Long Ball

  • Greg´s appearance: Curious

  • 3 Scenes: with Sara, Nick
    and Ray

  • Shippyness: G/S

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

Greg and the team investigate the death on a golf course.

Best Moment:
Greg and Sara discuss her marriage to Grissom.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "You know golf always struck me as the kind of sport that might appeal to Grissom."
Sara: "I don´t know. It´s never come up."
Greg: "Sometimes I wonder if you two are really married."
Sara: "Well, now you´ve mentioned it." - "Just kidding."
Greg: "6000 miles, huh?"
Sara: "So far so good."
Greg: "Alright."

My Comment:
The episode has a good start but unfortunately drifts into usual routine quickly.
The ending is cool. Also there is a lesson in here: A violent temper is not so good.

Sara and Greg. They flirt. They feel comfortable around each other.
He makes her laugh. He doesn´t think Sara´s marriage is real.
Me too, Greggo.
Greg still hopes one day Sara will be his. Oh my.

Hodges and Catherine share a few nice moments.
Catherine: "You see what you can accomplish when your pride it´s on the line."
Hodges: "Every day of my life."