Lt. Andrew "Andy" Flynn - Quotes

7. Season

Repeat Offender

Provenza: "The King is dead."
Flynn: "Yeah. Long live the Pope."

To Serve with Love

Flynn to Provenza: "Anything that begins with you whispering always ends with other people shouting."

Flynn: "Look, we´re Law Enforcement, and we´re doing it, so that makes it legal."

Forgive us our Trespasses

Flynn: "Funny how in every family there is always an odd man out."
Gabriel: "What is that suppossed to mean?"

Star Turn

Flynn: "Somebody is been watching CSI."

Fresh Pursuit

Flynn: "You wanna meet our newest contender for asshole of the year?"

Road Block

Brenda: "Quietly, Lieutenant."
Flynn: "As a grave, chief. As a grave."

Fool´s Gold

Flynn: "That rubber glove was worn by robbers in a robbery that we let happen."

Flynn: "If I could just-"
Brenda: "That´s it. Not yet."

Last Rites

Flynn: "Well, we can all stop wondering if the Pope is catholic."

Flynn: "Says the guy goes to confession twice a week."
Sanchez: "You should try it, Andrew. It feels good."
Flynn smiles.

Flynn: "Commander, his holiness, the pope, requests your presence."

Armed Response

Flynn: "A pink bra and a twelve pack of condoms. That´s what I call optimistic."

Provenza: "Cannabis, candles and condoms. Sounds like young romance."
Flynn: "You put it to music, yeah."

The Last Word

Flynn: "I know that he sued us, but nobody in here is gonna tell him. I mean Gabriel is not in the room."
Brenda: "Andy!!! That´s enough. I´m serious."
Flynn: "Well, I´m serious, too. Because if I had done what Gabriel had done I would at least have the decency to leave."
(Yeah, sure. How many times did you fuck up in the last seven years? Sorry, but you´re not fair at the moment.)
Brenda: "Excuse me." She gives him the look and leaves the room.

Flynn: "Does it look okay?"
Sanchez: "Chief?"
Brenda: "It looks exactly like the..." - "It looks like love. That is what it looks like. Looks like love."

6. Season

The Big Bang

Flynn: "Maybe he was scanning the neighborhood for...uh...heavenly bodies?"

Help Wanted

Brenda: "Lieutenant Flynn, what can you tell me about Jeff Walters."
Flynn: "He´s a talent agent, so we know he´s an asshole."

In Custody

Suspect: "Did she O.D.?"
Flynn: "Yeah, on lead."


Brenda: "Some day this may all get played in court."
Flynn: "No hablar espanol."

Provenza: "Please tell me that you´re not calling the chief?"
Flynn: "Calling a cab."

Executive Order

Flynn to Brenda: "You should have let me take the shot."

Old Money

Flynn: "Don´t drink even if your ass is falling off."

Flynn: "So there is a hell."
Brenda: "You´re not there yet, Lieutenant."

Brenda to Flynn: "You take care and - keep your hands off the nurses." (Listen to your woman!)

Provenza about Flynn: "Chief, don´t worry, he won´t do much, like usual."

Fritz: "You better figure out what you want."
Brenda: "I already know what I want." (She is looking at Flynn the very moment! :O)

Living Proof (1)

Gabriel: "Who do you want to send with me?"
Brenda: "Ah...Lt. Provenza can you spare an Elf?"
Provenza: "Flynn."
Tao: "Flynn."
Flynn: "What? Why me?"
Buzz: "You better at your real job."

An ugly game

Flynn: "Addiction doesn´t discriminate, chief. Park Avenue or the park bench. Can happen to anyone."
Brenda: "Yes, but addiction isn´t a crime, Lieutenant."

Flynn: "Guy´s coming down from crack, chief. There is a tough road ahead."
Brenda: "Well, maybe you can help him out."

Flynn: "Guess, that´s me. Now I´m waiting on crack kids. Excuse me."
Taylor: "Since you´re getting coffee anyway, could you..."
Flynn: "No." (Maybe he´s getting coffee for a suspect if Brenda says so but that doesn´t mean he would get it for Taylor. *grins*)

5. Season

Products of Discovery

Woman: "God doesn´t reward the sinner, right?"
Flynn: "No. No, he doesn´t."

Brenda: "What are they doing there?"
Flynn: "She´s giving him a peek. Flashing her breasts or something."

Blood Money

"You already met Kitty."

Flynn: "Chief?"
Brenda: "Yes?"
Flynn: "Provenza is wearing a brand-new tie. It´s brand-new."
Brenda: "Something to investigate later."

Red Tape

Tao: "The murder weapon is probably ..."
Brenda: "...a revolver."
David: "Which would explain why there were no casings found at the crime scene."
Brenda: "Sergeant, please, you are not allowed to be part of this investigation." - "Yes, Lieutenant?"
Flynn: "Chief, a revolver would explain why there were no casings at the crime scene."
Brenda: "Thank you."

Brenda: "What were they doing in their car for an hour?"
Flynn: "Well, they´re a divorce couple, you know, working things out."
Provenza: "Oh, good for them. A realationship based on love is worth fighting for. Isn´t it?"
Flynn: "Who are you?"

Walking back the Cat

Brenda: "But do it quietly. Offline - off the radar - off the grid."
Flynn: "Like it never happened, chief."
Brenda: "Thank you."

Flynn: "We joining the FBI, but it´s only temporary, like love."

Agent: "We expect you all to behave like FBI agents."
Flynn: "I solemnly swear to act as stupid as possible."

Brenda to Flynn: "Be nice!"

Half Load

Ricardo Ramos: "Well if it wasn´t a robbery why else would someone want to kill him?"
Flynn: "You want an alphabetical list?"
Ricardo Ramos: "Fire away."
Flynn: "A: Asshole. B: Because. C: Criminal."

"Gang. Gang. Gang. Gang. So I´m guessing Reggie´s death has something to do with gangs."

Tapped Out

Flynn to Provenza: "You know what´s making you feel older? Your age."

Smells Like Murder

"Duct tapes is never a good thing."

Flynn: "Chief, we´re calling him Jack, like in Jack-in-the-Box. You get it?"
Brenda: "Yes, Lieutenant, I get it."

Brenda: "We can´t say for sure that Mr. Box was actually murdered."
Flynn: "We know that he was broken in half and folded into an ice-cooler." *laughs* "That´s just suspicious to me."

Dr. Terrence: "You rang?"
Flynn: "Oh Jeez!"

Maternal Instincts

Brenda: "Any other witnesses?"
Flynn: "Ermh...well...yeah...a couple of people said they saw someone with a gun."
Brenda: "Really? Who?"
Flynn: "A woman in a brown dress with blond curly hair."
Brenda: "...that´s horrible."
Provenza: "Well, not completely. One of the witnesses described you as being in your early thirties."
Flynn smiles encouragingly at Brenda.

Waivers of Extradition

Flynn: "The killer and I quote looked like a ninja."
Brenda: "A ninja?"
Flynn: "Well, you know, husband´s breathe was about 40 BAC; when I drank like that I saw ninjas too."

The Life

Flynn: "Watch the puke, Chief!"

Make Over

Attorney: "We have a huge problem here."
Flynn: "Yeah, about the size 44D."

Flynn: "Oh yeah, he´s a real lady."

Flynn: "She´s a woman now. Maybe she´ll change her mind."

Flynn: "So? You´re ready to go, Louie?"
Provenza: "Call me that just once more and Georgette won´t be my only ex-partner without a penis."

4. Season

Speed Bump

"It´s amazing, Commander. Two pieces of bullshit in one sentence."

"Excuse me, please, I need to throw up a little."

Brenda: "I wanna know who sent these flowers."
Flynn: "Don´t bother."
Brenda: "And why would I not bother, Lieutenant?"
Flynn: "I sent the flowers."
Brenda: "Please, tell me why, Lieutenant?"
Flynn: "Because it´s the anniversary of Carly´s death and I wanted Roy never ever to forget what he had done. Because I wasn´t going to."
Brenda: "So you sent him flowers?"
Provenza: "And a card."

Brenda: "You do understand that the right thing for me to do is take you off this case."
Flynn: "Please, don´t."

Life Wire

"There is your answer. If it´s new it can´t be LAPD."

"What´s the matter? Your medicare shoes don´t like to walk up hill?"

"I never liked big rings on a guy."

Dial M for Provenza

"Chief, we have guns, we can stop this."

Suspect: "You know, what I can tell about you. You hate women."
Flynn: "No, just you."

Problem Child

"Ain´t love grand? Jesus Louise!"

Split Ends

"Make-up girl...uh...woman." - "Well, according to this make-up girl...woman..."

Time Bomb

"Chief, you get upset with us when we break the rules, you get upset with us when we follow the rules, if you wanna be fuss for pulling you out of a bomb scene, be my guest."

Flynn: "Hey, Provenza, that robot looks like you running."
Provenza: "You´re so full of it, Flynn. You know that I don´t run."

Good Faith

Flynn: "You want my opinion, chief?"
Brenda: "Yes, Lieutenant."
Flynn: "I was surprised, but I liked the lemon cream. It held up."
Brenda: "Thank you, Lieutenant. I´ll make sure and tell my mom."

Junk in the Trunk

"We just found a big, big round pig in a small, square hole."

"There is so much of this guy you can´t see. He´s like an iceberg."

Power of Attorney

"Just when you thought you heard it all."

Fate Line

Brenda: "Are you sure this is important?"
Flynn: "My guts says yeah."
Brenda: "Ooohhhhh... okay...."

Double Blind

"I swear to God, I´m not making this up."

"I was just looking at girls... looking for girls... uh... women."

3. Season


Brenda: "Lieutenant Flynn, you´re okay?"
Flynn: "Are you?" (emotional!)

Flynn: "I´ll go with him, Chief." (angrily!)
Brenda: "No, you won´t Lieutenant." She leads him away.

Provenza: "Flynn´s acting like he wants to be the short straw."
Flynn: "I´m not the one eligible for retirement here."

Flynn: "You don´t believe this little prick´s story, do you?"
Brenda: "Please! Sit with Mr. Darcy until I´m ready to speak with him again."
Flynn pouts off!
Brenda: "Impossible!" (very emotional!)

Grave Doubts

Flynn: "Here she comes."

Flynn teases Provenza.
Brenda: "Please, Lt. Flynn, leave Lt. Provenza alone."

Saving Face

Brenda: "How is this my fault?"
Pope: "Two words. Flynn and Provenza."

Brenda: "Flynn!"
Flynn: "What are you yelling at me for, Chief? She walked in and started slapping me."

Dumb Luck

Gabriel: "Where is the Chief?"
Flynn: "Ah...she´s right over there. I´d recognize these legs anywhere."

Flynn: "He´s a control freak. Now he takes some medicine for it. I can find out the name if you like?"
Brenda: "No, thanks, Lieutenant."

Four to Eight

Provenza: "There is something wrong with her. I´m telling you. Something."
Flynn: "So? Who here is going to ask her about it?" (Not me. That´s for sure.)


Alone in the elevator.
Flynn: "I´ll do what we can, Chief."
Brenda: "Thank you, Lieutenant. I appreciate it."

She was hurt. He sends flowers and a card.
Brenda: "Remember Chief, when recovering from shock it´s important to keep your legs elevated." - "For heaven´s sake."


Flynn: " wanna come along?"
Brenda: "What´s the address?"
Gabriel: "If you give her that address I swear to God I´ll tell Pope - Chief Pope."
Flynn: "Sorry, Chief."

Question on the board: Who would want to kill Chief Johnson?
Flynn: "We gonna need a bigger board."

Flynn: "Who´s gonna interview who?"
Provenza: "Call it." (He flips a coin)
Flynn: "Tails."
Provenza: "Heads." (He walks away not showing him on which side the coin came down)
Provenza forces Flynn to interview Brenda and he is not thrilled.
Flynn: "Sorry, Chief, this is a little awkward for me."

Culture Shock

Flynn keeps teasing Gabriel and Daniels about their relationship.
Brenda: "Knock it off, Lieutenant!"

Lover´s Leap

Flynn: "Maybe she (the deceased) saw a tree down there she wanted to hug."

'Till death do us part (1)

Flynn: "Look, Chief, you have an easier time finding Santa Claus."

'Till death do us part (2)

Suspect: "It´s okay, honey."
Flynn: "Don´t lie to your daughter."

Flynn: "You see, Chief, when I used to drink I could be a little bit of an asshole."
Provenza: "Imagine that, if you can."

Next of Kin Part 1

Brenda: "Okay, who wanna inform the relatives?"
Flynn: "Ho. Ho. Ho." (Sweet of him.)

2. Season

Blue Blood

Flynn: "What about my nuts?"
Brenda: "Excuse me?"
Flynn: "Are my nuts allowed in here?"
Brenda: "Do they have sugar on them, Lieutenant?"
Flynn: "No. They´re salty."
Brenda: "Well, there´s your answer then." Hilarious!

Mom´s Duty

Flynn: "Chief, I´m right about this. I swear, I´m right."
Brenda: "You better be."

Brenda: "Lieutenant, you need to wait outside, please. Now. Get out! Thank you!"
She throws him out of the house.

Flynn: "So I can talk again?"
Brenda: "Yes."

Brenda: "Thanks to Lieutenant Flynn´s determination..."


Flynn: "He said that she was a bossy, micro-managing bitch, but he respected her, even though she was stingy on the compliments, I mean, you know the type, Chief."

They celebrate Brenda´s birthday. She blows the candles out.
Provenza: "Guess she didn´t get her wish."
Flynn: "How do you know?"
Provenza: "Cause you´re still here."

Brenda: "Never interrupt my interview when you´re in the room with me again. And stop letting your emotions get the best of you."
Flynn: "How come every time I get upset about something, you say I´m emotional?"
Brenda: "That would take months to explain." (scene was cut out of the episode)

To Protect and to Serve

Brenda: "Lieutenant Flynn, with me, with me, with me."

Brenda: "It´s just a bomb threat."
Fritz: "Well that´s always a drag, huh?"
Flynn: "Not always."

Flynn: "What isn´t on this list?"
Brenda: "I´m so glad you asked. Thoughtful."
He smiles.

Heroic Measures

Provenza: "We have to go to Robbery Homicide."
Flynn: "This is complete crap." (Gosh! He changed completely.)

Brenda: "Lieutenant Flynn and Provenza. Please report to Robbery Homicide and give Det. Ross a hand."
Flynn:" Ross, huh? Yeah, I´ll give him a hand, alright."

The other woman

Flynn: "Chief, you want me to hold some of those boxes for you?"
Brenda: "No, thank you."

Brenda: "Sergeant Gabriel, Lieutenant Flynn, would you please bring him to me?"
Flynn: "Special Delivery."


Brenda: "Given the numbers of homicides that are drug-related, we are going to have to smooth things over with them. Okay, Lieutenant Flynn."
Daniels: "Flynn is going to be our good will ambassador?"
Flynn: "What?"

Brenda: "Anything else we don´t have?"
Flynn: "We don´t have any Post-it-Notes. I used them all writing down Captain Traffic´s messages for you."

No good Deed

Brenda: "Listen, do you think the two of you could look for my purse? It´s big and it´s black..."
Flynn: "Trust us, Chief. We know what your purse looks like."

Pope´s ex-wife appears and tells everybody about Brenda´s and Pope´s former affair. Flynn is utterly stunned.
Flynn: "Wait a minute? I mean, we´re not talk about what just happened here?"
Brenda: "No. I don´t think so. No."
Flynn: "Chief, look, listen..."
Brenda: "If you could look through Mr. Curtis..."
Flynn: "Chief, wait one second."
Provenza: "Did you go deaf all of a sudden? She said no."

Flynn: "I mean, if she´s banging the boss, I wanna know." ( for whatever reason)

Serving the King Part 1

Brenda: "Thanks for your help, Lieutenant Flynn. I know you have other work."
Flynn: "That´s okay, Chief. I´ve got Gabriel covering it."

Brenda asks Gabriel and Flynn to go behind Taylor´s back.
Flynn. "I´ll help you in any way I can, but mainly because I really miss hearing the word please."
They smile at each other.

Flynn: "Well, sir, we don´t get paid to like people."
Pope: "That´s good, Flynn, because we don´t have that kind of money." (scene was cut out of episode)

Serving the King Part 2

Ross: "Great working with you guys."
Flynn: "Yeah. Bye."

Brenda: "Lt. Flynn can fill you in on the details."
Flynn: "I can?"

Brenda: "Germany doesn´t determine citizenship by birth or residency. Only by bloodline."
Flynn: "Still?"
Brenda: "Yeah."
Flynn: "Really?" (why, yes)

Flynn: "Tar pits in the middle of the city. And they say LA has no center."

Shootout at an observation.
Brenda: "What was that shot? What was that shot? Who´s hurt? Was anyone hurt? Lieutenant Flynn? Sergeant Gabriel?"

1. Season


Brenda: "Look, since you´re getting emotional about this, why don´t we..."
Flynn: "I don´t get emotional. I am damned angry." (anger is not an emotion?)

About Face

He´s back.
Flynn: "Hi, Chief. Remember me?"
Brenda: "Of course I do. Lieutenant Flynn."

Flynn: "Men don´t usually off their wives over someone they met two weeks ago."
Brenda: "That´s the voice of experience, I suppose?"


Flynn: "That doesn´t seem right. She loves the rules."

Flynn: "I think we may have found the chink in our Chief´s armor-plated wonderbra."

Brenda to Flynn: "However, if we find ourselves reduced to pursuing alternatives of a dubious legal nature or should the sun explode, I promise to reconsider your suggestion."

You are here

Brenda describes the behavior of an autistic boy.
Brenda: "He´s very intelligent, but he does have issues. He´s unemotional, frequently says inappropriate things. He´s very literal-minded. He gets fixated on minor details, he gets agitated when his routine is altered and he´s extremely uncooperative when anything or anyone gets in the way of him doing what he wants."
Flynn: "Does he have a Georgia accent?"

Batter up

Flynn: "Hey, Chief."
Brenda: "Yes."
Flynn: "What about me?"
Brenda: "You. Lieutenant. You. You can man the tipline."
Flynn: "But we already caught the guy."
Brenda: "I know. But you never know who might phone in, and who would transfer those calls to Captain Taylor if you weren´t here?"

L.A. Woman

Taylor: "What is it that you need? Another pair of hands?"
Gabriel: "Yeah."
Flynn: "I´ll go." (he volunteers in a split second)
Gabriel: "I mean, that would be great. Only..."
Taylor: "Only what?"
Gabriel: "Well, sir, Lieutenant Flynn´s one of our best guys here at the department, but he and..."
Flynn: "The bitch hates my guts. You can say it, Gabriel."
Gabriel: "I don´t want to say that, but..."
Flynn: "I don´t care." (Really?)

Brenda: "Lieutenant Flynn, a pleasure as always."
Flynn: "Yeah."

Flynn: "Tell her I said hey."
Gabriel (on the phone): "Hey, chief."
Flynn smiles. (scene was cut out of the episode)

Fatal Retraction

Flynn: "You must be so happy right now. Can´t wait to see me get ripped apart. God."
Brenda: "You know what? In the general scheme of things, you matter to me about as much as a June bug in July." (Oh, that hurt.)

Flynn to Taylor: "You wanna gloat to someone you´re close to? Grab a mirror, Captain. I´m applying for permanent transfer to her squad."

Standards and Practices

Brenda: "Lieutenant Flynn, your resignation surprised me the most of all. The whole time I´ve been here, you´ve never said one complimentary thing about or to me."
Flynn: "Chief, you have really great legs."