ice and we´ll live forever..."

"The Pope doesn´t play dress up. Alright, well, not as a cop."

"Underappreciated. That´s the way life works for us."

Don Not Disturb

"You heard her, Romeo. She´s fine."

Jane Doe #38

"No matter how hard their lives, girls try to make things prettier."

"Someone turn down that stupid music."

Sweet Revenge

"I´ll give you some advice. Stay away from windows."

Down the Drain

"You caught in the flood sometimes you drown."

Chain Reaction

"Hold on there, Rudolph."

Internal Affairs

"Shut up a little while we finish."

Special Master Part 1

"Anything else the freak wants? Massages? Breakfast in bed? What?"

2. Season

Final Cut

"It´s nice to see where the other half cheats."

False Pretenses

"Psycho jerks."

I, Witness

"You better run, you idiot."

Rules of Engagement

"You can remain silent, too, sweetie."

The Deep End

"Most of the people there hate me. Yeah, yeah."

Pick your Poison

"Slut dust. O-kay."

All In

"Yeah, yeah. Magic Beans."

Andy blurts out that he sees a psychiatrist.

Year-End Blowout

"Sometimes men say things like I´m gonna marry you just to get-"

1. Season


"This is the user list for gun heaven."

Before and After

"Dirtbags got deals. It happens every time."

"I hate court."

Medical Causes

"Hey, funny guy. You sing and dance, too?"

"Cough it up!"

The Ecstasy and the Agony

"Tell me about myself. Anything."

The Shame Game

"I don´t make crap up. Ever."

Cheaters never prosper

"Antifreeze isn´t the only thing here that smells off."

"It doesn´t matter. I want to arrest him because I can´t stand listening to him anymore."