Sterek - Quotes

6. Season

10. The Wolves of War

"You didn't think you're doing this without me, did you?" Stiles says to Scott.
"Without us?" Derek says.

Stiles: "So I learn that the FBI has cornered this feral mass-murdering unsub..."
"I found a group of hunters gathering in a meeting place," Derek interrupts him. "I was trying to get information."
"Well, the FBI found out about it too, and they were planning a SWAT assault to take him down. Dead or alive," Stiles talks on, looking at Derek. "And, as we all know, though, with Derek, it's preferably dead."
"Preferably," Derek agrees dryly.
"So I convinced them to take me on the Field Op."
"You convinced the FBI to bring an intern onto an extremely dangerous field operation?" Lydia says, incredulous.
"I'm surprised he didn't convince them he could lead it," Derek says.
Stiles looks at him. "I tried. Didn't work. Anyway, long story short, I basically, you know, had to save his life."

"That's not how it happened," Derek interrupts Stiles's heroic tale.
Stiles looks at him. "Yeah. I may have left out a detail, but that's the gist of what happened. It was the essential essence of it."
"You couldn't walk," Derek says.
"I was limping," Stiles corrects him.
"You couldn't walk and I know that because I was carrying you," Derek counters, looking at Stiles.
"They shot my toe. You want to see it?" Stiles says, pouting.
Derek rolls his eyes and looks at the pack.
"My toe was caught in the crossfire. It was obliterated!"
"Okay, forget your toe," Lydia says.
"Obliterated," Stiles insists.

"Okay, so you're telling me we gotta go up against this thing blind?" Stiles says. "And face our deepest fear?"
"Yeah? Why? What do you fear the most?" Scott says.
"Blindness," Stiles confesses.
"Becoming blind?" Derek says, surprised.
"Yeah, terried of it. Always have been," Stiles says, looking directly at Derek. "This just seems to be a situation of unfortunate overlap."

4. Season

2. 117

Derek accepts Scott because he’s an Alpha, though he is confused by Stiles’s presence.
“And who is he? Who are you?” Only the one who is keeping you alive.
Stiles: "Oh, we are the guys keeping you out of jail." slightly annoyed because Derek doesn´t know what he had done for him
Scott: "Let us help you."
Derek: "No."
Stiles: "Okay, dude, you almost tore apart two cops back there. You need to listen to us and that starts with no fangs, no claws, no wolfman, you got that?"
Derek: "I´m fine as long as if it is not on the full moon."
Scott: "You still have trouble on the full moon?"
Derek: "I said I´m fine."
Stiles: "Alright, are you coming with us or not?" Playing the tough guy!
Derek: "You want me to trust you?" (looking directly at Stiles! Aw!) "Where´s my family?"
Scott: "There was a fire and... they are not here anymore. They are fine."
Scott lies to Derek after all, keeping his heartbeat steady. He just can´t bear the look in Derek´s teary eyes. Stiles looks at his best friend, puzzled, and keeps his mouth shut.

Stiles: "We’re just gonna wait here for Scott, we’re gonna sit quietly, and we’re not gonna call or talk to anyone."
Derek: "Do I talk to you?"
Stiles: "No."
Derek: "Good."
Stiles: "Fine." Stiles looks and sounds slightly hurt now.
They run into Scott’s father.
Derek: "Because I can talk to him."
Stiles: " you getting taller?"
Raphael: "What are you guys doing here?"
Derek: "Waiting for Scott."
Raphael: "So am I. We´re supposed to have dinner. I brought extra. Are you guys hungry?"
Derek: "Yeah."
Stiles: "No. We´re not hungry."
Derek: "No, I´m starving."
Stiles: "Neither of us are hungry. Thanks, though."
Raphael: "Okay, well, if you´re not hungry, Stiles, your friend can still eat with us. What’s your name?"
Derek: "De-"
Stiles: "Miguel. It’s m-my cousin Miguel...from Mexico. So..."
Derek looks at him, baffled. Stiles puts his arm around Derek´s shoulders, squeezing. Derek doesn’t mind the touch, no; he smiles, and plays along. The older Derek wouldn’t have done that.
Raphael says something in Spanish.
Stiles: "Oh my God."
Derek baffles Stiles by replying in Spanish, too.
Raphael: "Fantastic. Egg roll?"
Derek: "Hell ya."
Stiles: "Fantastic. Egg roll!"

Raphael: "So, Miguel. What you said your last name was?"
Stiles: "It´s uh... Juarez... Cinqua... Diago..."
Derek looks at Stiles like he is the strangest human boy he had ever met. Yeah, nothing we are not used to.
Raphael: "That´s...uh...that´s a mouthful. How do you spell that?"
Derek looks at Stiles, amused. Ha! Caught. Now show me what you´re made of.
Stiles: "Phonetically."

Derek smashes Stiles against the wall, face forward. Young Derek even has his hand in Stiles´s hair. Aw!
Stiles: "Okay, I didn´t lie. I omitted certain truths. Vital truths now that I´m thinking about it."
Derek lets go of Stiles.
Derek: "I won´t talk to you. I want to talk to the Alpha. I´ll talk to Scott." That´s harsh to the boy who is keeping you alive.
Stiles: "Okay. I´m gonna go get him. The phone is downstairs. I´m gonna call him real quick, you stay here, just don´t move, okay? Don´t move."
Stiles leaves the room. Derek just stares, puzzled. The next second Stiles rushes back.
Stiles: "Don´t. I thought you..." He leaves again.
Derek hadn´t moved an inch and looks even more confused now. He doesn´t get Stiles.

6. Orphaned.

Stiles: "Hey, Derek! How about a little werewolf strength?"
Derek: "Yeah, I´m not the only one here with werewolf strength."

11. A Promise to the Dead

Stiles: "What the hell happened?"
Derek: "It was supposed to be a date."

12. Smoke & Mirrors

Derek: “We´re really bringing him?” pointing at Liam
Stiles: “We´re really bringing him?” pointing at Peter

Derek: "I brought something to help you. This has been with my family for centuries. It´s a very powerful, supernatural talisman. We use it to teach betas how to control themselves during the full moon."
Stiles: "Yes. It´s powerful." He clears his throat. "It´s very powerful."

Derek: "Okay, look at the triskelion. See the symbol? I have a tattoo on my back. It´s the same thing. Each spiral means something."
Stiles: "Alpha, Beta, Omega."

Derek: "Betas can became Alphas."
Stiles: "Alphas can become Betas."

Stiles: "Oh. Derek, I don´t think that powerful talisman of self-control is working."

Stiles: "I don´t think Alpha, Beta, Omega is resonating with him."
Derek: "Do you know any other mantras?"
Stiles: "Yeah, I do."

Liam: "For a minute there I thought I would tear the two of you apart."
Stiles: "Yeah, that would have made for an awkward ride home, so, thanks."
Derek just nods his agreement.

Liam proves to Derek that he has control now and unsheathes his claws.

"I wouldn’t mind actually being able to do this," Stiles says. And then he looks at Derek. Derek looks back.

3. Season

1. Tattoo

Scott: "Do you know what the word tattoo means?"
Stiles: "To mark something." (He winks at Derek.)

Derek: "Pain´s gonna be worse than anything you´ve ever felt."
Stiles: "Ah. That´s great. Oh. Wow. That´s a lot for me. So I´m gonna take that as my cue. I´m just gonna wait outside."
Derek: "Nope. You help hold him down."

2. Chaos rising

Derek: "How long?"
Stiles: "It´s the internet, Derek." - "Okay, minutes."

Stiles: "What do think you´re gonna do, Derek? You´re gonna punch through the wall?"
Derek: "Yes, Stiles, I´m gonna punch through the wall."
Stiles: "Okay, big guy. Let´s see it. Let´s see that fist. Big ol´ fist. Make it. Come on. Get it out there. Don´t be scared. Big bad wolf. (Oh my God!) Yeah. Look at that. Okay, see this? This is maybe three inches of room to gather enough force to punch through solid-"
Derek punches against Stiles´s hand.
Stiles: "Ah. Ah. He can do it."
Derek: "I get through the wall."
Stiles: "Ah."

Stiles: "Can someone kill him (Peter) again, please." He looks at Derek.

Derek: "What about you?"
Stiles: "Yeah, if you want me to come..."
Derek: "Not you!"
Stiles: "Scott."

10. The Overlooked

Derek: "Don´t stop. Don´t stop. Stiles!"

Derek: "Quiet." Not Shut up.
Stiles: "Me, be quiet? Me, huh? You´re telling me what to do now? When your psychotic, mass murdering girlfriend, the second one, you´ve dated, by the way, has gotten my dad somewhere tied up where he´ll be ritually sacrificed?"
Scott: "Stiles, they are still out there."
Stiles: "And they want her, right? Which means now we don´t have her, either. So my dad and Cora are both dead."
Scott: "Not yet."
Derek says not one word in the whole time Stiles is shouting right into his face.

Stiles picks up a defibrillator.
Stiles: "What about these?"
Derek: "You know how to use those?"
Stiles: ""
Derek: "Put them down."
Stiles does.

11. Alpha Pact

Stiles: "Derek! Derek, come on!"
Derek: "Where is she?"
Stiles: "Jennifer? Gone, with Scott´s mom."
Derek: "She took her?"
Stiles: "Yeah, if that´s not enough of a kick to the balls Scott left with Deucalion, okay? We gotta get you outta here, the police are coming right now, and we gotta get you the hell out of here."
Derek: "Whoa! What about Cora?"

24. The Divine Move

The nogitsune: "Did you bring us a present?"
Derek: "I brought two."
The nogitsune: "I´ve heard of an alpha pack, Derek, but not a pack of former alphas. It´s a little sad, isn´t it?"
Derek: "I might not be an alpha anymore, but I can still fight like one." Not really Sterek

Derek: "It was a dream. Actually it was more like a nightmare."
Stiles: "Okay? What happened?"
Derek: "It started with these hunters that caught Peter and me. That´s why we left Cora. There is family of them nearby named Severo. They broke into my loft."

Stiles: "Who was it?"
Derek: "There´s a lot of myths about how people can be turned into a werewolf. Usually a bite. There´s one about rainwater."
Stiles: "Drinking rainwater out of the puddle of a werewolf´s print."
Derek: "There´s another one."

Stiles: "Derek, if this was only just a dream, why do you look so worried?"
Derek: "Because I don´t remember waking up. tell me how do you know? How do you know if you´re still dreaming?"
Stiles: "Fingers. In dreams you have extra fingers."

Derek: "It´s real."

2. Season

2. Shape Shifted

Stiles: "Okay, now the keys to every cell are in a password protected lockbox in my father's office. The problem is getting past the front desk."
Derek: "I'll distract her."
Stiles: "Whoa, whoa, whoa–you? You're not going in there. I'm taking my hand off."
Derek: "I was exonerated."
Stiles: "You're still a person of interest."
Derek: "An innocent person."
Stiles: "An–you? Yeah, right! Okay, fine. What's your plan?"
Derek: "To distract her."
Stiles: "Uh–huh. How? By punching her in the face? Unh."
Derek: "Heh, by talking to her."
Stiles: "Okay, all right. Give me a sample. What are you gonna open with? Dead silence. That should work beautifully. Any other ideas?"
Derek: "I'm thinking about punching you in the face."

Stiles: "How did you do that?"
Derek: "I'm the Alpha."

4. Abomination

Stiles: "Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh."
Derek: "Stiles."
Stiles: "Derek."
Derek: "What did you see at the mechanics garage?"
Stiles: "Uh, several alarming EPA violations that I'm seriously considering reporting. Holy God."
Derek: "Let's try that again."

Derek: "Run!"
Stiles: "Derek, your neck! Hey, come on. Where is it? Can you see it?"
Derek: "I can smell it. Please hurry. Call Scott! Stiles, ah-"
Stiles: "Where did it go? Do you see it?"
Derek: "No."
Stiles: "Okay, maybe it took off."
Derek: "Maybe not."

Derek: "You get me out of here before I drown."
Stiles: "You're worried about drowning? Did you notice the thing out there with multiple rows of razor sharp teeth."
Derek: "Did you notice I'm paralyzed from the neck down in eight feet of water?"
Stiles: "Okay. I don't see it."
Derek: "Wait, wait, wait, stop, stop."
Stiles: "What's it waiting for?"

Stiles: "Okay. Okay, I don't think I can do this much longer."
Derek: "No, no, no. Don't even think about it."
Stiles: "Would you just trust me this once?"
Derek: "No."
Stiles: "I'm the one keeping you alive, okay, have you noticed that?"
Derek: "Yeah. And when the paralysis wears off, who is gonna be able to fight that thing, you or me? You don't trust me I don't trust you. You need me to survive, which is why you are not letting me go. Stiles!"

Derek: "It's called a kanima."
Stiles: "You knew the whole time."
Derek: "No. Only when it was confused by its own reflection."
Scott: "It doesn't know what it is."
Derek: "Or who."
Stiles: "What else do you know?"
Derek: "Just stories, rumors."
Scott: "But it's like us?"
Derek: "A shape–shifter, yes, but it's– it's not right. It's like a–"
Stiles: "An abomination."
Scott: "Derek? We need to work together on this. Maybe even tell the Argents."
Derek: "You trust them?"
Scott: "Nobody trusts anyone! That's the problem. While we're here, arguing about who's on what side, there's something scarier, stronger and faster than any of us, and it's killing people and we still don't even know anything about it."
Derek: "I know one thing, when I find it? I'm gonna kill it!"

7. Restraint

Derek: "Hold her up."
Stiles: "Is she dying?"
Derek: "She might, I– which is why this is gonna hurt."
Stiles: "You broke her arm!"
Derek: "It'll trigger the healing process. I still gotta get the venom out. This is where it's really gonna hurt."

8. Raving

Stiles: "Hey, um, so we kind of lost Jackson inside, but it's– oh, my God. It's working. Oh, this is– I did something."
Derek: "Scott?"
Stiles: "What?"
Derek: "Break it."
Stiles: "What? No way."
Derek: "Scott's dying!"
Stiles: "Okay, what? How do you know that?"
Derek: "Oh, my God, Stiles, I just know! Break it!"
Stiles: "Ah–"

10. Fury

Derek: "This is the one controlling him? This kid?"
Matt: "Well, Derek, not everyone's lucky enough to be a big, bad werewolf. Oh, yeah, that's– that's right. I've learned a few things lately. Werewolves, hunters, kanimas. It's like a frickin' Halloween party every full moon. Except for you, Stiles. What do you turn into?"
Stiles: "Abominable snowman. But, uh, it's more of, like, a wintertime thing, you know, seasonal."
Scott: "Hey!"
Stiles: "You bitch."
Derek: "Get him off of me."
Matt: "Oh, I don't know, Derek. I think you two make a pretty good pair. It must kinda suck, though, to have all that power taken away from you with just a little cut to the back of the neck. I bet you're not used to feeling this helpless."
Derek: "Still got some teeth. Why don't you get down here a little closer, huh? We'll see how helpless I am."
Stiles: "Yeah, bitch."

Stiles: "Hey. You know what's happening to Matt?"
Derek: "I know, the book's not gonna help him. You can't just break the rules, not like this."
Stiles: "What do you mean?"
Derek: "Universe balances things out. Always does."
Stiles: "Is it because he's using Jackson to kill people who don't deserve it?"
Derek: "And killing people himself."
Stiles: "So if Matt breaks the rules of the kanima, he becomes the kanima?"
Derek: "Balance."
Stiles: "Will he believe us if we tell him that?"
Derek: "Not likely."
Stiles: "Okay, he's gonna kill all of us when he gets that book, isn't he?"
Derek: "Yep."
Stiles: "All right, so what do we do? Do we just– do we just sit here and wait to die?"
Derek: "Unless I can figure out a way to push the toxin out of my body faster. Like triggering the healing process."
Stiles: "Wha– oh, what are you doing? Aw, gross."

Stiles: "So is that hypothetical situation we talked about getting any less hypothetical?"
Derek: "I think so. I can move my toes."
Stiles: "Dude, I can move my toes."

Derek: "Take him! Go!"

1. Season

1. Wolf Moon

Derek: "What are you doing here? Huh? This is private property."
Stiles: "Uh, sorry, man, we didn't know."
Scott: "Yeah, we were just looking for something, but... Uh, forget it. Uhm. All right, come on, I gotta get to work."
Stiles: "Dude, that was Derek Hale. You remember, right? He's only like a few years older than us."
Scott: "Remember what?"
Stiles: "His family. They all burned to death in a fire, like, ten years ago."

2. Second Chance at First Line

Stiles: "Okay, just so you know, I'm not afraid of you. Okay, maybe I am. Doesn't matter. I just wanna know something. The girl you killed... she was a werewolf. She was a different kind, wasn't she? I mean, she could turn herself into an actual wolf, and I know Scott can't do that. Is that why you killed her?"
Derek: "Why are you so worried about me when it's your friend who's the problem? When he shifts on the field, what do you think they're gonna do. Just keep cheering him on? I can't stop him from playing, but you can. And, trust me... you want to."

4. Magic Bullet

Stiles: "You've gotta be kidding me. This guy's everywhere--"
Scott: "What the hell? What are you doing here?"
Derek: "I was shot."
Stiles: "He's not looking so good, dude."
Scott: "Why aren't you healing?"
Derek: "I can't. It was--it was a different kind of bullet."
Stiles: "A silver bullet?"
Derek: "No, you idiot."

Stiles: "Hey, try not to bleed out on my seats, okay? We're almost there."
Derek: "Almost where?"
Stiles: "Your house."
Derek: "What? No, you can't take me there."
Stiles: "I can't take you to your own house?"
Derek: "Not when I can't protect myself."
Stiles: "All right. What happens if Scott doesn't find your little magic bullet? Hmm? Are you dying?"
Derek: "Not yet. I have a last resort."
Stiles: "What do you mean? What last resort? Oh, my God. What is that? Oh, is that contagious? You know what, you should probably just get out."
Derek: "Start the car. Now."
Stiles: "I don't think you should be barking orders with the way you look, okay? In fact, I think if I wanted to, I could probably drag your little werewolf ass out into the middle of the road and leave you for dead."
Derek: "Start the car, or I'm gonna rip your throat out... With my teeth."

Stiles: "Does Northern blue monkshood mean anything to you?"
Derek: "It's a rare form of wolfsbane. He has to bring me the bullet."
Stiles: "Why?"
Derek: "'Cause I'm gonna die without it."

Stiles: "Okay. You know, that really doesn't look like anything some echinacea and a good night of sleep couldn't take care of."
Derek: "When the infection reaches my heart, it'll kill me."
Stiles: "Positivity just isn't in your vocabulary, is it?"
Derek: "If he doesn't get here with the bullet in time... Last resort."
Stiles: "Which is?"
Derek: "You're gonna cut off my arm."

Stiles: "Oh, my God. What if you bleed to death?"
Derek: "It'll heal if it works."
Stiles: "Ugh. Look... I don't know if I can do this."
Derek: "Why not?"
Stiles: "Well, because of the cutting through the flesh, the sawing of the bone, and especially the blood!"
Derek: "You faint at the sight of blood?"
Stiles: "No, but I might at the sight of a chopped-off arm!"
Derek: "All right, fine. How about this? Either you cut off my arm, or I'm gonna cut off your head."
Stiles: "Okay, you know what, I'm so not buying your threats any--"
Derek grabs Stiles by the shirt and pulls Stiles to him.
Stiles: "Oh, my God. Okay. All right, bought, sold. Totally. I'll do it. I'll do it. What? What are you doing? Holy God, what the hell is that?"
Derek: "It's my body... Trying to heal itself."
Stiles: "Well, it's not doing a very good job of it."
Derek: "Now. You gotta do it now."
Stiles: "Look, honestly, I don't think I can."
Derek: "Just do it!"
Stiles: "Oh, my God. Okay, okay. Oh, my God. All right, here we go!"
Scott: "Stiles!"
Stiles: "Scott?"
Scott: "What the hell are you doing?"
Stiles: "Oh, you just prevented a lifetime of nightmares."
Derek: "Did you get it?"
Stiles: "What are you gonna do with it?"
Derek: "I'm gonna... I'm gonna..."
Scott: "No. No, no, no, no."
Stiles: "Derek. Derek, come on, wake up. Scott, what the hell are we gonna do?"
Scott: "I don't know! I can't reach it."
Stiles: "He's not waking up!"
Scott: "Come on."
Stiles: "I think he's dying. I think he's dead!"
Scott: "Just hold on! Come on. Oh! I got it! I got it!"
Stiles: "Please don't kill me for this. Ugh! Ow! God!"
Derek: "Give me..."
Scott: "Up!"
Stiles: "Ow! God...That...Was...Awesome! Yes!"
Scott: "Are you okay?"
Derek: "Well, except for the agonizing pain."
Stiles: "I'm guessing the ability to use sarcasm is a good sign of health."

6. Heart Monitor

Scott: "Just make sure we can get inside. He's here. Where's my boss?"
Derek: "He's in the back."
Stiles: "Oh, well, he looks comfortable."

Derek: "I'm gonna kill both of you. What the hell was that? What are you trying to do, attract the entire state to the school?"
Scott: "Sorry. I didn't know it would be that loud."
Stiles: "Yeah, it was loud. And it was AWESOME."
Derek: "Shut up."
Stiles: "Don't be such a sour wolf."

9. Wolf´s Bane

Stiles: "Get in."
Scott: "What part of laying low don't you understand?"
Derek: "Damn it, I had him!"
Stiles: "Who, the Alpha?"
Derek: "Yes! He was right in front of me, and the friggin' police showed up."
Stiles: "Whoa, hey, they're just doing their jobs..."
Derek: "Yeah, thanks to someone who decided to make me the most wanted fugitive in the entire state."
Scott: "Can we seriously get past that? I made a dumbass mistake. I get it."
Stiles: "All right. How did you find him?"
Scott: "Can you try to trust us for at least half a second?"
Stiles: "Yeah, both of us. Or just him. I'll be back here."

Sheriff: "Hey, Stiles!"
Stiles: "Yo, D—Derek. I, um..."
Sheriff: "What'd you say?"

Stiles: "I'm sor--oh!"
Derek: "If you say one word--"
Stiles: "Oh, what, you mean, like, "Hey, dad, Derek Hale's in my room... Bring your gun"? Yeah, that's right. If I'm harboring your fugitive ass, it's my house, my rules, buddy."
Stiles: "Oh, my God!"

Danny: "Who's he again?"
Stiles: "Um, my cousin...Miguel."
Danny: "Is that blood on his shirt?"
Stiles: "Yeah. Yes. Well, he gets these horrible nosebleeds. Hey, Miguel. I thought I told you you could borrow one of my shirts. So anyway, I mean, we both know you have the skills to trace that text, so we should probably--"
Derek: "Uh, Stiles?"
Stiles: "Yes?"
Derek: " fit."
Stiles: "Then try something else on. Sorry. Hey, that one looks pretty good, huh? What do you think, Danny? The shirt."
Danny: "It's--it's not really his color."
Stiles: "You swing for a different team, but you still play ball, don't you, Danny boy?"
Danny: "You're a horrible person."
Stiles: "I know. It keeps me awake at night. Anyway, about that text."
Derek: "Stiles! None of these fit."
Danny: "I'll need the ISP, the phone number, and the exact time of the text."

Danny: "There. The text was sent from a computer. This one."
Derek: "Registered to that account name?"
Stiles: "No, no, no, no. That can't be right."

Scott: "Man, you're not gonna play if you're not here to start."
Stiles: "I know. Look, if you see my dad, can you tell him-- tell him I'll be there, I'll just be a little bit late, okay? All right, thanks."
Derek: "You're not gonna make it."
Stiles: "I know."
Derek: "And you didn't tell him about his mom, either."
Stiles: "Not till we find out the truth."
Derek: "By the way, one more thing."
Stiles: "Yeah. Oh, God! What the hell was--"
Derek: "You know what that was for. Go. Go!"

Stiles: "Yeah, I said I can't find her."
Derek: "Look, ask for Jennifer. She's been looking after my uncle."
Stiles: "Yeah, well, he's not here either."
Derek: "What?"
Stiles: "He's not here. He's gone, Derek."
Derek: "Stiles, get out of there right now--it's him! He's the Alpha! Get out!"
Peter: "You must be Stiles."
Nurse: "What are you doing here? Visiting hours are over."
Stiles: "You...and him. You're-- you're the one who-- Oh, my-- and he's-- Oh, my God, I'm gonna die."
Peter: "That's not nice. She's my nurse."
Derek: "She's a psychotic bitch helping you kill people. Get out of the way."
Stiles: "Oh, damn."