Organ Grinder

  • Gregīs appearance: Adorable
  • 6 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Sara, Catherine and Nick

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S, G/C

  • What we learn about him:
    He has a crush on Sara.

  • Misc.:
  • Greg tries to ask
    Sara out.

First Scene:
Greg tells Catherine the result of her finding, itīs Dandruff. Catherine turns to leave the lab and Greg stops her to ask her if Sara would ever go out with him. Catherine says, "Sure. As long as you don't tell her it's a date."

Second Scene:
Greg takes a swab from the condom. Sara reads through some papers as she waits. While they are busy Greg asks her, "So I was thinking. Maybe we could take our break at the same time. Later this shift. Together." To his surprise, Sara agrees. Greg tests the swab. Sara leans in to look. Itīs semen. Sara goes back to looking at the photos. She rifles through them until she sees something. "Stripes," she says and without further explanation she walks out of the lab.

Third Scene:
Sara updates Grissom. Suddenly Greg jumps into the hallway, directly in front of Sara and Grissom. He remembers Sara they want to have their break together. Sara is sorry, she has no time. Then she is asking about the DNA results. Greg informs her and she leaves. Grissom asks Greg to clue him in. Greg is confused and blurts out: "Sara and I were just going out for dinner." Grissom only wants to know about the case. Greg turns back in to his lab. Grissom follows.

Fourth Scene:
Grissom looks through the scope at the dandruff sample, Greg is standing by. Grissom tells Catherine something new about the evidence. Catherine sighs because she missed the obvious. She heads out the lab.

Fifth Scene:
Greg is on the computer. Nick walks through the hallway. He stops when he sees Greg at the computer, pauses for a moment, then walks by. Greg does a web search for "Julia Fairmont". He finds 900 matches. He narrows the search to "Julia Fairmont" in "Nevada". He finds 4 matches.

Sixth Scene:
Sara walks by the offices. She looks and sees Greg working on the computer. She walks into the office. Greg is just printing something out for her ... on her hot case. Sara steps inside and looks at the monitor. Greg gives Sara the print out of his finds. Sara looks at it and then she leans in toward Greg: "I could really, really just kiss you right now." Smiling, Greg bashfully turns his head away from Sara. She leaves the office. When he turns back, sheīs gone. Greg sighs.

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "Hey, Catherine? Do you think Sara would ever go out with me?"
Catherine: "Sure. As long as you don't tell her it's a date."

Greg: "Sara! I was just looking for you. Still up for a break?"
Sara: "Sorry, Greggo-- hot case. I'm going to go look at Nick's champagne bottle. How you doing with our DNA?"
Greg: "Uh ... inside-outside we're still looking for a reference for comparison but the epidermals are looking promising."
Sara: "Nice." She leaves.
Grissom: "You want to clue me in?"
Greg: "Sara and I were just going out for dinner."
Grissom: "On the case, Greggo."
Greg: "Oh. Right."

Sara: "Greg?"
Greg: "Hey. I was just printing something out for you ... on your hot case."
Sara: "From the internet?"
Greg: "Yeah, I ... I was... on break, had some time ... thought ... hey ...Sorry, I drew a blank on the wife."
Sara: "I could really, really just kiss you right now."

My Comment:
Heīs so sweet, so adorable and so naive. Such a boy by all means.
First, he flirts with Catherine and then he asks her if Sara would ever go out with him. Cath stays cool as always and advices him not to tell Sara that it's a date. I donīt know, if sheīs really serious about that or if she just teases Greg. Anyhow, Greg acts on her tip and manages to get Sara to agree to have lunch with him at their break together. Sara hasnīt a clue Greg sees their lunch together as a date, she barely listens to him. When she gets close to him to look at the evidence (semen) Greg gets nervous. Sara notices something on the pics sheīs looking at and leaves Greg without an explanation. She acts just like Grissom.

Next, happy Greg ruins his plans to have lunch with Sara by reminding her right in front of Grissom. How on earth could he be so stupid? Really? What was he thinking? Well, Sara tells "Greggo" (that was sweet, Sara) sheīs too busy, rushes off and leaves Greg with Grissom. No lunch. No date. Oh Greggo. Well, maybe she is busy but maybe she doesnīt want Grissom to witness her having lunch plans with Greg.
Grissom by the way doesnīt look happy about their talk. To me he appears confused and jealous. Because of Sara or Greg? Who knows? Everything is possible.

Greg continues in being stupid by answering Grissomīs question, "You want to clue me in?" with "Sara and I were just going out for dinner." Dear sweet Greg. How could you assume that Gil Grissom, a man who never talks about private matters, his or other peoples, wants to know something personal like that from you? COME ON! THINK BOY!
Grissomīs reply, "On the case, Greggo." is in every way perfect. It sounds harsh but the use of the nickname "Greggo" implies a tease at the same time. Besides, Grissom points out to Greg that he had noticed Sara did use Gregīs nickname. Grissom is certainly displeased because Greg made a pass at Sara. The important question is "WHY". He has feelings for Sara, right. But itīs also possible he has feelings for "Greggo" and donīt want him flirting with other people at the lab.

I was surprised by the next scene with Greg and Grissom. They are standing close and appear untroubled, downright comfortable with each other. Did they already make up?

Watching Gregīs efforts to impress Sara is heart-warming. She is truly thrilled by what he found and excites him a lot by saying, "I could really, really just kiss you right now." Shyly, he turns his head away from Sara and misses the opportune moment. Oh boy.

A great episode for the G/S/G triangle.