Marius Josipovic & Julia Bowman

Why them?

He is a conman. She is a badass. They both play games. They like each other. They make each other laugh. She thinks he's her cousin. He falls for her, breaking his own rules.

How they met?

At the home of her grandparents - a farm. Marius pretends to be her cousin Pete, a relative Julia and her family haven't seen in 20 years. Actually he's a conman who needs a hiding place and a lot of money to save his brother.


3. Season

The Double Up and Back

Marius arrives at the farm having a present for the family. He wants to meet Julia to explain his latest doings.

Though Julia has learned about Marius' true identity. First she tries to run him over with her car and then she attacks him, pushing him to the ground. Marius doesn't fight back. He only defends himself. When they are back on their feet they shout and scream at each other. Julia is raging, yet Marius figures out that she didn't tell Bagwell about his scam pretending to be Pete. Julia fears the questions considering dead cops and money laundering. Julia screams. Her grandpa comes out asking what is wrong. Marius tells him some lies. The grandpa believes Marius and invites him to dinner. He goes back into the house. Julia insists that Marius leaves. He can take her car to the train station because she'd crashed his car. He leaves, wiping away tears. She cries, too. He looks at her one last time getting into the car. She stays on the veranda until he is gone.

Marius stands at the train station not getting on a train. Otto arrives and gives him a key to the farmhouse. Marius realizes that Julia didn't tell Otto about his true identity. Otto receives a call. Julia has been arrested. Marius follows Otto to the courthouse.

At the courthouse Marius hides in the back listening to the family discussing Julia's prospects. He learns that Julia could go to prison. 5 to 10 years. He already makes a plan about how to help her.

Marius and Taylor talk about the one woman in their lives. Marius doesn't want to say a name, so it's uncertain if he talks about Lizzie or Julia. He then tells Taylor he has a plan how to get the bail money for Julia.

Marius and Taylor play a prank on the family's business opponent Sean to get the bail money for Julia.

Taylor tells Julia that Marius helped to get her out. She is surprised that he is still in town and wants to see him. But Marius leaves the second Julia enters the farmhouse, he just vanishes. Julia looks confused and disappointed.

Marius has taken the key with him though. He's alone, drinks and suffers. Bagwell tells him that his ex-girlfriend (Julia) is concerned about him. Marius lies to a woman he'd met at a bar, but tells her the truth in the end. He then runs back to his ex Lizzie.

The Huckleberry Jones

Julia is in big trouble. She can't find a job and she has no money to pay for a real lawyer. Since Marius is gone nobody backs her up.

Marius struggles, too. Lizzie's ways always put him at risk. When Carly calls him he asks her about Julia. He says he doesn't know if he comes back.

Julia learns from Carly that she keeps in touch with Marius. Julia is not happy about it. She warns Carly about him, but doesn't tell Carly about his true identity.

Marius has sex with Lizzie but doesn't look happy but rather messed-up afterwards.

A man in Pete's company arrives at Julia's house, asking her to get in touch with Marius. She says no.

The Stamford Trust Fall

Julia chases up Marius in a restaurant, interrupting his and Lizzie's newest con. Marius looks surprised seeing her and acts pretty excited. Marius drags Julia into the kitchen of the restaurant and they argue. She calls him a sociopathic liar and asks him to help Pete, who is in trouble. Disappointed because Julia didn't come here to see him Marius declines. Julia, though makes a scene in front of Lizzie and a potential victim of their con. Marius has to give in and follows her to meet with Pete.

Marius listens to Pete's story. Julia insults Marius. Marius chuckles mockingly. She makes a face. Lizzie comes by and looks at them talking. Julia looks at Lizzie. Marius explains half-way to Lizzie what is going on and why he has to leave. Lizzie is jealous because Julia comes first.

Marius, Julia and Pete drive to the farm to pick up some stuff. Julia tells nobody of the family who Marius really is. She also touches his arm. Marius makes up some story why they are here.

Marius and Julia con their way into a building being a good team, though Marius realizes too late that Julia had set a trap for him, actually conned him with the help of Pete and a man named Vignetti. Julia wants to force Marius into a deal to get her a job that let her earn enough money to pay for a real lawyer, so she doesn't have to go to prison. Marius is stunned and also disappointed. He says he would never betray her like that. He declines the deal and walks away. Julia is desperate that she'd failed.

Marius changes his mind. He goes back to Julia and Vignetti to take the job, which is catching the infamous con artist Sy Rubinek. It's possible he does that to get the money for his current con with Lizzie or to help Julia, or for both. Whatever it is, Marius tricks Vignetti into making Julia go along with him and watch over him.

The Vermont Victim and the Bakersfield Hustle

Marius and Julia argue on the way to their client. Marius is still pissed because of Julia's betrayal. Also because she's not grateful for him delivering the bail money to release her from prison. Julia cannot believe that he acts as if she is the bad guy.

The client Kilbane mocks Marius because of his shortness. Julia snorts a smile. Marius puts up with it.

Julia makes Marius smile.

Marius and Julia sit on a bench in the park, talking, waiting for Sy Rubinek to make a move.

Marius and Julia sit in a cafe waiting for Sy Rubinek to make a move. They are close, discussing Marius' moral and his past sins. Marius defends himself and says he thinks they will work well together. Julia doesn't believe him whe he says he chose her to come with him.

Marius packs his things to drive with Julia to Vermont. Julia waits in the next room. Lizzie is not amused. She also says the family still thinks he is Pete. Does she know that Julia (who she calls Bridgeport) knows he is Marius?

Julia and Marius drive to an old friend of Marius, the forger Hickey. Julia is mad because Lance's girlfriend Trish takes care of her children. Marius distracts her by discussing Julia's made up background and that they will pretend she is his girlfriend. Marius teases Julia for her rookie mistakes but also says she is nice. He also says he would like her to think that he is nice.

Lizzie calls Marius and Julia notices but she doesn't say anything.

Marius isn't able to bring his old friend Hickey into the deal. Julia is the one who makes it happen. Marius smiles about her success.

At their good-bye Hickey gives Marius the advice to hang on to Julia. Marius looks taken aback by her insight. On the drive back Marius and Julia are awkward around each other.

The Invisible Man

Marius is at Julia's house. Waiting for her to finish her morning routine he shows her daughter card tricks. Julia is not amused. She is also concerned because of the texts Sy Rubinek sends to Marius' phone. Marius tells her not to worry. She is not going to jail. That doesn't calm Julia's nerves.

Marius and Julia drive Julia's daughter to school. Julia brings her to the door. Marius gets a message from Lizzie. She stands in front of the Bernhardt office. Marius drives off in Julia's car. Julia swears. In the next second a taxi arrives called by Marius to get her a ride home.

Marius comes back to Julia's house and apologizes to Julia, though not telling her the truth about Lizzie messing things up. Julia is in a strange mood because she had just learned from Carly that her mother could be still alive. Marius listens to her and tries to make her stop drinking wine. Julia continues spilling her guts, including the information that she had once taken cocaine. Marius smiles. He wants to help her to get to California, where Carly and Audrey are right now. Julia declines his help.

Marius doesn't give up and tricks Kilbane into flying them to California pretending that this is what Sy Rubinek wants. Julia is furious with Marius and fears his action will ruin everything. She and Marius argue fiercely, he says her name again and again, she even calls him Marius for the first time, and then he confesses the truth to get her on board of his newest scheme. There is no Sy Rubinek. He is Sy Rubinek. Julia is stunned speechless and also furious with herself for not catching on to that right from the start.

On the plane Marius tries to impress Julia with the slight of his hand playing cards but Julia is still mad at him. Marius checks her out anyway. Julia only takes notice when Vignetti mentions Marius' brother. At last she leaves Marius' side because she's annoyed with his games and walks up front to take a seat next to Kilbane. She tells him she doesn't like Marius, and it's obvious she still hurts because of his betrayal pretenting to be her cousin.

At the hotel in California Marius tries to convince Julia that he is trying to be nice. He wants to help her and her family to get in contact with the woman who might be her mother. Julia doesn't buy it. She calls him a sociopath and is sure he will left her with nothing in the end.

Marius takes Julia under false pretenses to a marriage counselor because this woman is Hickey's daughter and owns an original famous painting without knowing it. Caught in the scheme Julia has no choice but to play along.

The California Split

Marius and Julia participate in marriage counseling, so that Marius is able to get his hands on the original famous painting the daughter of Hickey, the marriage counselor owns. Julia calls her husband a liar who never tells her things. Marius says he does everything he can to make her happy. He also leans in, takes her hand, and beams at her. Then he says she is a really good mother. Julia says she can't think of one good thing to say about Marius.

In the car Marius tells Julia something that might be true about his mother. He also says he doesn't know where she is today. Julia looks like she is surprised by his confession and also feels sorry for him, and then comes around.

Otto calls Marius and tells him that Lizzie has escaped and is coming to California. Marius hides the news from Julia.

Audrey asks Marius what he and Julia are doing in California. Marius lies. Audrey thanks Marius for looking out for Julia.

Marius shows a magic trick to Carly and rejoices in his success. Julia secretly smiles about his charming way.

Julia tells Vignetti that Marius is Sy Rubinek but he had already guessed that. Vignetti tells Julia she has to lead Marius into a trap, which means a beating and prison for Marius, to have a future with her children. She doesn't look like she is sure she can do that.

Marius and Julia are sitting in the car at night waiting for her mother to show up. Julia thanks Marius for making this happen. She says in return she will help him working his con. She does that what Vignetti told her to do.

The little sister

Marius and Julia chase after the person they believe to be Julia's mom. In the end they have to give up and drive off because the cops are coming.

Julia's family talks about the difficult situation. Julia brings Marius a cup of coffee. Marius leaves the room as he feels Julia's annoyance about his presence because he is not really a part of the family.

Taylor tells Julia that Marius' ex Lizzie skipped bail and is coming to California. Julia is not amused about the news.

Julia calls Vignetti. He orders her to make the deal happen tonight. Julia tells Marius they have to go.

At a gas station Julia confronts Marius about Lizzie's flight and how much money she'll cost her family. Marius tries to convince her that everything will turn out fine. He asks Julia if he can count on her. She says yes, even though she is not sure what she will do in this double game she plays.

Marius asks Lizzie to help Julia with the art con. Lizzie is not amused.

Julia asks Vignetti about Lizzie and makes a deal with him considering Lizzie's arrest. Though she appears distressed about the prospect of delivering Marius to some thugs that will beat him up and put him to prison she goes on with the plan.

Julia hides a tracking device from Vignetti to detect Marius' location in her jacket. Marius notices her hiding the thing in the rear window of his van and steals the device sometime later without her noticing.

The Sunshine Switcheroo

Marius was able to trick everyone and Julia is unsure what to feel about it. Marius is disappointed that she tried to get him arrested. He confronts her about her betrayal and assures her that he is too long in this business to get outsmarted by a rookie like her. Julia denies her actions, insults Lizzie, and is damn pissed about Marius' scheme.

Marius and Julia go back to their hotel rooms. Julia is depressed. She doesn't believe that Marius is able to get the money to help her pay a real lawyer. Shortly after bail bond rival Sean arrives and arrests Julia to get her back to New York. Marius can only stand by and watch them take her away. He goes to Vignetti then and gets punched by a man working for him because he'd tricked Vignetti and make him lose a lot of money and some of his reputation. Vignetti is the one who called Sean to punish Marius and he also threatens to call his parole officer Bagwell.

In a fierce discussion Marius tries to convince Lizzie that they have to get Julia back because they need her for the con. He almost reveals to have feelings for Julia but backtracks when he realizes Lizzie is on to him.

The actual bad guys kidnap Julia and demand 1 million dollars or they are going to kill her.

Marius tells Lizzie that Julia's life is in danger but she doesn't care. Furious because he is not willing to abandon Julia and the family she drives off, even threatens him, though he pleads her to stay with him.

The Mask Drop

Lizzie partners up with the bad guys. Marius gets beaten badly. Marius goes back to the family and involves them in the plan to get the money. Marius asks the family to trust him. He knows how to rescue Julia.

The Brooklyn Potash

Marius tells Lizzie that he is sorry he had left her behind in Michigan and she got hurt. He loves her but he can't go with her because he won't do the same to Julia. Lizzie screams and pulls a knife and stabs it into a table. She then leaves.

Lizzie kidnaps the truck with the crate and Julia inside. For a second she opens the crate and Julia recognizes her. Julia curses and hits the sidewall of the crate repeatedly with her feet. Lizzie puts the crate on the edge of the quay wall. Marius arrives at the quay and is furious with Lizzie for keeping the location of Julia from him. Piece by piece he drops the diamonds into the water to make her tell him where Julia is. Lizzie does, tears in her eyes. Marius throws the bag of diamonds into the water, and runs towards Julia, calling her name. Lizzie jumps into the water to save the diamonds.

Julia hears Marius calling for her and screams his name. She starts moving around inside the crate and kicking the walls. The crate keels over and falls into the sea. Marius jumps after her and dives under. Seconds later he comes up again with Julia in his grip. He drags her to a wooden raft. Julia is crying. Marius holds her tight, looking like crying, too.

Julia stands alone at the shore looking at the sea. Marius walks over to her. They talk about what had happened. She asks him if he loves Lizzie. He says yes. Once you do you do. No matter what. He gives her a lot of diamonds to pay for a real lawyer and to get Carly into College. Julia is stunned. She hugs him, saying he is a fucking asshole. Marius looks baffled, as if he is not sure what he is feeling about her.

Audrey and Otto come along, teasing them about their emotions, because they are cousins. Julia and Marius let go of each other. They both blink away tears. Marius says he has to tell them something. Otto says no. He is family. He is a good boy. Julia looks sad, but she doesn't spill Marius' secret. The family goes back to the restaurant to eat something. Marius walks away but he appears as if he is not sure where he will go now.

2. Season

The Sinister Hotel Room Mystery

Some criminals threaten the family, particularly Julia, the pretty blonde girl, and Marius doesn't run but gives in to their demand to find Pete's mom.

Julia is in trouble and calls Marius. He comes running, slaps her and makes a hilarious scene to save her and the money that doesn't belong to her but a criminal. Julia plays along masterly, calls him Tom.

Marius asks Julia not to tell her family that he is still in Bridgeport. He also advices her to carry a gun.

Marius tries to play Frank, one of the criminals. Frank threatens that his partner is going to shoot Julia. Marius warns Julia via phone. She pulls her gun and protects herself. Frank knocks Marius down. Marius says he will kill himself if they hurt Julia or the family and then they will never find the money. Frank stabs a guy working with Marius as punishment.

Only hours later Marius is able to call Julia back. She's out of her mind, almost crying. He feels guilty and looks broken due to her suffering and the death of another human being.

Marius denies having feelings for Julia when Marjorie points that fact out.

Man on the Run

Julia doesn't know what to do about the laundry money and calls Marius.

Carly says she did see Marius last night snooping around the house. Julia doesn't rat him out.

Marius comes running because Julia called and sees Frank talking to her on the streets. He joins the conversation and finally pulls Julia away from Frank. He forbids Julia to talk to this guy. Julia senses his frustration but doesn't know what's going on. She agrees to his wishes though.

Marius asks Julia for a glass of water, checks her out again, lies about the real reason why he was at the farm last night. Julia admits she is in trouble and asks for his help. He agrees but asks for a favor in return.

Julia ties Marius up in a truck, the cut from him crying about his balls to her tying him up is a nice touch he has also some blood on him, to trick Pete (Julia doesn't know the guy is her real cousin) into believing that his life is in danger. He tells her how to laundry the money.

Julia calls Marius, tells him a secret about his (Pete's mom) but makes him promise not to tell Audrey. Marius figures out that Pete's mom is in Rosedale, Buffalo.

The Tower

Marius runs into Mr. Bagwell, his parole officer. Marius asks Julia to play his ex-girlfriend, including her daughter to be his step-daughter, to cover up his lies. Marius and Julia deliver a grand show, but at the end Bagwell calls Marius by his real name: Josipovic. Julia gets suspicious. Marius distracts her.

Julia calls and Marius picks up at once. He immediately drives out to the farm when she asks him to.

Marius and Julia arrive at the same time and learn that Pete's mom Maggie is back. Maggie plays Marius' game and pretends he is her son Pete. Julia looks curious and doubtful.

11 Million Reasons you can't go home again

The family looks a pictures from the past. Julia teases Marius about how different he looked back then. Marius is on the edge.

Julia tells Marius that his tips for laundering the money worked so well that now she has to laundry more money.

Luka threatens once again the lives of the family and to save them Marius works with Maggie.

Dinner. Marius cooked mushrooms. Julia is looking forward to eat them. She smiles at him saying that. They are sitting right next to each other.

Marius Josipovic

Pete is jealous that Marius bonds with his mom and his family. Marius denies once again that he is having any feelings for them. Yeah, sure. Keep telling yourself that.

Marius brings Pete home to meet his family, introducing him as Marius. Julia is suspicious, and keeps asking questions, like Bagwell calling Marius Josipovic. Marius is intrigued.

Julia makes a joke. Marius smiles. Julia asks a clever question. Marius looks as if he is proud of her.


Two of the bad guys blackmail Julia to come out of the storage room and give up her client or they will kill Marius. She is shocked, asks if he is really there. Marius screams not to give in to the demands.

After grandpa came to the rescue Julia comes out of the storage room. Marius puts Julia behind him and touches her shoulder. He doesn't need to. He then sends her, the client and grandpa on their way. He says her name a few times and touches her again. She touches him, too, reluctant to go. He insists. Alone he goes in a different direction.

Marjorie gives Marius the advice to go back to the family because he likes them. Once again Marius denies to have any feelings and that he is a bad person. Marjorie argues that he wanted to kill himself if they had harmed Julia. Marius takes her advice.

Marius drives to the farm. He calls Julia. He asks her to let him explain. Julia grants his wish but she is short and snappy. She hangs up first.

Julia speaks to Bagwell and asks him for the name of her ex-boyfriend. I knew it. I knew she is the first one to figure out the truth.

1. Season


Marius hits on Julia on the first day they met.

Marius and Julia go on the hunt for a man who skipped bail.

Julia grabs Marius by his jacket and pulls him close. He looks turned on.

Julia asks Marius to zip her dress up and he is definitely turned on.

They pretend to be a married couple who fights about a lost entrance ticket. She calls him honey. Twice. They also make up a son named Rory.

Julia thinks Marius abandoned her. He doesn't though and helps her not getting killed.

At family dinner Marius remembers his own sad childhood and turns sad.
"Pete? You okay?"
"Yeah, I'm good," Marius says, and smiles at her. She smiles back. His smile reaches his eyes.


Marius makes some jokes, Julia smiles, he offers to babysit her son for her. (later he says he's not good with kids)

Marius tries to learn what's in the safe, is amused by Julia's childhood stories.

Marius checks Julia out when they are leaving the office.

Marius gets acquainted with Julia's ex, a lawyer.

Julia hugs Marius because an idea of him earned her a lot of money. He is a bit stiff and awkward.

Marius makes Julia laugh again.

Julia tells Marius the truth about her family. She says he should regret that he came back.

Mr. Success

Julia makes Taylor kidnap Marius and drive him in the trunk of a car out to the woods. That's payback for the time he Pete! locked her up in the safe when she was six years old. Later she takes him for a ride knowing that he is Marius.

Marius is a good sport and doesn't hold the kidnapping against Julia even he had the worst day because of it.

The Fury

Marius knows that's it Julia's day off.


Julia looks happy Marius is around. She asks for his help. Marius looks at her while talking to Carly. Julia calls him and he walks right over to her.

Coyote is always hungry

Marius discovers that Lance scams Audrey for a lot of money. He is happy to have something he can use against Lance because he doesn't like him very much. Duh!

Julia confesses to Marius that she got involved with Lance again and that the sex was always good. (That's what a man wants to hear about the other guy.) Also that Lance cheated on her and she chased him with a baseball bat. Marius is torn between amusement and bafflement. Julia thanks him for listening then and touches his shoulder. Yeah. You better don't know what will she do to you?

Marius talks about fucking his cousin to distract Lance - not that Julia is his cousin.

The Rollover

Marius has to watch Julia and Lance cuddling.

Marius pretends to be a plane seeing Julia smoke. (getting high). Julia laughs.

Marius tells Julia about what Lance is up to. Julia is shocked but helps him and Audrey to expose Lance.

Julia calls Lance a con man not knowing the true con man is Marius just talking to her on the phone.

Marius pulls a finger-gun at Lance's back. Yeah, well, he hates the guy.

The Longest Day

Marius brings to money back to the family. Julia takes the money and runs out to undo the deal she made with Dockery. She doesn't even look at Marius. He looks hurt.

Marius keeps the photo of Pete, Julia and Taylor when they were children, even though he's not on it.

Marius denies the feelings he has for the family.

On the way Marius gets kidnapped by two guys who think he's Pete. They threaten to kill the family if he doesn't tell them where his mother is.

Marius Josipovic & Julia Bowman