Punishment - 11/24

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: PG13
Category: Romance, Angst, Humor
Series/Sequel: Breaking the Ice
Summary: Grissom has to punish Greg
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Warning: Slash, M/M
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Word Count: 1.538
Released: August 2003
Beta: arizonaicerose

Every employee at the DNA Lab was working busily to help solving the two recent murder cases. Everyone but Greg Sanders who did only the most necessary. He didn´t care that Hodges had called in sick or that the others were rushing around madly.

The reason for Greg´s change - Gil Grissom - was wound up in his own problems. Realizing Greg´s obvious crush on him had been a total shock and had awakened his own hidden desires which he had buried for such a long time. Finally, he had admitted to himself that he was hot for a man who he considered to be unsuitable to be his... What? A one night stand? A lover? A boyfriend? Gil sighed. Impossible to even think about this. So he did what he was best at. He ignored his yearning and avoided running into Greg, as far as that was possible. Therefore he didn´t have a clue that his lab boy had lost all his eagerness and enthusiasm and that this was affecting the whole team. It was Catherine who finally came to the decision that it was inevitable to talk frankly to their supervisor. Not giving a damn about how he would respond, she went into Grissom´s office and closed the door behind her. "I have to talk to you."

Grissom looked up, puzzled. "Did something happen?"

"Oh yeah. You can say so."

"What is it?"

"It´s Greg."

"Come again, please."

"He changed a lot. He isn´t joking around anymore, he doesn´t do overtime, he snaps at everyone. It seems he hates his work. The team is under a lot of stress but he doesn´t care."

"What do you want from me? Shall I talk to him? Fire him? Greg still suffers from a post-trauma. Strange behavior is just normal after a lab has exploded right into your face."

"No Gil. That´s not it. Talk to him. Show him your concern. Take interest in his work, his efforts and his abilities," Catherine pressed him, determined.

Grissom was aghast. "What are you insinuating? That his behavior results from a lack of concern I show for him? You know how ridiculous this sounds?"

"Come on! You know exactly how desperately this boy is longing for your approval. Since the day, he started to work here. But for some time now you´ve avoided him. He is suffering because you have taken your attention away. I can only guess why and it´s none of my business. Just fix it, please. The team would be grateful, but mostly me. You know why. Greg deserves to be happy after all he´s been through."


Grissom felt stunned and dismayed. "Alright. I´ll talk to him," he agreed finally. "Send Greg to my office now."

Catherine nodded, pleased, and left Grissom alone.

Grissom stayed put, pretty perplexed. Nothing like that had ever happened to him. What the hell should he do now? He didn´t quite believe that Greg was really behaving this way because of him, even if Catherine had affirmed it. But he was determined to find out.

It took Greg five minutes to come to his office. That was new. Greg´s defiant look was another rareness.

Grissom came right to the point. "I was told that your workmates are unhappy with your attitude."

"Oh really? I take care of my duties and then I go home. I had the impression that´s the way it works. Nobody appreciates overtime and ambition anyway."

Grissom winced. He was sure Nobody was aimed at him. Catherine had been right. It was his fault. He had to fix it. "Tell me what bothers you."

"Nothing!" Greg was lying, Grissom realized. He didn´t even dare to look at him.

"It must be something."

"I don´t wanna talk about it. It´s none of your business."

Grissom gave up. "As you wish. Go back to work and change your attitude. That´s an order!"

Greg´s eyes flashed and their color turned almost black. He stormed out and shut the door with a bang.

Confused by Greg´s anger, Grissom was brooding about his feelings, until Catherine burst in. "Thank you very much for talking to Greg. He is leaving the lab right now."

Sheepishly, Gil stared at Catherine. "Leaving?" he asked with a thin voice.

"Leaving!" she yelled at him.

Grissom stumbled to his feet. "Calm down! I will take care of it."

Catherine didn´t look convinced.

"I promise!" Grissom shouted and rushed to the locker room. There he found Greg, already changed and ready to go home. "We will talk this through. Tell me instantly what´s the matter with you?"

Greg shrugged. "Oh, like you care. I already told you. It´s nothing in particular. I just don´t feel ambitious anymore."

"Is it because of me?" Grissom asked directly.

Greg laughed bitterly. "What a stupid question. You know, at the hospital, and when I had trouble with my hands shaking, I really believed, we could become friends. But you made it very clear it´s never gonna happen. You are my boss. That´s it."

He was terribly unhappy, Grissom realized, and that he didn´t like it. He took Greg´s arm and led him to the back corner of the locker room.

Greg didn´t resist.

"So, you´re behaving this way because of me. Why?"

"Why do you care?" Greg whispered, astonished.

Grissom came closer. "Guess."

Greg noticed the strange situation. He was alone with his boss who was only a few inches away.

"I see you are not willing to stop your insubordinate behavior. You want to put me on edge, don´t you?"

"No," Greg disagreed, defiant. "I don´t." In the next second, he fell silent, almost swallowing his tongue.

Grissom was closer than ever, his blue eyes were sparkling brightly. "I think you need to be punished." Grissom flashed him a grin.

Greg was glued to the spot he was standing on.

Grissom grabbed Greg´s neck. Pulling him yet closer, he shut Greg´s gaping mouth with his lips.

Greg´s anger just faded away.

The lips of his boss were gently licking and teasing, his tongue lingering on the outside, waiting for an invitation.

Impatiently, Greg pressed himself tighter to Grissom´s firm body. Encouraged, Grissom´s kiss became more demanding and Greg opened his mouth to let him in. Slowly, Grissom´s tongue was exploring his inner flesh. Impassioned, Greg kissed him back, his head was spinning. What is happening? I´m kissing my boss. Have I lost my mind? This is crazy. I have to stop! Just push him away and say something like ´Let go of me!´ or ´Are you nuts?´. He did not. The kiss felt too good. It was soft, intense and sweet. Greg melted away and wrapped his arms around Grissom´s body. Snuggling fully against him, he stopped thinking.

Promptly, Grissom let go of him. "Enough," he mumbled in a low voice.

Greg loosened his embrace, disappointed. He was panting heavily.

Grissom stroked caressingly through Greg´s hair. "For the moment."

Trembling, Greg was unable to speak.

"Go back to work and behave yourself." Grissom softened the strict order by adding fondly: "Otherwise, I have to punish you much more. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," Greg whispered shyly.

Smiling about Greg´s formality, Grissom kissed him quickly and took his hand out of Greg´s hair.

Greg turned around and hurried out, not looking back.

Grissom stayed on for a few seconds, licking his lips. They tasted sweet. This boy´s flavor is delicious.

Greg rushed to his workplace and dropped into his chair. Just sitting for some time, he wasn´t able to do anything. Grissom kissed me. My boss. My supervisor. Me. Jesus! Why? As punishment, Grissom had told him. But Greg didn´t feel punished at all, rather excited and aroused. It was like in one of his dreams. Only better.

His thoughts were interrupted by Nick. "Oh, back again. And so soon. What a surprise. Did Grissom finally tell you, you are the best lab boy he ever had?"

"What are you talking about?!" Greg flew into his face.

"You look so flushed. I have the feeling something important happened to you. Am I wrong?"

"Yes! You are very wrong! Nothing happened, nothing at all."

Precisely this moment, Grissom stopped by and said casually: "Please test these samples, Greg. I´ll be back in one hour to get the results."

Grissom was smiling exceptionally friendly, Nick noticed, surprised.

In contrast, Greg couldn´t look at any of the men. "Yes."

Grissom walked out.

"Nothing?" Nick mocked. "You are kidding, right? After weeks of not noticing you at all, he just gave you back his attention? Suddenly, you are his favorite lab boy again. May I ask why did you come back anyway? You told everybody in the lab, you were leaving."

"NONSENS!" Greg overreacted. "You´re imagining things. Just leave me alone. I have work to do. GO!"

Nick shrugged, and walked out.

Greg felt totally jazzed. What is Grissom´s intention? Just having fun with me? NO! Never. Not him. But, when he isn´t teasing me...then...the kiss could have meant something. Maybe, Michael was right and Grissom is interested in me. What will happen next? More than kissing? Considering on how much Greg was fantasizing while he was doing his work it was a miracle he had the results ready on time.

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