Review for The Long Walk

Author: Stephen King
Published under the
Richard Bachman
By: Signet
Genre: Novel
German Title:
Der Todesmarsch
In the near future, where America has become a police state, one hundred boys are selected to enter an annual contest where the winner will be awarded whatever he wants for the rest of his life. The game is simple - maintain a steady walking pace of four miles per hour without stopping. Three warnings and you're out - permanently.

Cruel. Sad. Remorseless. The road to the bitter and shocking end is paved with dead bodies. One by one they die. There couldnīt be a winner in a nightmare like this. At the end everybody loses. Everybody. Stephen writes about a bunch of boys, who never have a change. The long walk is particularly dark and cold. Itīs heartbreaking. Nevertheless, I read it again.


Stephen King