Sgt. David Gabriel - Quotes

7. Season

"You are with delight."

"If I´ll find a big umbrella here I´ll make you some shade."

"Looks like we found Cinderella."

"So where did he got lost? On Mount Pepperoni?"

"Santa is not gonna like this."

"I´m not catholic."

"This is not a subject. This is my life. This is my everything."

"Do not touch me."

6. Season

"Don´t go Junkie on me, okay? This is a new suit."

"Excuse me, Chief...ah...C-Chiefs."


"I hate to say this, but I don´t think we´re gonna be able to get high enough."

4. Season

"If I were you, sir, I'd put my ass back in that chair."

"You can call me David, or Mr. G actually, that´s what the kids call me."

"Looks like we took a wrong turn in Transylvania."

"I can be hilarious."

3. Season

"I thought our job is to protect and to serve."

"The outpouring of sadness for this woman so far is...touching."

2. Season

"I think I just became a vegetarian."

"No and no."

"People think being the boss is great. It´s not. It´s hard work."

"So when you say special job, you mean special like as in Special Olympics or special bus?"

"A mini-van. How many porn stars live here?"

"We are not the wrong people."

1. Season

"Miss Atlanta doesn´t know I´m here."

"I heard you the first three times you said it."

"I can´t believe our best lead came from Rain Man."

"That is not a litterbox!"

"What is it with you white people and whips?"

"You don´t have to worry. The bodies aren´t going anywhere."

"This is L.A. The sun shines 329 days a year. That squint is not working for me."

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! You have the right to remain silent. Why don´t you use it? Just for a minute. Really."