Marius Josipovic & Julia Bowman - Quotes

3. Season

The Double Up and Back

Julia: "You... fucking... motherfucker! You--I know who you are! I spoke to Bagwell. He fucking told me your real name! It's... You are not my cousin!"
Marius: "You're fucking crazy. What the fuck are you doing?!"
Julia: "You are Marius Josipovic."
Marius: "Who the fuck is that?"
Julia: "You're Marius Josipovic."
Marius: "My mother was here. She thinks I'm her son."
Julia: "You're Marius Josipovic. You're Marius Josipovic."
Marius: "Maybe she's not your aunt, huh?"
Julia: "Stop lying to me!"
Marius: "Maybe everybody's lying to you!"
Julia: "Stop! Enough! Enough. I'm gonna go tell them."
Marius: "Like you told Bagwell? You didn't say anything to Bagwell. 'Cause if you did, he'd be here right now putting handcuffs on me."
Julia: "He's on his way."
Marius: "No, you didn't say anything. 'Cause you knew it would bring up a whole lot of questions about dead cops and money laundering."
Julia screams.
Marius: "And storage facilities in Mount Vernon."
Julia: "Oh..."
Marius: "You were smart."
Julia: "Fuck."
Marius: "You were trying to protect your family."
Julia gasps. "Oh, my God, you're a horrible person."
Marius: "What did I do that was so horrible?"
Julia: "You want a list?"
Marius: "I helped you."
Julia laughs. "You he--you... Wh-What did you even want from us?"
Marius looks at her. Silence.
Otto comes out of the house. "Hey! Pete!"
Marius wipes his face and puts on a smile.
Otto: "Pete. Holy mackerel, what the hell'd you do to your car? What's going on here?"
Marius: "Oh, uh, um... Oh, uh, Julia's, uh--Julia was-was texting and driving, and her foot slipped off the brake."
Julia: "I wasn't texting."
Marius: "Yeah, okay, she tried to run me over."
Julia: "I just missed him, too."
Marius chuckles.
Otto: "Everybody okay? Anybody hurt? You need me to call, like, a tow truck, or..."
Marius: "No, no, no, I-I'll call a tow truck. Yeah. I mean, you know, it's a piece of shit anyway. It's fine."
Otto: "Julia, don't text and drive, huh? Geez."
Marius: "Right."
Otto: "Hey, I-I was just making dinner. I'll put on an extra plate. I'm really glad you're here."
Marius: "Me, too."
Otto laughs. "Audrey! Pete's back. Turn down the music." Otto goes back into the house.
Julia: "You're not staying for dinner. Get out of here."
Marius: "I can't drive anywhere."
Julia: "Take my fucking car. Leave it on the train station, leave the keys on the tire."
Marius: "What?"
Julia: "Get... out of here!"
Marius goes. She turns away, swallowing her tears. Then she turns back watching him getting into the car. He wipes his face a second time and looks at her one last time. Then he drives away. She goes into the house, not telling anyone about Marius' true identity.

Taylor: "I thought that I was the man that she had been waiting for. Knight in shining armor. It's all a bullshit story I made up in my head. I wasn't a knight. I was a-an addict. I was addicted to her."
Marius: "Yeah, it's emotional heroin. We all have one of those."
Taylor: "Who's yours?"
Marius: "No, it doesn't matter. It doesn't..."
Taylor: "No, tell me. Tell me."
Marius: "No, no, no, no, no."
Taylor: "Tell me. Come on."
Marius: "You ever have... a perfect dance partner? You just move together in all the right ways, instinctively?"
Taylor: "Sounds good."
Marius: "Well, it was until it wasn't." (Yeah, well, he doesn't say her name though.)

Marius: "So what are we gonna do about Julia?"
Taylor: "I don't-- what can we do?"
Marius: Well, I have an idea, but I don't think you're gonna like it."

Julia: "How'd you raise the money to bail me out?"
Taylor: "Pete."
Julia: "Pete? I thought Pete left. H-He was supposed to leave."
Taylor: "It was a family crisis."
Julia: "Where is he?"

Audrey: "How did you do it?"
Marius: "A good magician never reveals his tricks."
Audrey: "I'm gonna need you to do better than that."
Marius: "Eh-- the important thing is that Julia's not in jail anymore. Right?"

Otto: "The rug rats are upstairs. They're sleeping."
Julia: "What about Pete?
Otto: "Yeah, Pete's right over... W-Where's Pete?"
Marius is gone.

The Huckleberry Jones

Marius: "People need to be incentivized. You, you have to convince them that telling their secret is better than holding on to it. Not better for you. They don't care about you. Better for them. It's a trade. They tell you the truth, and you give them something they want. How, uh... how's Julia doing?"
Carly: "Grandma fired her."
Marius: "How's she taking it?"
Carly: "I mean, she says she's fine but she has Lance as a lawyer, so that's a whole..."
Marius: "Right."
Carly: "Are you gonna come back?"
Marius: "Uh... I-I-I don't know. Not right now."

Carly: "Yeah, Pete said that if I could figure..."
Julia: "Pete? Why were you talking to Pete?"
Carly: "I told you. I'm asking everyone. Wh-Why shouldn't I talk to Pete?"
Julia: "He's not a good--he's-he's not an honest-- Don't talk to Pete."
Carly: "Fine. You know, just skip it."

Julia: "And don't talk to Pete anymore."

Vignetti: "I need to converse with you about a man named Marius Josipovic."
Julia: "No. No way. I don't want to talk about that guy, I don't want to hear about that guy, I want nothing to do with Marius Josipovic."

The Stamford Trust Fall

Julia: "Hi. We need to talk."
Marius: "Uh, I'm so sorry. This is, uh--this is my former assistant."
Julia: "Hi. Wait, your what?"
Marius: "Okay, I'm s-- I-I'm-- I thought you never wanted to see me again."
Julia: "I don't."
Marius: "Oh. Good. Well, that's great. And you're welcome for getting you out of jail."

Marius: "How did you find me?"
Julia: "I'm a skip tracer. That's what I do."
Marius: "Bye."
Julia: "You owe Pete."
Marius: "No, I don't. Good-bye."

Julia: "Damn right. He opened two in one night for me. 'Cause I was more than just his assistant."
Marius: "Okay. Come on. Let's go."
Julia: "I mean, you guys get that, right?"
Marius: "Let's go. Come on."
Julia: "Make sure he opens one of the '37 for you! They're so good!"
Marius: "Okay, so that-that was not cool, all right? That was not cool the first time. That was definitely not cool the second time."
Julia: "Pete Murphy."

Pete: "So, she'd have to con her way in."
Julia: "And lies and cons are your specialty."
Marius chuckles mockingly.
Julia makes a face.

Marius: "All right, so, I'll help you get your package. But we got to go to the farm first."
Pete: "For real?"
Julia: "What? No. No. No way."
Marius: "Then I'm not gonna help you get the package. That's my price."
Pete: "Come on."
Julia sighs.

Marius: "That Scarsdale thing was pretty funny."
Julia: "Slept with a guy from Scarsdale. Total prick."
Marius: "I didn't need to know that."

Marius: "How much did he pay you to set me up?"
Vignetti: "She merely had me call the Connecticut attorney general and have her family's bail license restored."
Julia: "I know how much you love family."

Julia: "Hey. Hey!"
Marius: "I-I-I can't believe you lied to me and set me up."
Julia: "It was for the license."
Marius: "Good on you."
Julia: "It was for Audrey and Otto, and you fucking deserved it."
Marius: "I would never do that to you."
Julia: "You--- Look. Vignetti said he would give me a job. Okay? He-he said if I got you to help me track down this Sy Rubinek, he would give me a job, a real permanent job, so I could afford a real lawyer and not go to prison, and not be away from my kids."
Marius: "Julia, that guy will never catch Sy Rubinek."
Julia: "He caught you."
Marius: "No. No. You don't want to let Sy Rubinek out of the box. Nobody's ever laid a glove on him. He's smart and he's mean and he's ruthless. And he's paranoid."
Julia: "So it's a challenge. You'd be on the right side for once. Nobody chasing you."
Marius: "No, there is no right side. There's just a bunch of sides and people and their stupid reasons."
Julia: "No. Ju-Just, just..."
Marius walks away.
Julia: "Oh, God."
Marius: "Yeah."

Julia: "He just called me and asked me to come."
Marius: "Sy Rubinek. I'll find him. I'll set him up. I'll help you take him down, but I want $400,000."
Vignetti: "Done."
Marius: "And the Bernhardts get to keep their license, no matter what."
Vignetti: "Agreed."
Marius: "And her. I don't see her. She doesn't come near me. But she still gets a lawyer."
Vignetti: "No."
Julia: "What? Why-why not?"
Marius: "Well, then I'm out."
Vignetti: "I'll give her the lawyer, but you're gonna see her. I don't possibly trust you, so she's gonna go everywhere you go. She's gonna be my eyes and ears."
Marius: "But you trust her?"
Vignetti: "She hates you."
Julia: "Don't I get some say in this?"
Vignetti: "Do you want a job or not?"
Marius: "Anyone but her."
Vignetti: "Her."
Marius: "Fine."

The Vermont Victim and the Bakersfield Hustle

Julia: "You're still angry with me."
Marius: "Well, you never apologized."
Julia: "What-- apologize for what?"
Marius: "What-- you-you set me up. I mean, I, you know, I-I would-- and I would never do that to you."
Julia: "Oh." She laughs. "I was trying to avoid prison so I could raise my kids. What was your excuse again?"
Marius: "Yeah, I'm the Devil, all right."
Julia: "Okay."
Marius: "You're Miss Goody Two-shoes, all right?"
Julia: "Yeah. Yeah, that's what I was trying to say."
Marius: "And you're welcome for getting you out of jail. All right?"
Julia: "Huh? What?"
Marius: "You set me up like that. I can't believe it."

Kilbane: "What do you think? Can I, uh, can I trust Mr. Josipovic here?"
Julia: "No. Not remotely. But that's why you have me, to watch him like a hawk."
Marius smiles.

Marius: "You think I'm a terrible person. But, really, I'm just honest about human nature."
Julia: "No, you're a terrible person."
Marius: "Okay, well, if we're gonna do this together, you're gonna have to sink down to my level."
Julia: "Oh, no, no, no. I'm just the babysitter. You're the con man."
Marius: "I didn't have to choose you. I got Vignetti to pair us up because I thought we would work well together."
Julia: "Ch-Choose me? I was jammed down your throat."
Marius: "Oh, really? Is that what you think? That's really cute." (Right. ;)) "Julia, what is it you think I do?"
Julia: "Lie to people, pretend to be their cousin, steal their money."
Marius: "No, I'm a confidence man. I earn people's trust and then I exploit that trust to get whatever I want."
Julia: "So you're a thief."
Marius: "No, no, no. I'm not a thief. I don't reach into people's pockets and steal things. Okay, sometimes I reach into people's pockets and I, and I steal things, but that's beside the point."
Julia: "When is he contacting us?"
Marius: "I don't know. It could be five minutes, it could be five hours. Listen, I get people to give me what I want by making them think that they want to give it to me. And if I do my job right, they walk away feeling good because they've decided that they wanted to do it."
Julia: "So you're a saint."

Marius: "The story is that you're my girlfriend and we're on a romantic getaway."
Julia: "Gross."
Marius: "And it-- you know, it's October, we'll see the leaves change."
Julia: "Fine. So what's my name?"
Marius: "Your name's Julia, and you're a... you're a kindergarten teacher."
Julia: "Why am I a kindergarten teacher?"
Marius: "Because it's something you know about."
Julia: "Oh, oh, you mean, because I'm a mom?"
Marius: "No."
Julia: "My kids are my whole identity?"
Marius: "What's wrong with that?"
Julia: "No, I'm not gon-- I don't want to be a kindergarten-- I want to be something else. I want to be a-a-a... a... chef."
Marius: "Where'd you train?"
Julia: "I, uh..."
Marius: "You're a kindergarten teacher."
Julia: "Fine."

Marius: "Anybody who says co-parent has no idea what it is to be a mom."
Julia: "Are you saying that to be nice? Or because you want me to think you're nice?"
Marius: "I want you to think I'm nice. I mean, I do. Don't you want me to think you're nice? I think you're nice."

Marius: "Uh, this is, this is my girlfriend, this is-- uh-uh... We-We're-we're on our way up north to see the leaves change. Uh, this is Julia."
Julia: "Hi."

Julia: "How's it going?"
Marius: "It's not. Thanks for asking."

Marius: "What'd she say? I heard you talking to her."
Julia: "It's done; she said she's gonna make the painting."
Marius: "Good."
Julia: "Yeah."

Hickey: "Hey... I'd hang on to her (Julia) if I were you."
Marius has no reply and just walks away.

Marius: "So we got Hickey, that's good. You did good." - "You don't have to feel guilty."
Julia: "I don't."

The Invisible Man

Julia: "You watch her."
Marius: "No, I don't really know-- With kids, I'm... I'm not good with kids." (Since when?)
Julia: "You want us to get to the city on time? Make that waffle disappear?"

Julia: "You-you taught my kid..."
Marius: "They're life skills."
Julia: "Don't teach them these things."

Marius: "You're not gonna go to jail. Okay?"
Julia: "See, it's-it's when you say things like that... that I worry."

Julia: "I ju-- Motherfucker!"

Julia: "What? Shut up. It's just--"
Marius: "I didn't say anything."
Julia: "It's-it's not your problem."
Marius: "Okay, give it to me. Give it to me."
Julia: "Yeah, after I'm done."
Marius: "You don't want that. Come on."
Julia: "No, you're right, you know what? I don't actually want this, I want about eight lines of cocaine, but I don't do that anymore because I have responsibilities."
Marius: "That was a lot of information." He smiles. "Okay, what-what... what can I do?"
Julia: "You can convince a billionaire to give us $ 75,000 so that we can finish this thing with Sy fucking Rubinek and you can ride off into the sunset."

Marius: "I got an idea."
Julia: "No."
Marius: "No, no, no. If-if you could go to California, would that help things?"
Julia: "I can't."
Marius: "But if you could? Would-would you want to go?
Julia: "Of course I would, but I can't."
Marius: "Okay, well, maybe we can. I mean..."
Julia: "Stay out of my family's business!"
Marius: "You're so angry."

Julia: "Stop it."
Marius: "I just think you need to be there for Carly."
Julia: "You don't get to think about Carly. You can think about anything else, puppies, clouds, I don't give a shit. I have kids..."
Marius: "Who have a father."
Julia: "...and a court case, and you to watch out for while we try to catch Sy Rubinek, and Sy Rubinek is here, not California."
Marius: "Okay, we're going to California."
Julia: "We're not going to California."
Marius: "We're going to California."
Julia: "You say California one more time..."
Marius: "You can stay here, I'll go to California."
Julia: "...I will rip your throat out!"

Julia: "What the hell are you doing?"
Marius: "I'm getting on the plane."
Julia: "We are not going to California. You're gonna tell them Sy Rubinek has changed his mind."
Marius: "I think that would be a little suspicious."
Julia: "Why are you trying to destroy my life?"
Marius: "It's gonna destroy your life if you don't get on the plane."
Julia: "We can't do this? How can we do this? You were supposed to ask for $ 75,000 for Hickey, not tell them Sy's in California."
Marius: "I'm gonna get the money for Hickey, and in the meantime, you're gonna be able to see Carly and Audrey."
Julia: "I-I don't want to see Carly and Audrey. I mean, I want to see them, but my-my freedom depends on you catching Sy Rubinek, and Sy Rubinek never once said anything about California."
Marius: "He didn't not say anything about California."
Julia: "I am not getting on that plane."
Marius: "Get on that plane."
Julia: "No..."
Marius: "Julia, get the-- Julia, this is all gonna be fine. It's all gonna work out."
Julia: "How? How? How? How will it work out?"
Marius: "Julia."
Julia: "What?"
Marius: "Julia. Julia."
Julia: "What? Marius."
Marius: "There is no Sy Rubinek. There's no Sy Rubinek."
Julia: "You? You, you... You, you, you... How? How? How?"
Marius: "I preload the texts in here, they come out here."
Julia: "Oh, Jesus Christ. How did I fall for that..."
Marius: "You just weren't looking out for that."
Julia: "You're a fucking monster."
Marius: "If you tell Kilbane and Vignetti, there will be no Sy Rubinek, and then they won't be able to catch Sy Rubinek, and then you'll go to prison, so get on the fucking plane, we'll talk about it later. You should call somebody about Ellen and Jacob."
Julia: "I don't need you to remind me of my kids."

Kilbane: "You don't like him, (Marius) either?"
Julia: "Whenever I feel like a terrible person, I look over and remind myself there's somebody worse." (Well, your problem is that you do like him, Julia.)

Kilbane: "Finding out a painting that you love is a forgery is like... it's like finding out that a lover has betrayed you. I mean, there they are, they're dressed in the same clothes, in the same frame, but you can never look at them the same way again." (Oh? It that how you feel about Marius, Julia?)

Julia: "I shouldn't even be here. I'm out on fucking bail. What am I supposed to do now? What do I, what do I do now?"
Marius: "Julia. Julia. You can help me with Kilbane and Vignetti. That's what you can do."
Julia: "It's all about you."
Marius: "Come on, if this was all about me, we-we-- I would've kept this in New York. I-I-- But I brought you here 'cause I was trying to be nice."
Julia: "That's not being nice, that's being a sociopath. How are you Sy Rubinek?"
Marius: "I was a kid. Nobody would take me seriously, so I started using a cutout."
Julia: "But Kilbane said he saw Sy Rubinek."
Marius: "No, I hired an actor from the Westport Dinner Theater. He was a schlub, it was funny."
Julia: "And all that money you made?"
Marius: "Eight years ago, 75% of that went to overhead."

Julia: "You're gonna screw me over, right at the end. I'll trust you, you'll run out, and I'll be left with nothing."
Marius: "I don't know what your other options are."

Marius: "Hey, I'm gonna buy us a couple of days so we-we can go out and to Bakersfield and meet your family. I'll-I'll tell Vignetti that we have some errands. It'll be good."
Julia: "Can't wait."

Marius: "Hi. How you doing?"
Julia: "I'm wearing the same underwear I had on in New York."
Marius: "You should've had the concierge send you down a three pack."
Julia: "I'm not having a stranger pick out my underwear."
Marius: "Hey, if you're gonna stay in a fancy hotel, you got to learn to enjoy the perks. I had my whole outfit dry-cleaned. It's amazing."

Marius: "We still have to make a quick pit stop in Santa Monica. It's not a big deal. We're just gonna go visit a marriage counselor."

Julia: "Tell me what I'm doing here."
Marius: "It'll be painless. 55 minutes top."
Julia: "Nothing with you is painless."

The California Split

Marius: "I'm a well-meaning person."
Julia scoffs.
Marius: "I want my wife to be happy, but no matter what I do, she thinks I have an ulterior motive."
Julia: "Because you do."
Marius: "I have a very stressful job, and in order to do what I need to do for the both of us... I need her to trust me."
Julia: "Is it my turn? My husband is a liar. He's lied from the moment I met him. In fact, today, he gave me some big story about how he was doing some important thing for my family, but really it was all about what he needed."
Marius: "If I'm gonna get you an ice cream cone, it doesn't mean I can't get one for myself."
Julia: "But just tell me what you're..."
Hickey: "Stop, stop, stop. Stop. Let's stop. Clearly, there is a lot of built-up tension. So I have to ask, do the two of you want to repair your marriage?"
Marius: "Oh, yeah. Definitely."
Julia: "Sure. Sure. I just wish that he would tell me things so I could be on the same page, you know? Just, instead of all the surprises."
Hickey: "I see. How are the other parts of your relationship? Any issues around fidelity? Sex?"
Marius: "Well, she cheated on me."

Hickey: "Okay. Um, I'd like to, uh... Okay... try an exercise, all right?"
Marius: "Yeah."
Hickey: "Um, look at each other."
Marius: "Okay."
Hickey: If you want, take hands. Now, I want you to say one nice thing about the other person."
Marius: "You're a really good mother."
Julia: "I can't think of anything." - "Fine." - "Nope. Nothing."

Julia: "I can't believe Carly got us all the way out in the middle of fucking nowhere for some ridiculous fairy tale about our mother. I mean..."
Marius: "My mother used to go away a lot. She had bad habits, and... she was in and out of rehab. There was one time she disappeared for, uh, seven months. When she got back, my brother didn't talk for a year. I don't know where she is today."
Julia: "When are you going back to steal the painting?"
Marius: "Oh, so you coming around?"
Julia: "I didn't say that. You put me in a fucking trap."
Marius: "You could get a million dollars. How is that a trap?"
Julia: "Let's just get to Bakersfield."
Marius: "Okay."

Julia: "Who was that?"
Marius: "Uh, nobody. Uh, that was my pet sitter."
Julia: "You have a pet?"
Marius: "It died."

Marius: "Hey, don't worry about the money. I'll just tell Vignetti that Sy ordered us to do a side thing, all right?"
Julia: "What am I supposed to do when you say stuff like that?"
Marius: "Well, you could flip sides and help me out."
Julia walks away. Marius chuckles.

Julia: "Thank you. You said you'd make this happen."
Marius: "Well, it hasn't happen yet."
Julia: "I know, but... We did have a deal."
Marius: "You gonna help me?"
Julia: "It's not like I have a better option."
Marius: "Good."
Julia: "It just has to work."
Marius chuckles.

The little sister

Marius: "Wait. Stay here. Stay here. Julia. Stay here."
Julia: "Why?"

Marius: "Go. Go. Julia. Julia. Julia, do you really wanna deal with the cops right now?"

Marius: "What's so urgent?"
Julia: "The authentication's tonight. Kilbane's getting antsy. Vignetti's worried he's gonna back out. So you want to do this or stay here and comfort your pretend family some more?"
Marius (scoffs): "Come on."

Marius: "I need time to run a few errands by myself."
Julia: "My only job is to stay with you."
Marius: "Yeah, but you hate that part of your job."

Julia: "I just have one quick question."
Marius: "Hmm?"
Julia: "Where's Lizzie?"
Marius: "Lizzie's not gonna be an issue."
Julia: "I have 250,000 reasons to disagree."

Marius: "I need to know that I can count on you."
Julia: "Sure. I'm a woman of my word."

The Sunshine Switcheroo

Marius: "So that's great, just like we planned, right?"
Julia: "Just like we planned."

Kilbane: "What do you think of him?"
Marius: "The guy you paid to hunt me down and turn my friends against me?" Oh, Julia is a friend.

Marius: "So you thought this would all be over, I'd be in jail by now."
Julia: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Marius: "Check your pocket."
Julia: "There's nothing in my pocket."
Marius: "Of course there's nothing in your pocket, not even a tracking device."
Julia: "Son of a bitch."
Marius: "You- You're not gonna outsmart me, Julia. It's not even a comment on your intelligence. I've just doing this a lot longer than you have."
Julia: "Where's the real Vermeer? With Lizzie? That bitch is everywhere."
Marius: "The only way out of this for you is if you start working with me and you trust me."
Julia: "You know... there's a story about a scorpion and a frog..."
Marius: "And the scorpion stings the frog, and they both drown, because it's in his nature. Everybody tells that story like nobody's heard it before. But here's the thing. Have you ever thought about the possibility that maybe the scorpion actually just wants to get to the other side of the river and he's not dumb enough to kill himself and the frog?"

Marius: "Good night."
Julia: "How soon can you get the fake from Hickey?"
Marius: "As soon as I get the 75 grand."
Julia: "How you gonna do that?"
Marius: "Good night, Julia."

Marius: "Julia's been kidnapped. Chuck's gonna kill her if he (Tex) doesn't get a million dollars."
Lizzie: "Well, looks like they're both gonna end up badly disappointed." - "No. You gave me your word."
Marius: "The situation's changed, Lizzie."
Lizzie: "Not our situation."
Marius: "If Chuck doesn't get his money, he's gonna hurt her."
Lizzie: "So she gets hurt."
Marius: "We're talking about a person's life here."
Lizzie: "Yeah. People get hurt all the time. It's a nasty, cruel world. You used to know that. That's what made you so good. We didn't care if the world burns down."
Marius: "I just need 72 hours."
Lizzie: "No."
Marius: "I'm not gonna let anything happen to her."
Lizzie: "Julia's not part of the con. Nothing comes before the con."
Marius: "We can still do the con."
Lizzie: "No! Bullshit."
Marius: "Lizzie... Lizzie, don't walk away from me."
Lizzie: "You do this again, this is over. We're not partners, we're not friends. I don't even know you."
Marius: "Lizzie, don't go. Please."
Lizzie: "You made your choice. Trust me, it's the wrong fucking one."

The Brooklyn Potash

Hickey: "Julia's in trouble?"
Marius: "Yeah, she is."
Hickey: "I'm sorry. I like her. She's a good girl."
Marius: "Yeah. I know."

Marius: "I don't want to do the same thing to Julia."
Lizzie: "Shut up!"

Marius: "I wanna see Julia."
Chuck: "Doesn't work like that. She's nearby. Don't worry."

Kevin: "She's gone."
Chuck: "What about Julia?"
Kevin: "Also gone. Lizzie tased this genius here and took the truck."
Chuck: "Well, somebody go find her. I'm not stupid. Maybe you two think I am but I'm not."
Marius: "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about. Where's Julia?"
Chuck: "You two plan this all along?"
Marius: "No. Kidnapping and extortion is your thing, pal."
Chuck: "Do you have the diamonds on you? Don't you turn your back on me, you little shit."
Marius: "You don't have Julia."

Marius: "Where is she?"
Lizzie: "You got my money?"
Marius: "Yeah, sure."
Lizzie: "So let's meet up."
Marius: "Well, where are you?"
Lizzie: "Right in front of you."

Marius: "She's in there? Huh?"
Lizzie: "Maybe."
Marius: "You fucking psychopath. Where's the key?"
Lizzie: "Where's my money?"
Marius: "Is that it? Is that all you want, and then we're done? Okay, here you go. Here's your fucking money, give me the key."
Lizzie: "This is... you fucking prick."
Marius: "Lizzie, where is she? Where is she? Where is she, Lizzie? Where is she? Don't be stupid. Where is she?!"
Lizzie: "She's in the crate."
Marius: "What do you mean?" - "Julia!"
Lizzie: "Marius!"
Marius: "Julia! Julia!"
Julia: "Marius!"
Marius: "Julia!"
Julia: "Help!"
Marius: "No, don't move! Don't move! Stop moving! No, no, no!"
Julia: "Help!"
Marius: "No, no, no, no!"

Marius: "Hey."
Julia: "Hey."
Marius: "You got that thousand-yard stare going."
Julia: "Still a little shaky."
Marius: "Yeah, that's understandable."
Julia: "Just talked to the kids. This is the longest I've ever been away from them. I don't know how I'm gonna tell 'em that... Mommy's going to jail. That's all right. It's gonna be all right."
Marius: "Yeah, it will be."
Julia: "Do you...? Do you love her?"
Marius: "I do. I was gonna say I did once, but I think once you do, you do, no matter how things work out."
Julia: "I know all about that. I am an expert in things not working out."
Marius: "Why you do that? You take every opportunity to put yourself down."
Julia: "Habit."
Marius: "No, no, smoking's a habit. Biting your fingernails. Here. I, um... I palmed these."
Julia: "What are you doing?"
Marius: "Maybe you can help Carly with her college. Or you can get a good lawyer, you don't have to go to jail."
Julia: "You're such a fucking asshole."

Audrey: "Oh, if we didn't know you were cousins, tongues would be wagging."
Julia: "Sorry. Still, you know..."
Otto: "Did you find that on the beach?"
Julia: "It was a gift."
Audrey: "Food's gonna be ready soon."
Marius: "Yeah. I should, uh, head out."
Audrey: "You all right?"
Marius: "Listen, there's something I need to tell you about me."
Audrey: "Pete?"
Otto: "No, no, no. No, no. No, no. No, no."
Marius: "You- you don't know what I'm gonna say."
Otto: "Yeah, no, I don't care what you're gonna say. Come on, you've had a rough couple of days. You got to... take it easy. Yeah, we got some food up there. Come on. You're a good boy. You're a good boy."

2. Season

The Sinister Hotel Room Mystery

Marjorie: "I assume there was a threat to go along with all this?"
Marius: "Yeah, they said they were gonna kill the whole family, starting with Julia."
Marjorie: "Oh, that's great."

Julia: "You slapped me."
Marius: "Yeah, well, they needed a little bit of a jolt. You rolled with it pretty good." He chuckles. "Is that the money for Dockery?"
Julia: "Uh, is it okay if I don't explain it right now?"
Marius: "As long as you don't tell the rest of the family that I'm still in Bridgeport."
Julia: "Why are you still in Bridgeport?"
Marius: "Hey, you know that, uh, gun you keep at the office? Carry it."
Julia: "You think that they'll..."
Marius: "I doubt it, but you never know."

Gina: "You're late."
Marius: "Something came up with my cousin."

Marius: "Get your gun and shoot through the door!"
Julia: "What?"
Marius: "Do it. Do it!"

Julia: "What the actual fuck?"
Marius: "Look, I'm sorry about that?"
Julia: "You're sorry? I almost shot someone through my door!"
Marius: "Yeah, I... I was, uh... I was actually watching your house."
Julia: "What?"
Marius: "In case that Desmond say come back. And I, uh... I didn't wanna tell you, because I, uh... because, I... I thought I was being paranoid, and then I saw somebody walk up, and I gotta freaked out, uh, so then I followed him..."
Julia: "Who was he, this guy I almost shot?"
Marius: "He was just some guy who was selling magazines."
Julia: "Oh, for fu... Why didn't you call me?"
Marius: "Uh, because my phone died."
Julia: "Then you borrow a phone. You steal a phone. I was freaking the fuck out. I had the kids go to Gloria's. I didn't know... I didn't know if something happened to you."
Marius: "Well, I'm fine, you're fine. I overreacted. I gotta go, okay?"
Julia: "Pete?"
Marius: "What?"
Julia: "Thanks for looking out for me, but never do anything like that again."
Marius: "Okay."

Marjorie: "Marius... That's seriously fucked up."
Marius: "I know."
Marjorie: "You said you'd kill yourself if they harmed Julia?"
Marius: "I had to say something." Yeah. Sure. Just tell yourself that.

Man on the Run

Julia: Why, what's going on? What is it?"
Marius: "Just stay away from that guy."
Julia: "You met him for like two seconds."
Marius: "Trust me. He's bad news."
Julia: "Do you hear how paranoid..."
Marius: "Hey. Listen to me. Stay away from him."
Julia: "Okay."

Marius: "So, um, you... you called me because you needed help with something?"
Julia: "I do. Promise you won't yell at me."
Marius: "Already sounds good." It's amazing how they connect after such a short time.

Julia: "Is it illegal?"
Marius: "No, of course not."

Julia: "What's our safe word?"
Marius: "Ow."
Julia laughs.

Marius: "Okay. That's really tight."
Julia: "Well, you want it to look real."

Julia: "Hey, Houdini."

Marius: "Uh, I'm sure that was weird."
Julia: "Tying up your cousin, what's weird about that?"
Marius laughs.

Julia: "You do (tell Audrey), I'll tie you up again and there will be no safe word."
Marius: "I cross my heart."

The Tower

Marius: "He wrecks it?" He's intrigued by Julia's made up sexual innuendo
Julia: "Josipovic?"
Marius: "No, that was a joke. It's hard to explain."
Julia: "Really? Now I'm curious. Explain."
Marius: "No, you had to be there."

6 Million Reasons you can't go home again

Julia: "This is a bit of a mindfuck."
Marius: "You have no idea."

Julia: "He likes it so much he gave me more laundry to clean."
Marius: "Shit."

Julia: "Oh, my god, I can't wait to eat those mushrooms."

The Reluctant Taxidermist

Frank: "Hey!"
Maggie: "Oh, God."
Marius: "What the fuck is he doing here?"
Maggie: "Uh, look, it was either bring him, or Julia dies, okay?"

Marius Josipovic

Pete: "So you take my name and then you take my family, and now you what? You want my mom, too? Huh?"
Marius: "You really don't know me, do you?"
Pete: "No, I do. I... I know you. I know you well enough..."
I don't want your family. I want the money."
Maggie: "Pete, listen to his words."
Pete: "What? No! He... What... He's a liar." LOL!

Julia: "Hey, didn't your probation officer call you Josipovic the other day?"
Marius: "A lot of questions."
Grandpa: "You met Pete's probation officer?"
Julia: "Uh, briefly, yeah. It was a long story." Oops. Julia tripped herself up.


Julia: "Pete?"
Marius: "Julia, don't open the door!"

Marius: "You okay?"
Julia: "Uh, been better. What are you doing here?"
Marius: "I'll tell you later. Come on, we gotta get out of here."

Marjorie: "Go back."
Marius: "I don't know. I guess there's... there's some con you could run with bail bonds."
Marjorie: "Oh, for god's sake, Marius, come on! You like them. Why can't you just admit it?"
Marius: "You really have the wrong impression of me."
Marjorie: "Really?"
Marius: "Yeah, I'm a bad person. I'm a bad person."
Marjorie: "Marius, you threatened to kill yourself if they harmed Julia."
Marius looks at her, kind of sad and unmasked.

Julia: "You." Not Pete. That's not good.
Marius: "You sound surprised."
Julia: "Shouldn't I be?"
Marius: "Listen, I'd like a... a chance to explain myself to, uh... to the family." Yeah, sure.
Julia: "Why should we believe you?"
Marius: "Julia, I... I didn't... I didn't know what to do. That's why I wanted you to carry a gun."
Julia: "Did you have Carly carry a gun? Taylor?"
Marius: "Taylor's a cop. He always carries a gun."
Julia: "Shut up."
Marius grimaces. Oh, he hurts because she's mad at him. "I was thinking I could come to the farm and... and say my piece, and then, if you never want to see me again, it's fine."
Julia: "Okay.
Marius: "Thank you."
Julia: "Look, I'm meeting someone. I've gotta go."

Julia: "This is gonna sound a little strange."
Bagwell: "You know, Miss Bowman, I work with ex-convicts. I'm live with strange."
Julia: "All right, well, my ex-boyfriend... What's his name?"

1. Season


Marius: "Julia, you're just as I remember you."
Julia: "I had crooked teeth and braids."
Marius: "And you were beautiful."

Marius: "No, no, no, this is a good plan. You go there, I'll go here, we'll work together - separately."

Marius: "But a gambler on the run is still a gambler. We are who we are."
Julia: "So you're still the same jerk you were when you were ten? I worshipped you, and you weren't very nice to me."
Marius: "Well, I was a different person back then. I mean, I was ten years old. Right? So I guess... I guess I kind of won that argument..."

Julia: "Are you afraid of getting into a fight?"
Marius: "Yeah, I am. I like my face. Have you ever been punched? It hurts."

Julia: "You are one very lucky bastard."
Marius: "Okay, I would have used the word heroic, personally."


Marius: "Hey, you know, I can go with Julia and watch Jacob. You know, I gotta learn the job."
Julia: "You ever babysat a 2-year old?"
Marius: "Yeah, I find that after their first beer, they're really easy."
Julia smiles.

Marius: "What's in the safe?" - No, I just have a memory of all of us wondering what was in there?"
Julia: "Oh, just say it."
Marius: "What?"
Julia: "Rublies."
Marius: "What?"
Julia: "You don't remember rublies? When we were kids, I said there might be gold and diamonds and rublies."
Marius: "Oh, right."
Julia: "I thought there was in L in it."
Marius: "That was hilarious."
Julia: "Yeah, for you. Called me rublies for a week. Where I was just happy that you called me anything. So..."
Marius: "Yeah, well, so there's no gold and rublies in there, huh? Life was better when we were ten."

Marius: "Is he the guy with the suits in the closet?"
Julia: "We had Jacob. We were together for another year, and--"
Marius: "And then he cheated on you."
Julia nods.
Marius: "Yeah, you should have punched him in the dick."

Julia: "Thanks for jumping in and sticking up for me, Pete." *sarcasm*
Marius: "I'm not suicidal." Well, later he literally jumps into the water to save her.

Mr. Success

Julia: "So you have been arrested."
Marius: "Beg your pardon?"
Julia: "Judge sets bail at 10.000 dollars but you don't have it so you come to us and we do the rest."
Marius exhales and rubs his eyes. Julia almost had him.

Marius: "You can't get into the safe?"
Julia: "Only Audrey."
Marius: "She doesn't trust you?"
Julia: "I don't know if you have noticed, Pete, she doesn't trust anybody."

Julia: "Promise me, you won't fire me when you take over."
Marius: "What do you mean?"
Julia: "The great white hope of the bond bail business."
Marius: "Oh, yeah, well, I'm sure we can work something out."
Julia: "Well, nothing inappropriate. 'Cause, you know, we're cousins."
Marius: "Obviously, yeah. Hey, Julia, I'm not gonna take your job. I think you're really good at your job."
Julia: "You're just being nice."
Marius: "Come on, is this the face of a liar?"
She smiles.

Taylor: "Just glad Julia is not here."
Marius: "What do you mean by that?"
Taylor: "That was her idea, man."
Marius: "What the fuck is wrong with this family?"

Julia: "You want a ride home?"
Marius: "Not if it is in your trunk."
Julia: "Oh, you're no fun."

Coyote is always hungry

Julia: "Can I just sit here for a minute?"
Marius: "Yeah." - "Something wrong?"
Julia: "There's no way to say it without sounding stupid."
Marius: "Well, that's never stopped you before."
She utters a mocking laugh.
He smiles.
Julia: "Ellen and Jacob are the most important people in my life. I would do anything for them."
Marius: "Sure."
Julia: "But it... it just... it gets hard doing it alone."
Marius: "No, I know, yeah. I grew up with a single mom."
Julia: "Okay, so the thing is, Lance and I have been getting close again. And it was all going really well. I mean, not just the sex, which was always good."
Marius: "Okay."
Julia: "Um, so anyway, uh, a while back, I had this dumb dream of having a boat. And I never thought in a million years he would remember something like that, but he did. And so now he wants to buy one for me and the kids."
Marius: "He wants to buy you a boat?"
Julia: (laughs) "Yeah."
Marius: "Wow, that's great. That's great. You know what else is great is rent and groceries..."
Julia: "Oh, yeah, he's always offered to help, but I always push him away. I mean, yeah, you know, I can be a little bit proud. And, uh..."
Marius: "Sure."
Julia: "Stubborn. Wonder where I get that from."
Marius: "So it sounds like, uh... Sounds like you guys are working things out. That's great."
Julia: "Well, uh, no. Uh, remember how I told you that he cheated on me? It was with a law clerk from the courthouse... Tricia. She was his liaison, and I guess they liaised in the Biblical sense. Word got back to Audrey. I... I swear I don't know how she finds everything out. Anyway, she told me, which I'm sure she enjoyed, and I kicked him out."
Marius: "No, yeah, yeah, I know, um, I remember with the suits and all that."
Julia: "I might have neglected to mention I was chasing him with a baseball bat."
Marius: "So you think he's doing it again?"
Julia: "Um, well, I, uh, oh God. I saw this thing on his phone... telling him to... pay Victoria's rent. Why would he be paying somebody's rent unless he was fucking her? He knows, like... Am I overreacting here?"
Marius: "No, no, I..."
Julia: "Am I freaking out for no reason? I just don't und..." She's crying.
Marius: "I think you should follow your instincts on that. I..."
Julia: "Oh, yeah, what are those? Right?" She laughs and cries.
Marius: "Whoo."
Julia: "Oh, my God. I'm sorry, this is so stupid."
Marius: "It's okay."
Julia: "Why didn't I just ask him, for fuck's sake? I mean, that... that message could've meant anything, right? It's like, I immediately..."
Marius: "Well, I don't...
Julia: "Just let myself, like, spin out into the dark. Oh, my God, thank you so much for listening, Pete. I really just needed to talk to somebody who wouldn't judge me. Thank you."
Marius: "Sure."

Marius: "No, the timing's wrong. He's... (Lance) he's making a play for Julia. I don't think he's stupid enough to fuck that up with another woman."

Marjorie: "Um, hard to pull off given he knows you."
Marius: "Yeah, or maybe that's why it works, because he wouldn't suspect me of trying to con him if he's busy suspecting me of trying to fuck my cousin."
Marjorie: "Are you?"
Marius: "I don't have a cousin." He smirks. Well... but that wasn't the question, right?
Joseph: "If she's hot, then why not, right? It's not she' really your cousin."
Marius: "All right, stay on topic."

The Rollover

Julia: "You smoke?"
Marius: "Only crack."

Marius: "Hi, Julia."
Julia: "I did what you asked. I got him to the restaurant and made sure he was facing the door."
Marius. "Thank you. Look, I know how tough this is for you."
Julia: "Tough? This is... this is tough? No matter how this goes down, I lose. You get that, don't you? If you're right, the father of my son is nothing better than a con man. If you're wrong, I betrayed him." The true conman just talks to you.
Marius: "I... I understand and I..."
She hangs up.

The Turn

Marius to Lance: "Get the fuck away from me."

Marius Josipovic & Julia Bowman