You´ve Got Male

  • Greg´s appearance: Curious
  • 2 Scenes: with Grissom

  • Shippyness: G/G

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Grissom enters the lab. He stops and stands in front of Greg who looks up from his scope. Greg reports his findings to Grissom and makes a cat hissing sound complete with hand motions. Grissom looks perplexed.

Second Scene:
Greg holds up the sample of radiator water as he looks at it. Grissom leans against the table. Greg tells him what he found out about the water. Grissom leaves in a hurry.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "So, did I solve the case?"
Grissom: "No, Greg, you didn't. But you've helped."

My Comment:
Greg and Grissom all the way. Ah. Moments which make me perfectly happy. Greg is teasing. Grissom is strict. Greg is joking. Grissom looks annoyed. Greg begs for a praise. Grissom grants Greg something which is vaguely a praise. Greg looks halfway satisfied. Grissom smiles. Oh yeah. He really did. He likes his boy no matter how much Greg is getting on his nerves sometimes.
Greg babbles. Grissom asks him to hurry. Greg wants to know what´s going on. "You've got that look. What did I say right?" Greg grins smugly. Grissom leaves without an explanation. Rude. My poor boy.

Grissom doesn´t look happy when Greg mentions Sara´s name. Oh boy. Remember "Organ Grinder". Beware of "Anatomy of a Ly". Don´t provoke him.

Greg´s hair is perfect.